The Big Journey

I’d like to take a moment to shill a mobile game that I actually like: The Big Journey!

As you’ve probably heard me mention before, I think that most mobile games are nothing but endless time wasters filled with micro transactions and horrible psychological exploits. (I blame casual gamers who don’t want to pay up front for anything)
But I like this one, so I’m doing my part to promote something good. It has actual level design, and no mobile bullshit. I also really love the art style and music, to the point where it might inspire the cartoony cutscenes in EBF5 a bit.
It’s not a masterpiece or anything, it’s just really good by mobile game standards, in my opinion. Also Sushi Cat is in it.

Anyway, it’s on iOS and Android for like $3 and takes around 2 or 3 hours to beat.

Plant Monsters

I’m still drawing monsters!

Back when I decided to continue doing these, the plan was to draw very quickly without overthinking it. But my drawings are starting to take some time to do, as I shade them in and start planning them a bit more. I’m still sticking to the “no eraser” and “no sketching” rules though. The point is just to get some silly ideas down quickly.

Which one is your favourite?