27 thoughts on “EBF4 Anniversary Sale!

  1. Justin Zhou

    Dude! Awesome… So awesome man. I can’t even draw, much less imagine! Good stuff! :stars:
    Also, the more practice you have, the better you can draw! Good stuff. Really!

  2. turtwig1123

    I wish I still had money in my steam account 😥 I might try my hand at drawing nolegs though :yay:
    Have any tips :wut:
    (I am kinda nervous that it won’t look too good though) :scared:

        1. RealShadowCaster

          It’s a wordpress tracking image. It allows to count views of posts, browser usage, viewers’s localisation… These are usually invisible 1 pixel image, but in the case of WordPress, the tracking is official so they chose a visible micro smiley instead.

  3. Gamork

    Hey, I’ll drink to that. Here’s hoping that Bullet Heaven 2 is as much of a success as EBF 4! Cheers! :stars:

  4. iMakai

    I just realized. This game was released at the exact date of my birthday. (25th of Feb.)

    Matt, you give you the best presents. :stars:

  5. SuperJZ1234

    OMG! Thank you so much for everything you ave done, making my life so much better with your games. Hope Bullet Heaven 2 will be as much of a success as any other game you have developed! :bacon: :love2:
    Grats on the anniversary! Bought a copy of EBF4!

  6. Kkots

    Ahh, those were wonderful times. Gives me nostalgia remembering how I anticipated the release. I bought a game on Steam only to vote for your project’s Greenlite. Checked updates every day.
    Wish you only success, Matt, you’re my hero! 🙁

      1. Keessnorface

        i just reached wave 91 on endless waves (level 54 team + no cheats) is that a record? 😀 (i can send the screenshot if you want to verify)


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