9 thoughts on “EBF5: Map Demo

  1. Drake

    Did check it and reached “The End” in about 33 minutes. Found 3 crystals and 2 bottles. I just don’t know what enlighting the torches at the lake shall do. Thereafter it was about checking some of the characters skills and equipments and there some things did come to my mind:

    – Lance’s Dark/Flame/Plasma Shot:
    Those lose the ability to attack a single enemy after upgrading to level 3. Not sure if it’s overall bad, but I might consider using a single target, weak attack over a multiple hits ability if i can stop other enemies from absorbing the damage. Just a thought, not sure how impactful it would be.

    – “Rainbow Blast”, “Unleash”, “Hyper Beam” and similar skills which use the weapons element:
    Will those have their elemental damage modified if they’d, let us say, use fire damage and we got fire element boosting gear? I’m afraid such skills might lack power with the access to such elemental boosting items but not beeing considered as “element-x boosted”.

    – Extra skills leveled use the AP of the character and the level is kept whoever equips that skill after unequipping:
    So it doesn’t forget that it was leveled up and I can for example use Anna’s AP, which I don’t have bigger plannings with, to upgrade that skill and give it to another player to save those AP. I think this can be sth. nice, but if it’s not intended but a bug, I just wanted to notify you about this.

    1. weatherly23

      That last part, the bit about extra skills staying leveled even when swapping them to other players, is not a bug. Matt outright mentioned before that moving extra skills between players will no longer have a penalty, meaning that once you use AP for an extra skill, it’s permanently leveled up.

  2. Dewayne Thomas

    I just started the demo and checking out the equips. Before I forget I wanted to ask if upgrading equipment like the pocket watch increases the odds of the ability triggering. And is that also how it worked in EBF3 and 4? It would be cool if instead of saying “Chance of” you could put in the percentage of the chance in the description because that would help me decide if it’s worth equipping or not. That way when you go to upgrade it would show whether the chance was increasing or not also.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Dunno if I’ll put that in the descriptions, but at the very least I’ll have an NPC explain stuff like that.


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