6 thoughts on “BH2: Loading Screen

  1. Julian

    Looks great!

    I’d just suggest maybe shrinking the size of the language buttons (they’re pretty obvious, but I don’t think they need to be), and maybe the other games, which I feel are on the large side, even though I know you want people to know about them (which they should!).

    Also, BH1 and EBF1 stand out compared to the thumbnails for EBF2-4 😛

  2. A Wikia Editor

    Do you remember, when someone once said, that this “Heaven” that is spelled on Heaven’s Gate is mirrored and should be fixed for future loading screens. 👿
    Oh language settings flags, I thought you do not have translations yet? Unless you simply already put them there for future.

      1. someguy

        Will the Spanish translation be American Spanish or Peninsular Spanish?

        This may sound like a stupid question, but I have been to forums for long enough to know that no matter what option you choose, the other group will overract about it, and I would like to know who’s unjustified anger to expect. :bleh:

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          It’ll probably be like EBF4, so American Spanish. And yeah, a lot of people were upset with that. 😛


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