NPCs are alive now! They function pretty much like in EBF4, but now they can also appear in different places later. So there will be some recurring ones with more development. Also they also have a generic “Hello” voice clip when you talk to them – we’ll see if people like that or not later.

16 thoughts on “EBF5: NPCs

  1. Athon smoker

    Girl B: I wish I had something to help pass the infinite time. :bleh:

    Me: Here! Play some EBF games. You’ll enjoy it :hurray:

  2. Blake

    How about the idea of the NPC that able to fight and can join the party for some misson? Like Guarding the NPC to the target place, etc?

  3. RSC

    So no moving NPCs again this time ? 😥 you’re missing a lot of puzzle opportunities there.
    It also feels extra sad as there’s little extra work needed as the moving players are already implemented the same way as NPC’s with equips.
    Could we at least have NPCs that visibly get/change/lose equips ? Like “bring me a coat and you’ll get my hat” kind of deal?

  4. Tsuchikure

    Looks neat, but one question from me: Are you using (varying) English sentences to be used as a recurring “hello”?

    Reason I ask is because I have a suggestion of just adding a small, curious, but welcoming “Hm?” noise in the voice of the NPC when talking to them. Similar to Starbound, if you’ve ever played that.
    This is just coming from a person who more or less enjoys games better when they are without “Hello!” “How are you?” “Welcome to xyz.” lines coming from an NPC every 20 seconds. That stuff gets old fast, but don’t get me wrong, it is still bearable.

    It also might help if you translate the game to other languages.

  5. Magus

    ya know the quests and missions are a bit boring, instead of it being just bring me items how about some kill missions, the slay this amount of that or puzzles for quests?

    1. pitgif1

      this is probbably only test area so he can test some things like encounters or colisions between objects.

  6. Alexandrite

    dont see a problem with the voice acting as long as there is an option to turn it off for people who dont want it. if you were forced to have it on it could get annoying.

  7. Voidsword

    I think the ‘hello’ clip could be a nice addition without needing entire lines or dialogue sequences voice-acted, IF there was some variance to it. Like 3-4 different clips, so that, especially when talking to groups of NPCs, it didn’t just get old immediately. I’ve played plenty of RPGs that do this well, current-day and not.

  8. Shraderc.inc

    Hey that looks pretty good, whats that painting doing there? I also think that, unless its pretty good voice acting, the “hello” will take away from the game. if you want to do voice acting you might as well do the entire line.

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      What if the noise was the same as when you talk to a yoshi in super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars? It would be disturbingly epic.


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