EBF4 – Beta testing?!

Hey guys. I think I’m going to skip beta testing for the EBF4 expansion, and just test it live on Kongregate, under realistic conditions. (In case you missed this before; the expansion will be replacing the existing premium pack)

Here’s why I think this is the best plan:
• The new area requires a lot of game progress before it can be fully accessed. So it’s easiest to test it with existing saved games. (and most users will have saved games only on Kongregate)
• The new area is separate from the main storyline, so any bugs in that area shouldn’t stop you from progressing in the main game.
• The game engine is unchanged, so any new bugs will only be related to specific foes, equips and maps, and can easily be fixed or avoided.
• The expansion will only be available on Kongregate, so I’ll easily be able to update it if something goes wrong. (as opposed to the usual Flash game distribution model)
• Most people playing the expansion on Kongregate will be existing customers who already paid, and will be happy to get an update, even if there are some bugs in it. (as opposed to completely new customers on Steam)
• I don’t want to have an open beta, because I feel many testers will be less likely to pay for the content later.
• I don’t want to have a closed beta, because I feel I won’t get enough data for it to be particularly useful, and I don’t want to waste time managing permissions.
• 6,182 people own the premium pack on Kongregate so far, so that should be enough testers. (and the returning EBF3 bosses will appear in the free version too)

Old saved games should be 100% compatible. Unless you’re very unlucky and saved in the graveyard tombs, where I moved some stuff around. Then you might be trapped in a wall forever. I recommend starting a new game though, because the EBF3 bosses will appear in the main story too, and there’s a lot of small changes. Also, if you bought the old premium pack, you’ll already own most of the treasure you can find in the new area, unless you start a new game.

Anyway, the expansion is almost ready for release. I just need to finish off a few small things.

If you’re in the game credits (for designing a foe, translating, etc) and you’d like a free premium pack on Kongregate, contact me either on DeviantArt or through Email. (wherever we talked previously)

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26 thoughts on “EBF4 – Beta testing?!

  1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

    Oh, so does the developer going to release this game as version 2.0 and further? It will be the same game, i guess.

  2. kkots

    I don’t know how is Matt going to even STORE saved files (will they remain SharedObjects, residing inside %APPDATA%/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects).
    If they’ll remain as SharedObjects, then they will be created in localhost directory, and when the user clears cookies in the browser, it will wipe out all saved files, even localhost ones. I’ve just tested it in Mozilla, went to delete history, deleted cookies, and it erased shared objects that were saved locally (including all other flash cookies).
    Terminology is SharedObject=flash cookie=saved file. And browser treats flash cookies as normal cookies, and erases them together with cookies.
    If Matt stores saved data in some other format, then you will not be able to transfer it by simply copy-pasting into the needed directory, and Matt will need to develop save file transfer, which is impossible in Flash, because Flash may not open shared objects saved by a different domain. And when a locally hosted SWF file is opened in a directory, that directory is treated the same way as a domain, meaning an SWF in an other directory may not open shared objects created by SWFs from other directories, so it simply won’t load the old shared object. AS3 has the feature, though, of letting users upload files from their computer into the flash application, but then you’ll need to manually locate the save file. And all this only if Matt implements save file transfer.

    I may be saying a big load of crap because I do not know anything, hopefully Matt comes and clears this obscurity. :tongue:

  3. sabrehawk90

    I got a question regarding game saves. If you get the steam version, will you be able to convert/bring your save over from the online version?

  4. Dewayne Thomas

    Hey, it’s Deelish from Newgrounds. Gonna jsut post here since you don’t update much on there. Am willing to help out alotwith the Beta testing depending on when you release it. Been trying for a low level game in EBF4 and damn is it rough. Don’t think godcat is even gonna be possible at this rate. Anyway, I noticed you changed the hp and mp refill rate to a % per second or something I’m guessing. Like it alot more then the EBF3 system but it is still a bit too slow for my taste and having to use items is just a drag:) Was thinking you might as well jsut refill all the life after each battle or at least double the speed it regens at outta battle.
    Nevertheless, awesome work all around. I can’t even go back to EBF3 after playing this one because of all the improvements I wish were in it. Perhaps refine that one with the new regen and battle improvements too? I just can’t stand not seeing foe information without picking a move first:) But yeah, let me know if you need some real difficulty testing;) Go Go Happy Time

  5. Jason

    I can’t wit for the new update to come out i’ve been waiting so long and now it’s close to coming out although i might not be much help in live testing as my computer usually fixes bugs and glitches on it’s own…it actually kinda sucks
    :yay: :bleh:


    Why you need, Matt, money?! I thing it’s a very big silliness to have to pay a game. I am disappointed. I think I not going to support you in anything, I will create a group that supports me and you’ll pay it expensive. 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 :skull: 👿

  7. K

    Will you also explain the beginning a little better to why the party lost all their equipement again? :meh:

    1. kkots

      They started robbing populace, eating lots of unhealthy food, became corrupt, lazy, rich, famous & infamous.
      So they forgot all their skills, became weak again and basically then had to do intense training all over to reach their level of mastery that they had.
      Isn’t it obvious, really? That is all explained in the EBF4 intro. :yay:

        1. kkots

          It doesn’t have to explicitly mention why the heroes are weak again. Use your imagination to find your own reasons for it.
          It’s the part of the story which is traditionally omitted in all RPG games.
          It’s a tradition of RPGs! 😐

  8. SirBlackMage

    I have the premium version on Kongregate, but I’m gonna wait until it’s released on Steam (and then buy i there too) to experience the new content. Although I kinda want to play it already. ._.

      1. kkots

        When you post a bug report, you need not ask a question like “why something is happening in a weird way”, you must provide information about:
        1) What is happening exactly.
        2) When and where does that happen exactly.
        3) A screenshot of the situation (use Print Screen Sys Rq key, and Paint to paste it).


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