EBBF5: Armor Icons

And here’s the armor icons!

I’m gonna have to come up with a lot more special effects for these to make them all viable. There’s so many now.

Also I should mention this at some point so here it is: Around a quarter of the equips will only be in the paid version of EBF5 – so the free version will still have more than the previous games did.

armor icons

26 thoughts on “EBBF5: Armor Icons

  1. Nikola Jaric

    Did anyone saw Kupo’s Tumblr?? There’s a battle .gif over there. GUI is the same as in EBF4, minus the new attack icon.
    KUPO, PLEASE MAKE IT LIKE IN THE STYLE TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was WAAAAY better than that…

  2. Morgan Rue

    On the subject of armor, stats and balancing:
    Each stat has different value and purpose. Here is my perspective.
    Health allows you to take more damage before dying. Being able to take more damage before dying allows you to not use block and generate more limit breaks. With the healing that was in EBF4, health is not very valuable outside of not dying in one turn without blocking. If healing were less consistent, health would be more valuable.
    Defense and magic defense makes you take less damage. They increases the amount health is worth. Defenses are more valuable than health, but are also multiplicative with health.
    Attack and magic attack make you do more damage, and with magic attack more healing(?). The amount of damage you can do is increased by the amount of time you are alive. Being able to kill enemies increases the amount of time you are alive.
    Accuracy makes you hit more. For enemies with high evade, high accuracy is very good. At least one character with high accuracy is very helpful.
    Evasion makes you die less, kind of like physical and magical defense, but it makes only attacks do no damage instead of all attacks of a type doing less damage. Evasion makes defense and magic defense less valuable because you take less hits. Evasion increases the amount health is worth. I liked stacking evasion on one character.

    A stat I think that would be cool: Limit break generation increase. Also maybe limit break maximum increase with more stuff using limit break %.

  3. master

    matt how do you feel about some people playing ebf 4 PREAMEM CONTENT for free (like they find a download that have EBF4 with preamem content) ❓

  4. zamuel

    out of all the female armors, robo set is my fav. male armors on the other hand belongs to the one in the top right corner :smirk: :stars:

  5. Nikola Jaric

    I have an idea for you, Kupo. For EBF5’s Steam release, you could make the game free, with the extra content becoming paid DLC. That way, more people will download the game and some of those (expert players and “I buyed the pack to support KupoGames” people) will buy the Premium Pack. The price would be the same as full pack you wanted/planned. Also, can you upload the EBF3 DRM-Free download here???

  6. Crepo7351

    Wait, what happened to the Army stuff? It was in the first hat preview, but not here. I’m admittedly confused. 😐

  7. Jacksmack

    christmas is coming in 24 days and you should have made beards for the santa outfits. (i don’t know what i am saying :wut: )

  8. Thrynity

    Im not worried about your stats, just don’t make a sword or an armor stronger than the other (like equilibrium) even if we unclock them late, it’s my only suggestion
    keep your great work up mate

  9. Ben

    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING IVE BEEN PLAYING SINCE THE FIRST GAME!!!! I hope this one blows me off land and into water! 😀


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