29 thoughts on “EBF4: Permanent Game Over

  1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

    Don’t worry, i think i’m smart enough to make puzzles done. I try every day, save before puzzle… Yes, if you haven’t saved when you are stuck, you gonna have to start over. At the same time try to update the EBF4 Walkthrough, so people will not get confused :smirk:

  2. a good fan of yours...

    CUTSCENE TIME! :hurray:

    you should put in a button that resets the puzzle when failed

  3. Area Of Mobeus

    more ideas: storm elementals(thunder and wind), blizzard elementals (ice and wind), volcanic elementals(fire and earth), and etc, plus kitten knights, holy and dark elementals, and maybe give the protector ultimate light or darkness attack?

  4. RealShadowCaster

    The comment I replied too seems to have vanished right after I answered… Maybe a bug since there is no way to delete posts.

  5. omt8

    That is always why I save twice before doing a puzzle. So if someone like Lance saves over one I still got the other and then I can get the other save back by saving.

    1. SirBlackMage

      “The situation is critical, we should SAVE on every slot before anyone makes things worse.”
      “Roger that, I’m on it!” [Every SAVE overwritten]

    1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      Yes. If you are going to restart a puzzle, you can use auto-save. Auto saving is triggered when you have entered another area. It’s actually not permanent. Tell the game developer what it gonna happen???

  6. SirBlackMage

    Wow, I’m glad somebody noticed this.
    It would’ve been bad to run across this in the finished game.
    Altough I think I would be stupid enough to save after something like this happened…


    1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

      Auto-save never fails. This triggers when you enter a room, and when you stuck in puzzle, exit and load the auto-save slot.

  7. Kkots

    Then Lance takes out a paper which is a saved games’ chart, and pokes at the picture of “Slot 1” in it.
    The saved games’ chart is a magical artifact which Matt and Natz discovered after the events of EBF2. It allows to travel back and forward in time, and create parallel time branches, while keeping the travelers’ memories intact.
    …Need to write fan fiction some day, about EBF. with a comic… :love2: …

    1. stelargk

      Not like it would help out much here, a loyal fan. The auto-save part that lance does just wrecks it. All this scene needs to be complete is a MissingNo. easter egg hidden somewhere…. :yay:
      Which there isn’t but I’m betting at least some people went and looked.

      1. RealShadowCaster

        You already have one in the factory, so bringing it back should not be too hard for Kupo.
        The tricky part is testing for stuckness. You can have non access to the two exits and still have a way to push a cube aside.
        You can simply test for unreachable exits and no movable block, but this is a subtle mistake in the general case :

        for example, If all exits are fully walled but you have a movable cube in the middle, that cube might be impossible to stuck :

        ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡
        ➡ :smirk: :smirk: :skull: ➡
        ➡ ➡ :smirk: ➡ ➡

        :smirk: ice path
        ➡ walkable but not in ice path
        :skull: ice block

        Correct general case stuckness testing is probably PSPACE-complete…


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