EBF5: Bats

Bats are back! Bats are cool.
There’s two that are updated versions of old bats, and two new types.
The interesting part is the plasma ball attack – it moves from the caster to the target. I didn’t do that with any spells before, so that’s something that I’ll try some more in EBF5. It’ll be useful for throwing-style attacks.

Anyway, which is your favourite bat?
I swear the next foes will be something completely new!

EBF5 current foe count: 16

19 thoughts on “EBF5: Bats

  1. littlemrdoom

    why are you letting everything run for there lives ❓ ❓ ❓ have they gotten smarter or something :shades: :shades: :shades: ❓ this is a serious question!

  2. Aysu

    D’awww, the electric bats are so cute! :love: I almost don’t want to have to fight them. However they will be XP and items, therefore they are doomed. 👿

    Love the plasma ball, though I’m having some flash backs to the boss of the factory in BH2 :skull: I also really like the ice bats’ icicle drop! The skull masks on the second bats look great! I’m looking forwards to entirely new enemies! :yay:

  3. Phoenix

    Name:- Unown
    Type Of Pokemon :- Unknown
    Species :- Unknown
    Nature :- Timid or Jolly
    Gender :- Unknown
    Attack :- 0-10
    Defense :- Assumed to be around 40
    Special Attack :- Unknown
    Special Defense :- Assumed to be Around 50
    Speed :- Not very agile

    Flying Press

    Pokedex Entry:- Assumed to be Created when a Pikachu Sample was mixed with a sample of a batlike creature. It is a Pokemon Found in caves at higher altitudes as well as found hanging upside down electric cables and Satellite channels.

    P.S. That naming error was intentional. I want your guys opinion on what will be its stats. (srsly tho most bats have some form of quick attack. The Ice bats have extreme speed even)
    :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :ooo:

  4. Thisx

    I really like the thunder bats, and the new style overall! :yay:
    But i gotta say, they look more cute than threatening.

  5. HotchAr

    really cute; the electric ones barely look like bats, but still cute, possibly the cutest such that I almost want to see more like that.
    someone else mentioned earlier, but some of the magic attacks are lacking effects (lightning magic 2, albino/skull magic 1, so maybe that’s why)
    It feels like they’re flapping really fast, and though that’s slightly more realistic, altogether, it’s a hair discombobulating (to me, on low quality because any higher and I can’t even scroll past it without my screen slowing beyond belief)
    also, their attacks seem unique and varied and I’m out of things to say.

    1. ShadowsSun

      Seconded. It looks cool but I can already imagine waiting for 5 of them to finish attacking. :meh:

    1. firekirby135

      I get the feeling it’ll eventually be a lightning bolt attack, but if it was meant to be included here, yeah, probably just bugged. XD

  6. komodor

    the pikachu ones doesn´t even look like bats. over all the star dissapearing animation maybe shouldn´t be everywhere. Also their legs look funny, but I guess it´s part of your style. and yey different smiles 😀 and over all I like it well done :stars:

  7. YoshiTimeSketches

    I like the albino and skull bats. Just in general, I like all bats, and I love the updated versions. Cool to see the foes evolving more and more.
    What’s next? The Gloops? Or have they been thrown down the recycling?! :ooo:


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