EBF5:Hat Icons

Here’s all of the icons for the hats in EBF5.
Much more “HD” lookin’ than in the previous games. I put more effort into the bobble icons this time round so you can actually see what they are.

I think I understand now what people meant when they said that the male armor was more interesting in previous games. I wanted to make unisex hats a thing, but all the characters have very different hair so it would be tough to get them to fit everyone. Maybe in some future update.

hat icons

13 thoughts on “EBF5:Hat Icons

  1. Thrynity

    As far as I know about Nolegs role
    he is a single focused attacker like matt, but killing a target allow him to hit another one
    good for clearing

  2. Shraderc.inc


    YYYAAAAAAAAYYYY :stars: :stars: :love: :love: :stars: :stars:

  3. Toxella

    Awwww, was REALLY looking forward to those unisex hats. I understand, but hopefully they’ll be a thing eventually…

      1. thatguyperson

        ehhem…let me revise my statement…

        ART has no time limit, only the limitations of the hand responsible, and because I DON’T want a RUSHED game i’d rather wate and see how long it will take as to HOLDING Matt responsible for a set time 😀 he tries his best when he feels like it, and we, as respectable players/fans, admire what he does 😀

  4. Dutczar

    Not really related to this, but what’s the general playstyle for NoLegs gonna be ❓
    Matt was the melee tank, Natz magic attacker/healer, Lance was magic support (at least for me) and Anna was melee support.
    Not only I’m curious to see what is his plan, but even besides that, he doesn’t have too much skill icons compared to other characters if I remember well from one of the blog posts. Is he going to be the summoner? :wut: (Like a faster level up rate for stronger summons than others?)

    1. darki

      Since he’s a cat, and from he’s previous appearance, i’m guessing:
      Quick attacks (low cooldown, high precision, multiple hits and meh damage)
      Buffs (morale, accuracy, etc..)
      Meele focused and not very tanky.

        1. IlatsS

          he will be the meele support we deserve and the one we need (i never used anna after getting the EBF3 crew back together)


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