EBF5: Cover Art

Here’s the cover art for EBF5, to be used on the title screen and in promo images!
I’m very happy with the characters and text, but I don’t know if I like the sword in the background the way it is now. Guess I better finish off that Steam store page now.

What do you think?
EBF5 main cover
Here’s a version you can use as a wallpaper:

EBF5 main wallpaper

Fanart: Anna

Here’s some cool fanart from atomicpengin-san!

I was thinking of commissioning cover art for EBF5, like I did with EBF4, but now I’m thinking I’ll give it a go myself, and try a more detailed version of my normal character art. A lot of people recognise my characters and art from previous games so maybe that’s for the best. But it’s been so long since I’ve drawn any people that this may lead to a rage-quit…

Either way I need to do the cover art to finish the Steam store page and trailer, which I’d like to do before the beta, so people can start adding it to their wishlists. The end is so close and yet so far.

EBF5: Trading Cards

Working on some Steam assets today, so here’s a preview of the trading card stuff.
Steam has some very specific requirements for these, but luckily I had suitable images for them all.
• Emoticons are tiny pixel art, so it just had to be those foes I did earlier.
• Badges are small squares, so slimes fit in there perfectly.
• Cards have to look good in thumbnail form and also stretch to wallpaper size, so the cutscene art works there.

I was thinking about using fanart for the cards, but after trying some out, there was very few that actually fit the requirements. And consistency is nice too. I’ll use some fanart for the profile wallpapers though!

I never fail to be surprised by how many different types of images the Steam store actually requires…
steam assets