10 thoughts on “Fanart: Cows

  1. Mr. Wintre

    The writing one the page roughly means:
    “This time, by request, appearing in a game called Epic battle fantasy 4, Anna (the green hair), I tried to draw Natalie (red hair) in the figure wearing the cow pattern clothes.”

  2. Aurimas

    I think that kupo games is going to have a great future ( offcourse, trough great efforts), but you guys should be carefull of what you create, because i don’t think that somebody would like to play a piece of cr*p. P.S.- First thing that i’m going to do when i get a new credit card is buy E.B.F. 4, because that’s a masterpiece. P.P.S.- a multiplayer version of E.B.F. would out stand all your games put together (Just my opinion though).

  3. kkots

    Nice solution for the eye-behind-hair problem. Wish you could do that in Flash.
    ..Masks come to mind: set the hair as the mask for a contour-only version of the eye.
    OR separate the eye into two symbols: one is black contours, the other is white ball with iris.
    Black contours are displayed above the hair symbol, iris – behind it.

  4. Elidyr

    Yeah … I think I’ll close the computer down for today.

    Also, the Pixiv link is trying to link to another page on your site, instead of an external page entirely.


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