Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Battle waves of monsters again!
Now with upgrades!

25 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 2

  1. acy120

    The Sandworm is one of the strongest Bosses in The EBF series. I Got my first Game Over From him at Y8. Bring a heckcuva lot of items and save them for this guy and the Giga Golem so you all can defeat these 2 plus the Zombie Hydra and Lance for your payback and Victory. Please? :stars: :cry: :love2: :wut:

    1. aneesh srinivas

      well what was the toughest boss in the series for you.i personally thought it was the hydra(ebf 3)

  2. Derrill

    Well that was the 13th time beating EBF2 on hard. Man I love this game series and cant wait till EBF4.4 comes out. Keep up the amazing work Matt. I hope EBF5 comes soon if your planing to make it and would totally spend $60 for it. :yay:

  3. Idelac

    The first time I ever beat this game was on a hacked site. I’ve had my second completion, now without hacks! :yay:


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