EBF5: Arcade Foes

Hey guys, I’ve finished programming 10 out of 12 arcade foes so far.
They’re all quite interesting to fight, pushing various gimmicks to the extreme, and many of them are as hard as bosses. I’m trying to balance them so they’re hard, but still beatable, whether you fight them early on, or at level 36. So you should have a challenge whether you start from the beginning or not.

There’s also gonna be a boss rush for them, but I think I’ll reduce their HP for that, or you’ll be fighting for over 2 hours on Epic.


Oh, and most of the new skills already work too.

Fanart: Remake

Hi Folks,

For the past few days we’ve both fallen down a rabbit hole of all play no work called Minecraft, and we’re doing our best to keep getting things done outside of the virtual building, mining, and – ofcourse – gardening. It’s my first time playing, but Matt is an old time veteran, so we’re trying (and failing) not to compare progress or steal each other’s ideas too much. Hopefully we’ll get more warm days so we can do some actual gardening instead!

Here’s a beautiful remake of an older fanart from FishyListener.