NPC Maker

Here’s the NPC editor for Epic Battle Fantasy 5!
Make some characters, give them a name and a story, and they may inspire something in the actual game!

I recommend going to the EBF Discord to share screenshots of your NPCs, and you can also chat about them there. In the comments here you can really only share your save code, and not screenshots.

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  1. Anonymous

    This could be someone who spent way too much time at the beach, and Matt could say something like, “Find any fish?”

  2. Anonymous

    Enemy idea: Faceless Assassin
    It would be badass if matt actually read this, lol

  3. Dillon Kavanagh


    This is Larry. Larry’s parents always tried to support their son. Maybe they were a bit TOO supportive though. He is convinced he is the savior the world is waiting for. He is convinced that he alone can stem the tide of darkness sweeping across the land. He alone is the guardsman against the evil that comes in the night. But most of all… He. Is. Useless.

    No, really, he’s a bumbling fool that has studied all the really cool techniques and attacks, but can’t properly use a single one himself. To say he is always a day late and a dollar short would be giving him too much credit.

  4. teneb


    the konosuba gang, obviously just chilling around the starting area complaining about not being able to defeat slimes or giant toads 🙂

  5. zane

    this is glitch he is a playable character if u can beat him he has 100000 hp he can do every attack and his limit break is he will focus his glitching ability on the enemy and it has a 75% chance of instantly kill anything including bosses and a 25% chance of setting their health to 1 hp and damage to 1.

  6. glynn

    This is some boy, the same age as anna. He searchs for her cause he’s secretly in love with her. Anna don’t like him either

  7. vexter

    lol I put the code 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 and I got a glitch character and it looks a bit like the giltch secret boss of EPF4 very good by case

  8. D rookie

    Pretty sure. It has already been mentionned but why not?
    NPC named the hunter. I wanted to make it looked like Link from Zelda. The glasses are just signature so that I know it’s my NPC if it’s ever created.

    Possible quotes: “Have you ever killed 1000 monsters? Well, I have.” or something like that
    It’s pretty meh but just a simple NPC

  9. Natalie

    12,21,17,13,2,11,41,25,12,13,32,8 is my favorite. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:

  10. a fan

    13,3,5,17,2,2,25,2,2,13,22,2 inspired by the dark aesthetic, can’t allow you to see his face

  11. peti

    2,7,7,11,7,2,2,9,2,7,7,5 a fierce warrior that needs preparing for mega bosses! :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  12. SrPaulo

    Faz referencia aos smarfu, vai ser bem divertido, põe uma missão pra irmos atrás de umas pedra da lua pra eles e quem sabe até um chefão que nem o deles só pra zoar mais…
    Pensei tipo como recompensa que eles dessem um avatar completo pra cada um coma roupinha até os chapéus kkkk
    Seria da Hora, Estou no Aguardo da Versão 2 :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  13. Ronessi Nessi

    This NPC has a hard and challenging quest that you will meet at the final boss area,hes just standing there and if you talk to him this will be his line:”Hey… do you want to unlock challenge mode?” You can accept it and explore everywhere for alot of things and also if you finish the quest he will give you a key and you have to find for the place everywhere again and you will meet him again
    heres his code on there: 11,0,8,28,4,2,2,3,7,9,33,2
    on the other place you unlocked with the key he gave:”Hey… You ready for this? ” if you press that yes button… theres no turning back….
    and did you remember that thing? the white-spiky-one-winged-person? the one with the 3M HP? you should have him there
    His behaviours: U N K N O W N :shades:

  14. Peperonni

    My band of herossss :love:



    Princess Tsuki


  15. Guyguytheman

    Okay one more. This NPC maker is a nice cure for boredom. This is my biggest, best, and most likely last batch of characters. Hope anyone who might be reading enjoys them! 🙁 :ooo:

    11,0,6,2,2,2,20,15,2,20,9,2-Fallen Knight: The soul of a knight who was sent by previously mentioned King Xavier on a mysterious quest, where he was killed.
    Location: Anywhere near a dimensional gateway or area with undead enemies
    Possible quote: “It’s too late for me…”

    11,0,4,2,2,2,18,5,2,20,24,2-Fallen Soldier: The soul of a soldier who was killed on a mysterious quest ordered by King Xavier.
    Location: Anywhere near a dimensional gateway or area with undead enemies
    Possible quote: “Xavier was right…”

    The following 5 characters are members of the Cave Guild, a crew of diggers whose primary goal is to create an entire empire underground. However, some of them have evil intentions.

    4,10,10,46,2,2,8,10,2,4,32,8-Cave Guild Leader: The creator of the Cave Guild, who loves to shout orders at everybody.
    Location: Anywhere underground
    Possible quotes: “Hey you! You’re not in the Cave Guild, are you? If you are, get back to work!” “These lousy members don’t work enough. You seem strong, though. Would you like to join?”

    4,6,5,11,2,2,24,4,2,8,46,2-Cave Guild Miner: The primary miner of the Cave Guild and the leader’s right hand man.
    Location: Anywhere underground
    Possible quotes: “Mining is a rough job. In fact, over half of what our guild gets is received by stealing.” “Sometimes I think we need a better leader. All ours does is yell at everyone, even me!”:

    4,3,3,10,2,2,20,28,6,13,5,4-Cave Guild Guard: The living wall of the Cave Guild. Uses his drill for fighting, even though mining with it would be easier.
    Location: Anywhere underground or near a cave entrance.
    Possible quote: “Hey, you guys need a permit to be in here! Unless… unless you help me kill the monsters down here/there.”

    4,9,7,15,2,2,2,29,2,3,48,6-Cave Guild Builder: A slightly depressed Cave Guild builder, who is not dressed very well.
    Location: Anywhere underground or near a cave entrance.
    Possible quotes: “I should be telling you to get out, but I’m not in the mood.” “I first thought this guild thing was a good idea, but nobody takes me seriously and everyone thinks my job isn’t important.”

    4,19,11,24,10,2,2,21,11,4,32,9-Cave Guild Thief: The Cave Guild’s main source of income. He’s not very loyal to his guild…
    Location: Anywhere near a cave entrance and near a house, shop or other NPC.
    Possible quotes: “Hey man, would you mind hushing? I’m about to steal some sweet loot from this guy/place.” “I’m supposed to bring all of this stuff back to my guild, but some of it’s too good to give away!”

    13,99,6,39,2,2,32,28,2,4,47,2-Aaron: A necromancer who’s married to Charlotte. He’s never very happy but enjoys spending time with his wife.
    Location: Any village or any place near an undead area.
    Possible quotes: “Being a necromancer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” “Necromancing is often boring, so it’s nice to have someone to experience it with.”

    13,99,15,37,2,2,2,50,4,4,22,2-Charlotte: An optimistic necromancer who’s married to Aaron. Sometimes she’s a bit too optimistic…
    Location: Near Aaron
    Possible quotes: “Necromancing is the greatest ability ever! Aaron seems to see it differently though…” “Sometimes I like to think of the zombies we revive as our very own children!”

    A bunch of the necromancer couple’s creations…


    9,99,17,25,2,2,47,62,2,4,20,2-Queen of the Dead: Was once Queen Amelia, King Xavier’s wife, until she died looking for her soldiers and was necromanced.
    Location: Anywhere with undead enemies
    Possible quote: “Hello, living souls. I am forever doomed to walk around and guide the undead. I used to have a great life.”

    3,27,4,47,2,2,2,29,12,2,35,8-Josh: A person who’s joyful but slightly insane. It might not be healthy for him to have all those weapons.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quotes: “HEI GUYS, WANNA TOUCH MY KNIFE?” “I wonder what happens I stab my big big gun a lot.”

    2,5,17,36,2,2,48,40,10,6,25,8-Melissa: A girl who barely survived a spider infestation at her house. Don’t tell her what’s on her head, though.
    Location: Any village
    Possible quotes: “W-why am I holding th-these guns? Well th-there was a s-spider infestation back at m-my house.” “Are there any s-spiders on my back? I want to m-make sure I killed them all.”

    2,16,4,37,2,2,11,11,5,7,15,9-Mark: Just your ordinary skilled archer.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quote: “I’m so glad I came here. There’s so many foes to hunt!”
    If he had a quest: “Hey, could you get me some stuff for me to make targets? I can give you an old bow of mine.” When quest is finished: “Thanks! Here’s the bow.” (When you come back to the screen, targets are built.)

    2,0,12,13,2,4,31,14,2,7,22,10-Halloween Fanatic?: A merry old fellow disguised as a halloween fanatic so he can find out who’s naughty and who’s nice.
    Location: Anywhere near undead enemies or in a snow area
    Possible quotes: “Ho h- I mean, hello! I love halloween and candy! I’m a normal halloween kid!” “Wow, this place is crowded with naughty foes!”

    10,16,3,13,2,2,41,25,11,15,37,2-Human Citizen: A 100% normal human citizen that is 99.9% not suspicious or mechanical.
    Location: Any village or place near a factory-like area
    Possible quotes: “Greetings, other members of the species that I am, which, as you know, is human.” “You are composed of more than 99% carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, just just like me.”

    12,4,6,24,7,2,2,31,2,14,49,9-Bobsho: A legendary person who is the father and master of all great pranks.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quotes: “Sup! It’s me, Bobsho! What, you’ve never heard of me? I’m the greatest prankster who ever lived!” “I’m so good, I even pranked reality and now I’m in a video game! I am in a video game, right?”

    99,9,5,32,2,2,2,2,7,5,2,2-Connor: A great warrior who accidentally cut his arms off.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quote: “Having no arms is terrible. I can’t even take my legendary sword of my back! Even the cats are lucky enough to have the ability to hold stuff!”

    5,26,15,21,2,2,2,40,2,2,50,2-Nagashima: A girl who barely survived a nuke. These days, she’s trying to prevent future nukes from being dropped.
    Location: Any village or firey area
    Possible quotes: “You’ll never believe the horror I experienced when my home was bombed…” “Why won’t people believe nukes are dangerous? Some even use them as limit breaks!”

    7,99,17,44,2,2,57,46,2,7,22,10-Kuolema: A strange girl who is obsessed with death.
    Location: Any quiet village area or place with dark enemies
    Possible quote: “Why do some people want to live? I only live to spread the word of The Reaper.
    If she had a quest: “You should die and meet The Reaper. I can teach you a spell of destruction if you do!” (Complete it by getting a Game Over) When quest is finished: “No fun, you came back to life. Here’s the spell I promised.” (Teaches you a somewhat weak dark spell)

    13,99,5,53,2,2,59,21,2,8,47,2-The Reaper: The god of a strange death cult. Get away from this guy.
    Location: Anywhere (Teleports everywhere)
    Possible quote: “Not yet adventurers. Your time will come soon enough.”

    14,17,4,33,2,2,29,9,11,18,45,10-Kyle: A pet-sitting slipper-testing guitar-playing farming lumberjack knight boxer.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quote: “My mom used to say there’s no such thing as too many careers. I’m beginning to wonder if that statement is false.”

    4,3,5,15,2,2,27,25,12,15,2,2-Ryker: He wanted to be an astronaut all his life, but now he’s hearing about all the monsters and bosses in space.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quotes: “Hey, have you ever seen a cosmic monolith? Are those things even real?” “People keep telling me all these demons and evil space rocks live in space, so now I don’t really want to go there.”

    4,6,4,17,2,2,5,31,8,15,35,9-Hitman: A disguised NPC who was payed to do something illegal.
    Location: Anywhere secluded and away from houses
    Possible quote: “Quiet! You’re gonna blow my cover! Don’t worry about what I’m doing, I just hope you won’t miss [Other NPC].” (Maybe later in the game he’ll be somewhere else, sad that he failed.

    1,0,3,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,1-Another Hacker: A hacker who’s a bit more cautious about getting caught.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quotes: “Psst! You! See this sword, hat, and shield? You can only get these by hacking! Pretty impressive, huh?” “Even my beard and hand look can only be obtained by hacking!”

    6,99,13,53,2,2,37,50,7,20,22,7-AkRonda: A girl possessed by Akron, (Not that original I know) now beginning his plan for revenge. (Boss)
    Location: Anywhere worthy of a boss, preferably a place with dark enemies.
    Possible quote. “For years now, I have been mocked for my defeat. Now I will regain my strength to rule the universe, beginning with you!”
    (Boss Fight!)

    AkRonda-Girl possessed by Akron who has retained his darkness and element-changing abilities. Be careful if you get her down to low health!
    Weakness: Holy-80%
    Resistance: Everything else 100%, 200% on dark and one element depending on what element she’s using
    Stat Resistance: Everything 100% besides syphon and dispel, which are 50%

    Behavior: Starts using dark attacks, then every turn switches element to use and be resistant to. The element to switch to depends on the player resistances and the backup she summons. Will never have the same element twice in a row, and summons mostly dark enemies that have another element that she is using. (For example: Fire+Dark=Fire Wraith) The elements she changes to are dark, ice, poison, thunder, and fire. When she has 20% of her health left, she will have a limit break sort of thing happen. On her next turn, she will switch her element to dark, if she isn’t already dark. If she is, she’ll have to switch to another element before switching back to dark, giving players a chance to prepare. On her turn when her element is dark, she’ll load up on the highest possible attack, defense, magic attack, and magic attack buffs. She’ll also have 50 accuracy and 50 evade. Then, on her next turn, she’ll remain dark (This is the only time she’ll be dark 2 times in a row.) and cast Black Hole. After the attack, each player will receive a status effect, either doom, scorch, freeze, stun, or virus, depending on which element and status effect the player is least resistant to. When she has less than 10% of her health left, she will summon 4 cosmic monoliths. On the next turn, she will heal by 3% of her max health, and will continue healing until she has 20% of her health again. Upon death, she will scream and use a massive dark attack, leaving all of the players left with 20% health, allowing any backup she summoned to attempt to finish off the party. After she’s defeated, she’ll be replaced with an NPC.
    (Doesn’t have to be a final boss, and I already know it won’t be in the game. It’s just a fun idea.)

    4,10,13,21,2,2,2,53,2,6,21,6-Ronda: A normal girl freed from her curse by Akron.
    Location: Right where AkRonda used to be, except no longer blocking any paths
    Possible quotes: “Oh thank you, heroes! You freed me of my curse! Sorry if I harmed you,,,” “I’m glad I’m not cursed anymore, but I still feel weird. I wonder why my staff, wooden planks, and dress were also possessed…”

    That’s about it! Thanks for reading! (If you even did read it) They won’t be in any EBF games, (most likely) but they were fun to make! Thanks for the story ideas, Matt! :stars: :love:

  16. Jonathan


  17. Guyguytheman

    One more batch, these NPCs are too fun to make. :hurray:

    1,2,3,4,5,6,2,8,2,2,55,2 – Confused Man: Walked outside one day and found a white sign on the ground. He picked it up, and now for some reason, everyone gives him irritated or avoiding looks.
    Location: Any village
    Possible quote: “What is going on with people today? I pick up a sign and everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. Can they see something I can’t?”

    1,4,4,10,5,2,2,3,2,14,31,2 – Landon: Ordinary teenager who wants to be a biologist one day.
    Location: Any village
    Possible quotes: “Oh, hi. Don’t mind me, I’m just pretending to be busy examining plants.” “Are biologists and nature mages the same thing? Because I kinda want to be both.”
    (This NPC is based off of me. He doesn’t have my name though.)

    1,24,17,37,2,12,2,37,2,14,21,2 – Clara: One day, she got a blue outfit and found a frosty stick, and now everyone thinks she’s an ice mage. She just goes with it.
    Location: Ice/Snow village, or else just an ice/snow area
    Possible quotes: “Being an ice mage is tough work! You have to… uhh…” “Hey, if you already know I’m not a real ice mage, don’t tell anyone please. Ice mages are important, and I’m not.”

    1,19,20,31,3,12,2,41,2,10,50,2 – Tiffany: A school girl in a village near a strange woodland. In her spare time, she enjoys researching the strange phenomenon of the area.
    Location: Village near a strange jungle/forest
    Possible quote: “This place is so interesting! When I graduate, I’m moving to the forest nearby to study.”
    If she had a quest: “Hey, I’m busy with school, so could you go get me a ? Thanks!” When quest is finished: “Yes! Now I might even get extra credit! Here, you can have this .

    13,99,3,11,2,7,25,28,2,7,25,8 – Roger: A guard who was hired to distract locals while the nearby woodland is demolished.
    Location: The same strange jungle/forest, preferably right on the boundary of the two
    Possible quotes: “These woods aren’t unusual! Pollution is just a myth, you idiots!” “Hey you! Can you believe it? Some of these villagers believe mutated monsters live here!”

    7,13,9,17,2,8,10,29,2,7,2,2 – Woodland Beast: It was a person not too long ago, but it drank the nearby polluted water and became a tree-beast with a long tongue. (That’s what the beard is.)
    Location: Deep into the strange jungle/forest
    Possible quotes: “GrrAAWwlll! Grraa. (Turn back, human!)” “OooROOWWlll! GRAaall! (Please leave! I’m developing a taste for your flesh!)”

    9,13,2,2,2,2,30,30,2,2,31,2 – Humanoid Pumpkin: A pumpkin that grew like a human and is now protesting against plant murder. Darn water pollution!
    Location: Strange jungle/forest
    Possible quotes: “Why are you looking at me like that? Plants can stand up too!” “You don’t deserve all that fame. I know you’ve murdered some innocent plants on your journey.”

    4,13,14,15,2,2,5,6,7,5,9,8 – ???: A person who never reveals their identity or gender to anyone. There’s a story behind them somewhere…
    Location: Anywhere at least moderately secluded
    Possible quotes: “…” “Please go away.”

    99,13,2,2,2,2,7,26,2,20,24,7 – Hoverborg v3.5: The newest model! Includes recyclable helmet and double wielding!
    Location: Anywhere near a factory or similar place

    2,5,7,15,2,2,47,8,2,11,27,2 – King Xavier: A recently crowned king of a small kingdom who recently broke his leg.
    Location: A castle I guess?
    Possible quotes: “I knew we shouldn’t have built this throne way up here. I fell off and broke my leg!” “I feel like a terrible king. I don’t have the strength to rule!”
    (He heals over time, then his crutch is removed and he’s happy) When the party revisits him: “Thanks for the encouragement! Now I can lead this kingdom like a true king!”

    13,99,17,35,2,2,58,43,2,8,2,2 – Ladybug Lady: Another animal/human hybrid. She drank a potion and now her dream is coming true.
    Location: Anywhere, but preferably near a forest or jungle area.
    Possible quote: “I love this! I thought that mysterious potion that witch gave me would poison me, but now I’m a ladybug!”

    2,3,6,24,2,2,56,31,2,15,8,2 – James: A small farm owner who absolutely hates slimes, but often forgets how high slime bunnies can jump.
    Location: Any village that isn’t completely snow, desert, or lava.
    Possible quote: I did it! I killed all of the slimes that were eating my vegetables!”
    If he had a quest: I think I finished off all of those slimes. My friend, wanted these slime bunny specimens. (Key item) Could you give these to them?” Specimens are given to the other NPC, who gives you a present to give back to James. When you return: “Thanks for that! By the way, are you sure I killed all of the slimes?”

    2,10,6,10,2,2,2,16,5,15,14,2 – Phil: A possessor of earth magic that has come from a mysterious universe on accident.
    Location: Anywhere at least more than half way through the game
    Possible quotes: “Ugghh, where am I again?” “Oh yeah, Zach broke… Hey you! Could you guys maybe help me… nevermind.”

    4,1,8,18,2,2,2,16,6,3,54,6 – Protestor Paul: An angry man upset at the underuse of some elements.
    Location: Anywhere near a village
    Possible quotes: “You there! You guys aren’t responsible of unfair element selection are you?” “The most underrated elements are wind, poison, and earth, so use them now or we will attack you with our protests!”

    4,5,4,20,10,2,0,16,0,3,0,0 – THE BEST GUY: A hacker who gave himself all the good stuff. He even renamed himself in the game files.
    Location: Anywhere
    Possible quotes: “I may not be a player, but I have every item in the game! If I wanted to, I could go slay the final boss with ease.” “I have every equip, flashing before your eyes. I could easily destroy you, but I’d like to observe your adventures.”

    That’s all for now!
    I don’t know if there will be an EBF6, but I have hope in my characters!

  18. Guyguytheman

    Also here’s the players cuz I was bored.

    2,5,12,12,2,2,3,2,2,4,7,2 – Matt
    2,7,16,12,2,10,35,43,2,7,20,2 – Natalie
    2,11,7,6,2,2,8,21,10,7,25,2 – Lance
    2,17,15,8,2,2,44,34,3,12,14,2 – Anna
    99,23,5,8,2,2,20,3,3,16,6,3 – NoLegs, or at least, the closest I could get to him. 😐

    This NPC Maker needs cat and dog bodies, like the one from EBF3.

  19. Guyguytheman

    I know EBF5 already came out, these are just ideas. :tongue:

    11,0,2,52,4,2,18,5,10,9,23,2 – Samuel: A nervous skeleton who snuck out of the Deathly Hollows to explore the surface. He gathered some armor and weapons in order to avoid being exposed and killed by the nearby humans.
    Possible quotes: “Oh uhh, hi! D-don’t mind me. Im j-just a normal… tourist. Yeah, a tourist.” “W-what? Why am I so pale? Uhh, no… no reason. I’m just a normal gunman… if that’s what they’re called.”

    2,9,5,11,2,2,2,28,12,8,47,4 – Liam: A teenager who’s upset someone else always saves the world before he can. He’s spent a lot of time preparing for it, hence his equipment.
    Possible quote: “There you are! I’ve had enough of you guys, and this time I want the glory of saving the world. I’ve spent too long preparing for this, and I won’t let you take my chance away from me!” (He then proceeds to fight the party. He’s kind of a miniboss, but not super tough.) Another quote for if he doesn’t start a battle: “Oh, it’s you. Go ahead and save the world. After all, not all of us are as special as you show-offs.”

    13,99,16,3,2,2,36,61,2,13,33,2 – Lucy: Liam’s sister, who was cursed and is slowly turning into a cat.
    Possible quotes: “This isn’t good, I’m turning into a cat! I can already feel my arms and legs disappearing!” “Actually, maybe being a cat wouldn’t be so bad… After all, there have been quite a few good cat warriors recently.”

    0,3,0,0,2,2,2,0,2,20,56,2 – ERR6E4F: A glitched NPC who escaped the pixel areas, only to regret it. It seems to be asking for help…
    Possible quote: “ERROR: NPC INVALID – 70 6c 65 61 73 65 20 68 65 6c 70 20 6d 65 20 72 65 74 75 72 6e 20 74 6f 20 74 68 65 20 70 69 78 65 6c 20 76 6f 69 64 21 20 6d 79 20 63 6f 64 65 20 69 73 20 64 65 74 65 72 69 6f 72 61 74 69 6e 67 21”

    10,16,14,32,2,2,42,46,2,3,17,2 – Ember: A fire mage who was mistakenly taken into a snowy area. Now she’s stuck, hoping the cold isn’t enough to kill her.
    Possible quote: “I-i-it’s freezing here! If I knew was taking me here, I w-would’ve dressed better! My fire skills do nothing in this cold!”
    If she had a quest: “T-this place is so cold! Could y-y-you get me a coat? (Key item) I don’t know if I can survive all of this snow!” When quest is finished: “Thanks! N-now I can go back home without worrying about frostbite!” (Could also have the coat equipped after finishing the quest.)

    99,99,10,99,2,2,99,99,2,99,2,2 – Lost Head: A lost beheaded soul, sometimes seen to be following brave adventurers.
    Possible quote: “…Don’t do it.”
    (If you couldn’t tell, this was the result of playing around with the save code numbers)

    4,10,15,34,2,2,29,36,2,19,31,2 – Marissa: Long ago, she was a warrior, until she caught her first foe. From then on, she became a beastmaster and a vegetarian.
    Possible quote: “These creatures are so amazing! Why do so many people refer to them as “foes”?
    If she had a quest: “I have a huge collection of pets, but there’s one I’m missing. Could you catch a for me?” When quest is finished: “Thanks! I was wondering if I could befriend a boss. How hard is it to catch those?”

    Last one. 4,10,6,33,2,2,2,4,3,12,16,9 – Sherman: He comes from a long line of archers, but he never got the hang of shooting with bows, so he uses arrows as swords instead.
    Possible quotes: “It’s hard living out here in the wild. My family’s specialty is archery, but I can’t handle a bow, so they kicked me out.” “The only good thing that comes from using arrows as swords is that you have a lot of them.”

    Thanks for reading and hopefully seeing my NPC’s! It’s for sure not likely, but it would be really cool if one of these NPC’s made it into an EBF game! :stars:

    1. Guyguytheman

      Also, if anyone is wondering, the Deathly Hollows is a cave full of zombies only on the deluxe edition of EBF5. :skull:

  20. .... .. __

    _ …. . _.__ _._. ___ __ .
    13,0,4,2,2,2,60,2,2,8,20,2 | 13,0,4,2,2,2,62,17,2,8,2,2 | 13,0,4,2,2,2,59,21,2,8,2,2 | 13,0,4,2,2,2,61,28,2,8,2,2

  21. MaskedMan


    “I’ll have two Number 9’s, a Number 9 Large, a Number 6 with extra Dip, a Number 7, Two Number 45’s, one with Cheese, and a large Soda.”

  22. Darien



    This is Rayjlnir.

    When Rayjlnir heard of a world-threatening danger, he decided he wasn’t going to wait around for someone else to save the world. After all, what would happen if no one took up the quest? So, he held his malformed, weathered wooden practice sword high, donned his clothes, and set off.

    Rayjlnir had barely survived his first fight in the tree-filled environment that he called home, and the Green Slime had left him bruised and breathless. “THAT was the weakest creature I could fight?!?” proclaimed Rayjlnir, shaking his head. “That was TOUGH!” He stood up, walking through the grass and wood, until he came upon another Slime, and froze.
    “Nonononononono…” He whispered, and started to take a tentative step back…and froze again, as he heard a loud rustle.

    the Slime perked up, and to Rayjlnir’s horror it turned ’round…

    …and then left, in a completely different direction.

    “…Huh?” said Rayjlnir, confused, until he realized that the rustle had come from elsewhere, and not his trembling foot.
    Letting out a low chuckle of relief, Rayjlnir started to walk away, before he remembered that others roamed this forest.
    “Crap! Someone could need my help!” cried Rayjlnir, running after the sentient goo.

    It didn’t take long to find what had caused the noise, and he stopped running when he gazed upon the slime’s prey. A silver wolf pup with streaks of gold, presumably stained from the yellow pollen the flowers released to scare away plant-eating bugs, had been surrounded by a small Green, Orange, and Mud Slime, and if the deep red-coloured fur on it’s sides, back, and face were a clue, had nearly killed the poor creature, leaving it with only the strength to growl, snap, and wiggle it’s head. the rustle had seemingly come from when a Slime threw it against the plants growing out from the tree’s roots.
    “W- it’s a wolf!” said Rayjlnir, breathing a slightly disappointed sigh that he hadn’t been able to help anyone. “But it’s just a pup… where’s it’s pack? Or parents, for that matter?” He searched the woods around him, but saw neither paw nor fur. “Ugh. I came here to save someone, not watch some slimes eat a wolf. I’m gone.” Rayjlnir began marching off in a huff.”But… it was cute, though…” he shook his head. “No! it’s a monster, idiot! It’ll try to kill you, then the fight will be 4 on 1, and I’m almost dead!” Rayjlnir spun around as a loud “YELP!” filled the air, and charged, wooden sword in hand, no plan, backup, or any idea what to do or why he was doing it, ran to the wolf pup’s aid.


    The last of the lethal little lupine bullies fell to, or more accurately, dissolved into, the ground, dead. Rayjlnir stood victorious, before slumping over and panting, pushing against his knees for support. He couldn’t believe it. He had slain 3 Slimes, and had barely been hurt, but had in no way thought that an outcome when he started. He couldn’t even remember the fight… he had tried a jumping attack, complete with an unintelligible battle cry, and thought “OhwhydIdothatImsodeadgoodbyecruelworld”, and after that, black. Rayjlnir looked to the pup, unsure of what to do next. Heal it? He didn’t know how, and it would probably kill him once it could move again. Kill it? He had just finished saving it’s life, for Godcat’s sake! And he didn’t have any other options, he hadn’t even grabbed supplies! No food! Oh, and nothing to heal the wolf with, come to think of it…
    Rayjlnir stood up straight. He was to tired to do anything now that the adrenaline was wearing off. Wait… that’s what he did… he unlocked some skills… he had used Adrenaline to allow him to attack twice a round with increased attack power and accuracy, and used Heroic Defense to give himself a 20% boost to HP, Defense, and Special Defense for every party member below 10% HP, and make himself the only one they could target. How Rayjlnir knew all that, he didn’t know, but with molasses for brain cells he really couldn’t spare a thought towards ‘worry’ at the moment. So he stumbled to the tree, plopped his butt down on the absurdly soft plants, and fell asleep.


    When Rayjlnir woke the next day, the sun was high in the sky, birds were tweeting, monsters were wandering, leaves were falling, and… what was that warm weight in his lap?
    His eyes becoming dinner plates, Rayjlnir looked down so fast he was worried his neck would snap. The wolf pup lay curled up in his lap, asleep. Or at least it was, until it stirred, opened its muzzle in a yawn, and lifted itself upon its paws. Realizing that Rayjlnir was awake, it turned to him, panting happily like a puppy dog.
    “Um…Hello?” Rayjlnir remembered the previous day, but had not expected this, or the pup ever having woken up after the Slimes attacked it for the final time.
    The wolf gave a small howl, leaped off Rayjlnir’s lap, and began joyfully chasing it’s tail. Rayjlnir blinked before standing, popping his joints as he stretched. “Huh, your blood stained your fur… but those slimes aren’t exactly fast, so you could’ve left whenever you wanted.”He turned back to the wolf.” Why’d you stay and fight?”
    The wolf yipped and went around to the back of the tree.
    “W-wait! Slow down!”
    Rayjlnir went around to the back of the tree, chasing the tiny wolf, until it dissapeared into a nook in the tree. He almost missed the entrance, but the wolf howled to lead him inside. When Rayjlnir saw the small, golden flowers lining the inside and obscuring the opening, he understood how the wolf acquired golden streaks. After a short struggle, Rayjlnir was inside the tree, and saw what the little ball of fur was trying to tell him. In the wooden confines of a tree, a treasure chest was hidden. Rayjlnir had always known that monsters hoarded their loot into chests and guarded them, but had never seen one before.

    “…Okay, so… this is your loot?”


    “…That you took from a fighter’s corpse?”


    “…That you found?” Rayjlnir didn’t think that a baby wolf could kill another monster, but what if it didn’t need to?


    “So… an adventurer finds the monster that used to guard this, kills it, not realizing that there was a chest of stuff here…”

    No bark, but no growls either.

    “… you find it and guard it…”

    Same result.

    “…and… the slimes… tried to… steal it…?”

    “Got it! Why show me, though?” asked Rayjlnir, confused. The wolf nudges the chest lid and looks at him. “Really? You want me to have it?” After an approving bark from the wolf, Rayjlnir opened the chest, discovering a Scanbot, an essential adventuring tool, and…
    “A new sword!”
    laying in the chest was a sword with a black leather and gold sheath, and he knew, right away, that this sword was special. He removed the sword from its sheath to see it all. The shape wasn’t that far off from one of the mundane swords back home, but it had black on its handle, a silver hilt and pommel, and a golden blade with black around the unusually sharp edges.

    Gawking at the sword, he almost missed a translucent blue scroll that blinked into being before him. Putting his new sword away, Rayjlnir read the scroll:

    ——————————————————————————————————————ITEMS ACQUIRED————————————————————————————————————-
    *Summon: Scanbot
    This Summon will record the stats of any monster you fight! You only need to scan a monster type once, and it will be recorded forever!
    *Sword: Fallen Heaven
    Element: Holy/Dark = 50%
    Attack: + 10
    Defense + 0
    Special Attack + 5
    Special Defense + 0
    Accuracy + 10
    Agility + 0
    HP + 0
    MP + 0
    Resistance: Holy = 10%
    Resistance: Dark = 10%
    This sword will be either Holy or Dark element, depending on which element you used for a spell last. increases power of spells of the element it has taken on.
    Certain attacks will drain MP if Holy, or HP if Dark.
    Rayjlnir was, needless to say, impressed, but equally confused. The wolf had fought to it’s last to keep this treasure, why would it give such a precious thing to him?
    Unless… it couldn’t be…
    Rayjlnir turned to the wolf, unsure.”Do… do you want to come with me?”
    The wolf barked, jumping up as if to say ‘I thought you’d never ask!’
    He laughed.”Okay, then! We’re gonna go on an adventure!”
    Strapping his new weapon to his back, and putting away the Scanbot, Rayjlnir exited the tree. He had a sword now. He’d won his first fights. He’d even gotten a monster to be his party member! His new friend right at his heels, Rayjlnir ran. To where? He didn’t have a clue. all he knew was that, in that moment, he felt unstoppable. like he could do anything, so long as he had his new friend by his side. what did he know?

    That they could succeed in this quest.

    Fallen Heaven gained
    Scanbot gained
    19 G gained
    10 AP gained
    Skill: Adrenaline gained
    Skill: Heroic Defense gained
    28 EXP gained
    Soft Wood x2 gained

    YES NO

    He shows up everywhere the PCs do, but doesn’t want anyone to be mad at him for killing a ‘special’ monster (i.e. a boss,), and will wait outside the monster’s area for someone who will come and kill it, so he can give them an single rare item as thanks for allowing him to continue. EXCEPTION: he does not appear before the final boss, rather, he arrives after it is defeated, since his entire goal was to fight the boss, having him wait for someone else to beat it doesn’t make sense.

    I got sucked into the backstory and now I want to make it a story, set in EBF’s world. I want your opinion though, so please tell me what you think: should I write it, or not?

  23. LC


    here’s mine! it’s just a simple recreation of myself as a knight and a ribbon in my hair cuz i thought it was cute
    (not a girl btw, i’m male and so is the npc)

  24. jesusgamer202

    This is my NPC’s code: 14,24,10,32,2,2,56,3,6,15,29,4
    His name is: Sunis.
    History: i was lazy… i didnt make a history for him
    Dialogue (if gets into the game): Man… this is the worst thing that has happened to me! i was walking through a forest and then, BAM! i fell into a hole and now im away from home and i dont know where i am!… well i think i should make a house or something.

  25. Aliceanne


    The girl: “What is death like? Do you know? Tell me! How death feels? Will you come back? Go to Heaven? Hell?”

    A team member: “She’s a masochist guys, run!”

  26. Random Human Being Who Is Addicted To EBF

    I AM LORD VOLDEMORT 👿 :skull: 👿 :skull: 👿 :skull: 👿

  27. GermanSoldier11

    Ah… my very first time being here, also here’s an NPC I made…
    name: Krieg
    role: Soldier NPC, gives quests (Retrieve items from a specific monster…err… Solid Ice and liquid Ice, :smirk: )
    position: That place were you fight Poseidon, I forgot
    rewards :shades: : Weapons… I dunno, or maybe usefull Items……. more ICE :yay: )
    code of the NPC; 2,21,10,24,2,2,18,24,9,9,7,7

  28. Asura Neo

    A gunslinger that pretends to be a cool NPC with guns :shades:


    -Azura Grump-
    “I could help the heroes of this game, making the game faster and better, but staying still in this place seems cooler. They also gave me 2 lines to say, wich I just did… Be grateful I even spoke normies”

  29. Gail

    This May Get Lost In The Sea Of Characters But I Hope You See It…
    A Human Robot That Was An Experiment That Failed,This Robot Named Ren Managed To Escape And Met A Girl Named Nina And Julia In The Snow Village,They Became Friends Over The Years,But Some Soldiers Found Out Ren’s Hiding Place,He Left The Snow Village And Gone To A Cave Filled With Skulls,Nobody Has Never Seen His Face Except Nina And Julia
    A Girl Named Nina Who Is A Knight In Training,She Has Achieved One Of The Highest Rank,She Lives In The Snow Village With Her Sister Julia (If You Add This To The Game) Will Ask You If You Have Met A Robot Who Is At The Cave With Skulls,Will Give You A Letter For The Robot And A Sword And Bow
    Nina’s Sister Named Julia,Hangs Around In The Snow Village Near The Snowmans

  30. John


    Jagu, a warior who wants to save the world but only after he finishes his unending beer . :smirk:

  31. Leonard

    this is a samurai who want fire, because the winter is coming!!!!!! :coffee: :bacon:
    i think you know he,because he is the death :skull: 👿

  32. dgfhgjhkj

    Sad Santa on vacation
    should say something like “This is not what I meant by somewhere warm…”

  33. DarkLinkMS

    Absolute is his name…
    His text would go a little something like this:
    “Ever since the Physical-Special split, I haven’t got the slightest idea of how I should fight.”

  34. Erin


    I designed this character after myself. Her name is Erin and she’s an aspiring adventurer, but went somewhere too stong for her to begin with and got lost :3

  35. bedoogamer

    hes an old man hes a necromancer
    hes a lagend hes a idk where am going just make him a dead man
    :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

  36. DanzTheLittleWriter

    I know i’m incredibly late but……
    NPC: “Hey, could you find me some Instant Ramen Noodle, the hot water is already in the cup but i forgot that i ran out of noodles. Oh boy, how clumsy i was-ttebayo.”
    Asked for the second time : “Wow that’s a really big sword, where’d you get that from?”
    Matt; “I took them from someone else’s house”
    After been given the item : Whoa thanks a lot guys, i liked this Ramen so much, but it’s really hard to find a shop that
    sells Instant Ramen these days. Oh and by the way, I’ll teach you one of my skills. The Spiralling Sphere, this skill deals a lot of Physical Non-elemental damage, it also cancel’s foe’s buffs, so i think this skill will come in handy. Good Luck” :smirk:

  37. Just Some Guy

    Just some cool deadly king wannabe? With shades that shouldn’t be there


  38. Stopsleetip


    a guy that is in the castle who claims to be a knight and will talk about how people have forgotten that knights are cool , players see trough his lies he becomes hostile and will refuse to talk to you if you try to talk whit him again

  39. James Reynolds

    Maybe add some anime referencing characters (Kirito, Saber, Mikasa, etc) for 4th wall breaking? :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  40. Blizzard


    How can you NOT say that Zenith looks super nice looking? Don’t act like you don’t agree. :smirk:

  41. Renickck


    This is Renic.
    Renic is a 125 years old dark priest who loves death and chaos. He’s an Akron’s fanboy. Now he tries to go on with Akron’s legacy (but he can’t) and he’s sarching for mates to do this. No one knows what’s behind his mask. People think he’s an undead.
    He spends a lot of time insulting people, speaking to his staff and eating bones.
    His magic power is basically nule, but he thinks he can beat anyone with only one spell.

  42. Michael Forster


    Twister is a hero. He’s got two friends that travel with him and he always goes out to save the world before his dark clone does. His dark clone has got several minions and is a very powerful being. His name represents destruction of nightmares. However that lore can be saved for my story as I don’t want to spoil anymore about my character. Let’s just say he’s a hero. Search up on Fictionpress in the category of author: Twisterthehero1994. You’ll understand how he’s portrayed as a hero. He’s very powerful. I’d love it if he was a guest party member in your future games 🙂 :smirk: :smirk: :love: :love: :stars: :stars:

  43. The_Spastic

    I call it Slime Bunny Person

    It’s a Slime Bunny turned human.

  44. meower808

    An albino boy going through a goth phase
    “Its not a phase mom!” 😡

    An archer who’s gotten herself lost
    “Do you have a map?” 🙁
    She looks a bit disoriented, maybe you can help her out.

    Friendly neighborhood demolition expert :stars:
    Seems nice, but he has a gun…

    A guard who hates his job
    “I dont get paid enough for this” :bleh:

    Hope you like them :hurray:

  45. Unkn0wn

    Code: 13,12,19,9,2,2,2,48,2,20,3,10
    Name: Novis de L’ame
    Backstory: just a little 12-year-old, loco, jaded executioner. who wants nothing

  46. Julius Balagso


    I made an NPC. I haven’t given her a name, but she’s got a bunch of arrows, but she lost her bow. I guess she could possibly have a quest for the protagonists, like finding her bow or materials for a new bow, possibly rewarding Anna with some new skills to use. Or she could just do nothing.

    Thanks for making these games. I enjoy them very much. I’ve been wanting to develop my own games, but I have not started yet.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing EBF5!

    1. Julius Balagso

      Now I just noticed that someone already made a character with arrows and no bow. Now I feel unoriginal.

  47. DragonWooly

    NPC: I’m a pro fighter, don’t mess.
    Matt: You’re holding your sword upside-down.
    Anna: And why do you have arrows but no bow?
    NPC: …

  48. Let's PLay ORINGA


    This is Maya Cassidy, an 18-year-old girl. Her personality is very sweet, kind, nice, and generous, and when she’s angry she usually shows a sad and tired expression instead of a angry expression. She is kind and caring and loves her friends and family. She cares about her party teammates Karren and Hyden a lot. Her black hair accessory was actually her dead sister Halley’s magic boosting accessory. Her older sister Halley was in a special team that beat monsters down. Then a boss monster killed her, and Maya took her hair Accessory ( Black ) to remember her by putting on her hair. ( You can see that she is wearing it. ) She is the only female member of her party. ( Both Karren and Hyden are boys ).

    Karren: 2,10,10,18,2,2,2,28,2,4,10,2

    Hyden: 2,12,3,18,2,2,2,5,2,8,8,2

    * these characters were SO easy to create!!!!!!! They’re appearance, personality, it’s everywhere and so common! XD I had fun letting my brain rest.

  49. Jake, you know, that one Jake, not the other Jake

    Name: Epyon Richards

    Story: Epyon heard about a group of heroes who defeated a horde of monsters, an ancient demon and a god, (that was not only a cat god, but 2 separate beings)
    Perplexed, Epyon set out with his most trusty weapons: an old guitar, a pen a notebook and a lack of sense, to back down. He interviewed several eye witnesses: a tavern owner, a mayor, a zombie girl, a stump and a distressed pig to name a few. The more people he interviewed, the more he began to respect the heroes for all they had done.
    He set out to find the heroes himself, not so much out of respect, but out of an obsessive, hero worshiping, mania.
    He had to find them to get their autographs!

    Epyon’s already composed a few, quite terrible songs to spread the Heroes fame, such as:

    -Matt, in a Pirate Hat

    -If I steal, its a crime: if they steal, its divine

    -Nolegs, all heart

  50. Hunter Christoffer

    Name: Sir Dumm
    Story: Sir Dumm is not a very Lucky individual, all he wants to do is to live a joyful life. Unfortunately for him, he is always the one to be in the worst of situations. (He always gets out of them no matter what) While he was out getting some Food for his pet Squid Dopey, He Lost his way to the pet store and stumbled upon a land of Small elephants. One of the elephants so happened to make its home on Dumms head much to his irritation. Luckily, The elephants were peaceful and he lefted unscathed. But later Sir Dumm now realized he has to take care of both a squid AND an elephant! He only hope his Dopey will get along with his elephant Friend. :bacon:

  51. EBF3 is the better one

    oh and worried farmer jerry’s wife of course:3,19,18,20,2,12,29,41,3,3,14,9 :yay:

  52. EBF3 is the better one

    Mine is: 3,5,19,19,2,2,2,2,11,9,19,2
    his name is: worried Farmer Jerry :coffee: :coffee:

  53. ILikeEBF

    Here is mine: 2,26,4,8,2,12,29,28,11,13,18,2
    He’s a music magician! :stars: :stars: :stars: :smirk:

  54. Maat Tanzim

    Haha, that’s me 😀
    I guess I might draw my character now. Thanks for NPC maker, Kupo! 🙂

  55. Guy

    A edgy guy who’ll tell you he doesn’t want any business with you 😡 unless you bring him a cute little puppy ❗ . once you do so, he ends up being much more cheerful on future interactions :stars: (His text would change every time you go to a new area).
    There’s my idea for a character. This game’s 80% done, so I don’t expect anybody to care about this, but I liked doing it anyway.

  56. Unkn0wn

    name: Velvet Caker
    save code: 10,16,18,7,2,11,2,48,2,20,53,2
    backstory: part of the sugar clan, but not a fighter or a lover. she also likes jokes, puns and pranks. she is secretly a gUy

  57. Unkn0wn

    yeah you shouldn’t give us this npc creator thing, because from my comments i ask to make more stuff and places

  58. DTA14

    I’m thinking this one as a traveling mercenary/merchant that would sell rare goods at absurd prices, his name being Deta.

  59. TrollWizard

    His name is Maximus Crystalys, shortly Max
    He is a Paladin, but now he is looking for something in the desert hoping in finding something that can help him know where is he from

  60. Unkn0wn

    Name: Unkn0wn Tr1ck5t3r
    Save Code: 2,10,19,19,6,2,45,2,2,7,33,2
    Backstory: a 12-year-old who’s bored, she wants entertainment. [(side note) she’s holding a teacup that’s says, “this kind of tea is necessary to accelerate”]

  61. Unkn0wn

    Name: Bolvadir Romverskir
    Save Code: 7,19,4,3,2,240,18,2,12,2,2
    Backstory: a guy who got cursed by Insanity to be painfully and slowly to turn into a rowan tree. he hasn’t grown any rowan berry clusters…yet.

  62. Unkn0wn

    Name: Skogur Ottast Eldavel (Sko for short)
    Save Code: 2,10,10,15,2,2,29,2,2,4,8,4
    Backstory: a guy who’s afraid of forests. Natalie told him that children/adults entrancingly walk into the forest never to be seen from anyone again. making Sko even more scared

    1. Unkn0wn

      i changed my mind about the name. i want the name to be Skogur Otti.
      also i meant anna not natalie 😡

  63. Unkn0wn

    Name: Modern Dracula
    Save Code: 11,0,3,53,2,7,2,28,2,4,2,2
    Backstory: he is dracula from the books during the victorian :ooo: age or another gothic book reader that loves dracula too much :love:

  64. Unkn0wn

    Name: Komischer Mann (Komi for short)
    Save Code: 2,12,3,18,2,9,17,56,2,20,2,2
    Backstory: just a weird guy that likes to think that wizards are real and also he is girly

  65. Unkn0wn

    Current Name: Mancett Annatalie
    Save Code: 2,5,13,34,2,2,3,2,2,4,8,2
    Backstory: a MALE Matt fan to the extreme that change HIS name from Adreinne Lindsay to Mancett Annatalie.

    (i should make more MALE npcs)

  66. Unkn0wn

    Name: Todeskreuzkrahe (or Tod for short)
    Save Code:13,0,4,16,2,2,62,2,2,8,2,2
    Backstory: a necromancer that can summon dark-type birds, those mushroom enemies, mage birds, skeleton hand warriors. he also reads gothic novels.

  67. Unkn0wn

    Kinder Anlocken could also be possessed by a fairy or a seirbhiseach siog. also halluzinieren ran away from her when she was a month before turning 8 years old.

  68. Unkn0wn

    Fake Name: Kinder Anlocken
    Save code:3,2,3,50,2,2,34,55,2,13,53,2
    Backstory: a women who lure children (sometimes children of holy people and toddlers playing at the playground) with candy or whatever they like. then teach them to be lying, drunk innaporiate adults that also kidnaps children.

  69. Unkn0wn

    Fake Name: Halluzinieren Drogen
    Save code: 5,19,5,7,2,11,16,52,2,7,30,2
    Backstory: a kidnapped daughter of a religious person who then was raised to drink beer and eat hallucinogenic shrooms from an early age (4 years old). when you first meet her, she (is 10 years old) thinks she can talk to worms. she asks you to get more shrooms and beer. next time you meet her, she thinks she is talking beer. 3rd time, she think she is a descendant of a forgotten kingdom. 4th time, she thinks she is a Lost Fallen (which happens after two games). 5th time, she thinks she is a fairy. 6th time, she thinks she is a slime bunny that can speak English. 7th time, she thinks her name is Heiliges Kind which is her birth name. 8th time, you see her with other children kidnapped by fairies and thinks that she can control the fairies. 9th time, she is possessed by a fairy and has a headache. then she disappears after you get her shrooms and beer and get th hell away from her.

  70. Joandson

    Um cara que sofreu um acidente catastrófico no rosto e depois de cirurgias duvidosas acabou com essa cara fofinha apesar de ser totalmente o oposto, muito forte com ataques rápidos e fofinhos porem sempre fracassa acreditando que é o protagonista, mas como ele não é os efeitos de protagonismo não funcionam nele em horas cruciais como escapar de um acidente terrível.

    <3 :love: :love: :love: :love:

  71. Kanti

    Code : 11,5,4,11,2,2,2,27,2,8,35,2

    ‘This will be the last and final time I will stop time.’
    ‘Its too late you cannot escape.’

  72. Unkn0wn

    Save code: 14,3,19,19,2,2,48,46,2,7,2,2
    Name: Shiqule long zhaohuan shi
    Backstory: she was once a summoner at a castle school similar to Hogwarts. during her last year, there was this raid led by dark wizards at the school and since is Shiqule often with dragons, the dark wizards thought it was funny to turn into an immortal puppeteer dragon (also vice versa becoming Shiqule long) in front of her friends (also dragon fanatics). she stayed near the school until the principal decided to cast a concealment charm over the school because he wanted people to think wizards are extinct. Shiqule long was busy hunting so she wouldn’t be concealed like the other young wizards. then she stayed at the castle looking abandoned. :bleh: 😥 :meh: :skull: 😐 :ooo:

  73. wafflepan


    her name is julia she likes jazz and country music and just wants to hang.

    notes: i could see her being in a pub area and being some kind of travailing musician.

  74. R.J.

    I just can’t wait for EBF 5. Played all so far available games, even the Kitten Game for 1. the sheer fun of it all and 2. just for the satisfaction of having played everything related to Epic Battle Fantasy. Also bought the games on Steam, I was really surprised and happy that there actually was a German translation of EBF 4 available!

    I don’t really think that my character will get into the game, especially because I’m posting this even though 86% of EBF 5 has already been completed, but that’s him:
    I modelled him after myself. I actually have a green jacket, it’s my favourite one. Also he (I) is looking like this since I would be amazed if I got into EBF 5.

    Just finish and release the game already so that I can throw my money at you, Matt. EBF 3 would have been already worth paying for, I was totally blown away by the content of EBF 4, I can’t even begin to imagine what we will get in EBF 5 :yay:

  75. fireBloom16

    My code is 4,10,2,5,2,9,13,5,3,3,14,2

    My NPC’s name is Tsucheng and he can give advanced earth, poison or air attacks to Anna or he can give a bow of either the same elements to Anna as well

  76. arturalb

    my code is 4,3,4,5,2,2,13,5,11,9,2,2 my npc name is max his is alone songer his will give you skill music haos its atack of songs
    :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

  77. Sin


    “I’m starving! If only this thing on my head wasn’t so adorable…! Ah, I cannot bear to disturb it! And the only edible thing here are these digusting mushrooms! They… they are edible, aren’t they??” :scared:

    1. Bored man

      14,5,20,42,2,11,43,37,2,16,29,2 – A girl who has a candle.
      13,3,10,2,2,2,13,2,7,16,33,2 – A guy who has some tea.
      13,10,20,20,2,2,45,46,4,4,15,9 – A girl who has a bow.

      The real question is why they’re all standing in a cave.

  78. Aleck

    My NPC is based of a character from my RP with my friend. Edmond, the crybaby high priest to be. He’s around 15/16 but acts younger. He is frail but has very strong magic and a connection with a goddess. He comes from a long line of high priestesses, he will the first male leader of the religion in 300 years.
    11, 8, 3, 18, 2, 2, 53, 48, 2, 20, 4, 2

    1. Aleck

      Oops, forgot the other two.

      11, 20, 13, 12, 2, 2, 40, 56, 2, 20, 19, 2
      Her name is Chery and she’s a nature mage. She may teach a forest spell to the cast. She is currently looking for herbs and other things for medicine.

      11, 4, 19, 14, 2, 2, 48, 52, 2, 20, 13, 2
      Princess Sable (heraldry color black). She is frighteningly adept with her halberd, leaving many to wonder how she can possibly fight in her dress. She embodies the tropes Royals Who Actually Do Something, Pretty Princess Powerhouse, and Everything is Better with Princesses. She is willing to give out quests and even accompany worthy adventurers, since she is a very skilled fighter herself. Her parents are concerned about her going adventuring because they don’t want her to get hurt.

  79. The Schwabmob

    Really loved the design, 2,5,7,11,2,8,33,18,2,9,11,7 created myself a Spartan-Viking-Samurai guy who has a Dumbledore styled beard. I’d imagine him being a random NPC with weird things to say, as he’s clearly not all here. He was always looking for a place to call home, but he got lost and found some cool gear instead :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :coffee: :love2: :love: I love the emoticons too!

    1. The Schwabmob

      Had a typo in my email soz about that. This has the correct one tho. Soz about that (Not that it matters much but still.)

  80. Arthur N.


    In-game dialogue:
    1. “Shhh… I’m trying to become Matt…”
    2. “Wait, what?! Ma- Matt? :love: ”

    Could be included. 🙂

  81. ChillWhale


    This is Zullie the necromancer, she spent all her life learning about the dark forbidden arts and trying to uncover the secrets to summon the god of death to fight by her side. She uses her staff to raise the dead and her magical katana to capture the souls of her victims which makes it stronger. She’s also a temptress who uses her manipulative skills to deceive her enemies or sometimes, to just get free stuff from shopkeepers :yay:

  82. Childish


    Arroneous the Arrow came from a land of champion archer ninjas. Only, he was more of a stabby-stabby person than a pew-pew. So, he learned to compromise. His hates bugs because termites keep eating his shafts. :bleh:

  83. UnknownContact

    you can do whatever you want with them, I just ask that they be connected somehow through dialogue.
    if you want more info, she’s a bit of a spaz and is easily distracted. I usually follow along and clean up her mess and make sure she doesn’t go overboard.

  84. UnknownContact

    2,9,3,19,2,2,2,21,2,4,2,2 Edward or Michael
    2,10,19,13,3,10,2,61,2,8,2,2 Talia or Tally

    The first one I made is closest to how I look
    The second one I made for my girlfriend by the same name.

  85. pasta addict

    my idea is that hes trying to woo someone and he needs like, flowers, bacon and/or some new key item and he’ll give you the nes zapper gun weapon from the 4th game as a thank-you gift and maybe even the next time you go to him he’ll have a significant other near him and he’ll look happy

    yes i know its bad but i tried 🙁

  86. E-Dragon

    I tried to do my best to recreate the character Ayaze from the UKSRT series
    shout outs to TaroNuke and CosmicLAER for the character design and the amazing events :yay:

  87. GamingTank234

    13,3,11,24,4,10,55,5,2,12,13,4 here is Jeff who comes in peace and just wants to find his senior project he calls the pyramids

  88. Agentr9154


    Jill,A girl from the carnation tribe.Now gonna go write a 100 chapter index about the tribe.

    Also,quick thing,I love this for making story ideas.

  89. mjakub17

    11,26,17,21,2,2,45,61,11,4,5,2 – Mei. Girl who got trauma afer finght against evil worm 11,3,4,52,2,2,8,11,7,4,8,5 – Mephisto. Guardian of the underworld 11,7,3,25,2,2,62,5,2,7,35,5 – Kevin. Psychopath who will tell tou about doom and insta death status, and start complain about morale status (he can’t kill for fun) I hope you like it :smirk:

  90. Kael Rafael

    A druid who didn’t listen when his mother said “be careful with that witchcraft, you might turn into a plant!”

  91. Unkn0wn

    Name: Reaper
    Save Code: 11,3,4,50,2,2,59,28,2,7,47,2
    Background: an angelus fraudulentus who lives at EBF5 Town 3
    Angelus fraudulentus cons demonic people then kill the demonic person they target. also they create illusions. 👿 :bacon: :coffee: :sick: :skull:

  92. Unkn0wn

    Name: Hippie 20
    Save Code: 3,3,13,13,3,9,16,11,2,3,2,2
    Backstory: a boring, stereotypical, weird hippy who hates violence. he also wants to hurt people who fights, enjoys violence and wrathful. :ooo: also he has a drinking problem but he hide hides his beer bottles.

  93. Pixel.Pixy

    Name: Laylic
    Serious but loves puns. Crafty, got a slime to stay on her head, and good with a bow. She likes being an archer and/or support character. :smirk:

  94. mjakub17

    2,25,5,19,3,2,15,28,2,19,20,9 – someone who need some materials to update his items. For rewand- new bow (wind attacks) and food
    And question- the NPC’s what we created can be in game?

  95. Kritik M


    This is Lance’s little brother(Sakazaki) who was seperated from him and got adopted by a great samurai.
    Lance has probably no idea that he even has a brother because his parents were killed by the doings of akron.
    The samurai who took Sakazaki in as his parents were gone and trained him hard to become stronger to defeat the one who brought his parents to such tragedy.

  96. Chan21

    Hobbys: Music and Music and Hearing Music
    Personality:He is Kind but he becomes angry when someone doesnt likes his music or breaks his Jukebox (Happend Often) .
    He is Hearing his music loud to extreme for Normal people.

    *The Group pass the gate to the City *

    Mat: Interesting Music :3

    *They are Speaking with him*

    *Anna is pushing Masurai away*
    *Anna is destroying the jukeBox*

    Anna: DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!(On Rage)

    Masurai: NOOOOOOOO, Ten Times ….. Ten Times some one Breaked my Jukebox …. Ten Times (Sad)
    Masurai:That was the Last Red Jukeboxe in this Game you …. you Monster.(Sad)
    Masurai: You MUST Bring me a new one and because this is a game i will give you something interesting for Anna. 😉

    What he wants:
    JukeBox (Black)

    *Story when you give him that two JukeBoxes*
    Anna: Two for you in other Colurs are you now happy???? (Angry)
    Masurai: Thanks but i started to hear the game soundtrack. So here you can have my Song.
    Anna: *Thinks* (I hope this music isnt so Loud and bad) (Still Angry)

    Song Of Music :
    ( An Special Attack move Which Lance and Mat can use)
    ( When you use it, A Jukebox starts to play bad and Loud Music then Anna will become angry and she destroys the jukebox and becomes 6 Rounds Rage + Makes Dmg to an Enemy and the User becomes 6 Rounds Attack Down)
    Mana Cost are 100mp

    Sorry for my Bad English ;D

  97. Asina

    Character Name: Pharah
    Personality: She don’t want to mary. She is brave and adventurous, but she has a noble family and and her family want to mary their girl with the other towns noble family.
    Apperance: 11,11,5,19,2,12,35,36,2,3,2,2

    Here My Character Story

    Pharah: Are you a tourist?
    Matt: Nope, we are the heroes of this world! :stars:
    Pharah: Wow really? (with kidding face)Okey, so i want to help bcouse i dont want to marry.
    Anna: Is your boy handsome? :love2:
    Natalie: Anna stop disturb our NPC!
    Pharah: Okey, no problem i dont care these things just find me these items;
    3 Bug Wing
    2 Curly Horn
    1 Bad Mushroom
    After request finished
    Pharah: Thanks so much. I think if i will give these items as a wedding present they will surely like it :yay:
    Lance: Wow u are really brave to do these things.
    Matt: See we are the reall heroes. This request is very hard one
    Natalie: Stop joking Matt. :bleh:
    Pharah: (laughs) Yeah, yeah thank you so much all.
    1 Ruby
    1 Topaz
    1 Emerald
    1 Rainbow Gems

  98. Vampurgisnoct

    12, 3, 5, 18, 2, 2, 55, 5, 2, 4, 51, 2
    This is the code for a guy. His dialouge would be something like: ”Hmph. Since you’re trying to do something with life, i’ll tell you a hint. I heard there was a being named [insert last boss name here]. He’s in the [insert the name of the last boss area here].

  99. anime fan

    if you do 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 it gets really funny and kinda glitchy maybe? not sure if its a glitch tho lol :yay:

  100. Matheus

    Arms Dealer Maybe
    Plz gimme your reviews in this character.
    With love a simple person.
    Ps:I’m brazilian so don judge my english,thank you.

  101. Dodles


    Mayta, the girl who is fed up with the little blue elephant eating her garden and is now out hunting it, asks around if someones seen it, but is always stared at by those she asks.

  102. Unkn0wn

    Fake Name: Lonely
    Backstory: a princess who sometimes act like a peasant and dress like a boy. whom can’t take care of her hair. her parents have high expectations and shaved their daughter’s hair. they usually compare Lonely with her older sister and brother. when she doesn’t do what her parents ask on the first time; they force to do the “chore” (without payment) and sent her to the torture chamber. her parents force her to eat disgusting :bleh: food while her older siblings eat delicacies. :tongue: she ran away without any warning or note. (she’s a mary sue but flawed)

  103. Eunia

    This is Ewelina. She hates mages, archers and gunners. She thinks a real warrior should fight with a sword. Because of that she has two swords. She has a weakness for cats, She loves them.

  104. Unkn0wn

    Name: Archreaper 142
    Save Code: 11,3,13,30,2,10,35,50,2,20,47,2
    Backstory: she entrancingly walk into a forest at night during a full moon to a forest temple with giddy laughter. fairies surround her with fairy dust that turns adults into never-aging amnesiac children. when the heroes talk to her; she asks where is she; one of the heroes ask what does she remember; she replies that she saw a dead body; saw a cloud of glitter and decided to follow to investigate; (yeah don’t care about the dead body) she stepped and tripped on the cloud of glitter; entranced to laugh giddily; the glitter started move away from her; chases it to a forest; went what looked like a temple; saw fairies surround her; then felt a sharp pain; then blacked out; Lance called her crazy; then finally after the heroes talked to her again she claims she doesn’t remember that night.

  105. Unkn0wn

    Save Code:7,12,20,23,6,11,36,46,2,7,47,2
    Name: Reaper 340
    Backstory: A reaper who’s bored and tired of her job of being an immortal who reaps innocent either old, young healthy or sick while archreapers are dragging the evil souls with reaping, helping heroes to do it, or with chains. she asks for nothing but advice. after you spoke with her for 12 times she went to somewhere else to reap innocents.

  106. Gravestrike

    Save code: 13,3,7,39,7,5,2,2,4,4,15,9

    Name: Theros Deadeye
    Desc: Emotionless Shadow Hunter who fights enemies with dark magic combined with years of archery experience. Raised by the world’s most feared dark magic users. At one point he lost control of the power and he killed his parents. To seek redemption for his deeds, he now hunts evil, utilizing his power which is meant to be used for evil deeds, for good deeds instead. He dislikes social contact with others and prefers to fight alone but he will do anything to achieve his goal, even if it means teaming up with others for a while.

  107. squirrellie

    heres mine 13,3,3,39,4,2,2,28,7,4,36,8

    hes my OC and hes the NPC you can use also

    name: Gunther
    nicknames: none (yet)
    species: human
    gender: male
    age: around 18
    personality: dark gritty psychotic somewhat perverted and uncommonly nice
    occupation: mercenary

  108. Xelus

    Adventurer and/or traveller who is stuck in the snow/ice area.
    While he is stuck there he is resting and preparing for the next trip.


    The ghost of a young pirate, Brian floats around areas with water and mopes about dying before opening the legendary scroll that grants eternal youth (Though it was revealed that the scroll was just a prank made by a bored madman). He’s nearly always in a sullen mood whenever the players encounter him and when told that it was a prank, he (Whatever you think would happen I dunno). Secretly a Lolicon but refuses to admit it.
    When alive he would try and become a main character by doing legendary and nearly impossible quests to get attention from the developer, but would either fail or find out the current main characters already did the quests. When all hope left him, he was about to go back to being a side character before he got a quest from the bored madman and died by a fire spell. This is super late and I doubt this would EVER be seen, and I need to work on the story to make it…better. great work on the game so far though!

  110. Rithi

    His name is Rai.
    He’s a prince that his father, the king, sent out to explore and gain experience from the world. He’s lazy, but has talent. He hates it as first–feigning interest and doesn’t talk much–but slowly begins to enjoy spending time with the group and learns to be able to defend himself.

    He learned to use a katana for basic training and enjoys dango! His go to snack. :love:

  111. just an ebf stan

    fangirl of matt that has been secretly stalking him since ebf3
    she dyed her hair the same color as him and even tried wielding a sword in hopes to be closer to him
    is also jealous of natalie and anna and will not even acknowledge them if one of them talks to her
    :love: :love2: 😐 :skull:

    1. just an ebf stan

      ok i added the ver. with the pirate hat ’cause it makes it more obvious she’s obsessed with matt

  112. don't murder me i try my best if this is sexist i am v v v v sorry i didn't mean it

    “Manley”: some weird girl who wants to be the most powerful fighter in the armed forces, but her birth country’s very misogynistic and do not believe that women should be in the armed forces, so she ran away and disguised her identity to fulfil her dream. she constantly tries to put on a gruff manly voice and attitude and it’s 110% obvious she’s so bad at pretending to be a man but no one really cares because it doesn’t matter what gender you are down there and she still has yet to realise that as she’s very stubborn, rip.
    *is still praying that she’ll figure it out sooner or later and the sooner the better*

    “Hello fellow man! The weapon store is down there. I sure hope as a fellow man you shall have a tremend- I mean– totally awesome time down there. Farewell, lads!”

    “You having fun here, ja? Us fellow men have fun here. We have to stick together, no? I mean– *drastic change in pitch* As a very manly manly man, I am STRONG and *revert to original pitch* very helpful for you. It’s over there!”


  113. Tol Buggo

    An alien who got stranded on the EBF world and is depressed because everyone there is really incompetent.

  114. KBGMig

    ”I ate a Cat that had a tot parp body (or pop tart) and now I am like this, and so I say: HELP.” :bacon: :scared:

  115. KBGMig

    A confident but easily flustered and slightly perverted (not the ‘show me dem **** but more of a nervous wreck kind) wandering adventurerer who is friendly at first but loses it at the sight of Natalie, would make for a funny conversation right? Considering he is a wandering adventurer, maybe he could be found in different areas of the game

  116. Zomb

    12,9,13,31,2,11,35,36,2,3,45,2 Farmer girl that baked a cake for someone but cant find it

    called (Liz)
    Found anywhere near crops

    Liz: Hello my dudes, can you help me find (cake, or any other item that boosts stats) and bring it to me?
    Matt or Lance: Ehm sorry but…
    Anna: Ofcourse!
    Lance: What are you doing… (whisphering)
    Liz: Thanks my homies!

    Exchanges one rare item for another Rare item that boosts stats

  117. G. Sus


    Trust me. It’s cool. :ooo:

    That type skull hat isn’t supposed to be there… :scared:

  118. HighZz


    A human’s soul possessed by demons, forced to work for the evil.
    or something like that \_(._.)_/

  119. loloboss49811

    12,23,6,13,9,12,29,17,8,14,15,9 the person is loge he has 2 bows that turn into one but he only has 1 arrow though and he has a little dog named buck who sleeps on his head loge is trying to kill a beast named the beast that kills everyone (not a vary creative name)

  120. Blop

    9,0,3,3,3,9,29,11,2,16,22,2 some wizard named gigorath that picked a dark staff but wanted to be a life wizard so he/she got cursed trying to use life magic with a dark wand

  121. wafflepan

    12,6,4,13,2,11,20,9,6,16,8,4 his name is caleb he is a knight who loves food and is always thinking about it even when on duty

  122. Blop

    10,7,3,40,2,2,2,5,3,5,9,6 A hunter who was sent accidentally to the underworld when he was a young and has adapted and lived there ever since

  123. EdogawaConan

    This guy here has beat EBF4 3 times; Love it

    Here’s a good fusion of a gunman and a mage (young)
    :yay: :yay:
    I would love to play the 5… :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:


  124. Alex Davis

    Save Code: 11,7,6,11,2,2,2,17,4,4,7,5
    Name: Lucien
    Race: Demon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 100 (Millennia)
    For many millennia, Lucien ruled as king of the demons. He commanded the globe with an iron fist, labeling even the most minor crimes “High Treason” executing any and all criminals, and he was happy. Until Akron appeared out of nowhere. Akron brought the entire regime down, stealing Lucien’s pride. Ever since, he’s vowed to slay the demon and reclaim his not-so-rightful throne.

    First Encounter Text:
    Lucien: “Away from me, cowardly warriors, I’m off to slay the demon Akron.”
    Natalie: “…”
    Matt: “We already did that…”
    Lucien: “He has stolen my pride, and my- Wait, really!?”
    Matt: “Yup, he’s pretty dead. Don’t mean to brag, but I cut his head clean off in one-”
    Lance: “It was a GROUP effort. Besides I did the most damage…”
    Lucien: “…I hate you…”

    Second Encounter Text:
    Lucien: “…”
    Matt: “…”
    Natalie: “Okay then, off we go.”

  125. N. Onymous

    This is Jesus. 5,10,12,28,2,6,2,18,2,3,17,2
    He can make the blind see, heal the dying, and most importantly, turn water into wine.
    He has just been invited to a dinner party with his gang of 12 guys, but it’s a potluck and he doesn’t know what to bring. He really wants to bring something homemade for supper, but he doesn’t have any ingredients. If only someone could find him some bread, cheese… and of course a bottle of water which he could turn into wine.

  126. Unkn0wn

    Name: Mystery Girl
    Save code: 3,26,19,24,2,11,48,52,213,46,10
    Backstory: a mysterious girl tells you there’s this old and abandoned palace. she asks for a slime bunny, a burger, a cheap soda, and 4 runes. after you give her stuff she gives a map, a bow for anna, a skill for natalie, sushi for nolegs, and a outfit for the boys. then the boys can’t stop thinking of her. nothing much is known about her except she used to live in a town with never-aging children ruled by a tree.

  127. Unkn0wn

    Name: Unknown Geheimnisse
    Save code: 2,22,18,8,2,11,35,56,2,5,29,2
    Backstory/quest: a young girl who knows more than her people and looks twelve. she asks you to sneak into the great tree’s temple who practically the king of never-aging children. And what do find at the end of temple? a spring of adults slowly turning children and conspirator children/adults getting their mind erased. :ooo: :ooo: :bacon: :ooo:
    Dang this is a dark npc quest. also the children are based on the forest children in legend of zelda orcarina of time. the tree conspiracy is the great deku tree conspiracy. also the forest will be infuriating because you keep getting lost. even later the game anna says to an npc who’s scared forests that children/adults get entranced to the forest never to be seen again. :ooo:

  128. XAngelMoonX

    Name: April
    Code: 13,13,15,37,2,10,34,38,11,11,51,2
    Position: Quest ( x2 Ice Cream, A Friend Dog Summon) Gives: Puppy Hat, x1 Coral Key
    Lore: April was born in Whitefall town, she’s a bard who supports the Church around that area, she disagrees with animal cruelty, she has a pet wolf, and around the time the Whitefall jewel was stolen, April went exploring to search for it when a great reward for it was announced. April searched almost everywhere around Whitefall, except the Crystal Cavern, which was forbidden to go in by many townsfolk. When she went into the Crystal Cavern, she was baffled by its beauty. She didn’t find the Whitefall jewel, but she realized that there was so much more to life than being stuck in Whitefall, so she went to travel the world. When the Adventurers find her in their journey, she is feeling down and homesick, she wants something cold to remind her of her home. If you show her a Friend Dog Summon and give her some Ice Cream, she’ll give you a nice, warm, Puppy Hat in return, and a Coral Key she got from exploring.

    April: *In a somber and depressed tone, sobbing*
    Natz: Oh hey, what’s wrong?
    Lance: I think she’s sad that she’s wearing Bunny ears, I would be too if everyone accused me of being a Furry.
    Natz: Shut up Lance.
    Anyway, why are you crying? It’s so Sunny and Bright here.
    April: Oh…that’s exactly the problem, you haven’t heard of a little town called “Whitefall Town”, have you?
    Anna:*Sarcastically* Oh hey! That’s the town from the last game! I’m surprised such things can be referenced.
    April: I live there, well, *LIVED* there, I’ve been away from it in so long, I miss the feel of the snow under my boots, my wolf licking me in the morning. I want to go back, but I feel like I’m going to miss out on so much if I do.
    If Only I had some Ice Cream, that’d cheer me up.

    Quest Completed:
    April: Oh! Thank you so much, it reminds me of the ever popular Whitefall Gelato! And that’s one cute puppy you’ve got there! Here, take this, it’s something I found on my exploration.
    Matt: Whitefall Gelato? Why didn’t we hear anything about that?
    Natz: I’m not sure if the Townspeople would’ve talked about Gelato when a sacred treasure was stolen at that time.

    After the quest:
    April: Man, I can’t wait to eat it, but let me conspicuously stare at it a little more.
    Matt: If you won’t eat it, I will… :tongue:
    NoLegs: *Mrrreeeowww* :tongue:

    I know I’m very late to the party, but I wanted to have a little fun, it’d make my day to see her in the game! :yay:

  129. Diana

    Princess Bellatrix Rose, the wicca daughter of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Midknight, both having possessed the same powers she has.

  130. schwonfizzle

    hey Matt i love your games so much and i’m so excited to see the next great game in this amazing series. I made this character for you and i hope you find it cool enough for for the upcoming game
    hes name is guy and he doesn’t know who he is. he died in ebf3 when he was near Akron’s awakening. he has no idea what’s going on but he needs to find death, after all she forgot about him. he says:
    guy: what…explosion….everyone….
    Matt: you okay there guy?
    guy: guy?….. friends……find them…..I’m busy looking for death…..
    Matt: okay then….. good luck!
    Natalie: what’s his problem?
    Anna: let’s just go the opposite way.
    lance: I’m with Anna.
    after you find 3 skulls:
    guy: friends….you are her…death….it finally…..comes
    you can decide what he gives.

  131. Melon

    a pirate that can teaches you Tsunami :3
    She wants gold and watermelons
    code: 4, 18, 19, 28, 7, 2, 2, 31, 2, 5, 7, 2

  132. Dillon Kavanagh

    He’s a master of disguise, a flawless impersonator, the favored consort of intrigue, drinking pals with subterfuge, old chums with infiltration, he is… Phil. But you’d never know, would you? How could you, when he dons an identity so flawless?
    Nobody ever suspects the maid…
    Wait, what mustache?

  133. Chaos

    12,10,17,22,2,2,2,31,2,9,35,8 :smirk: :hurray: I would love for it to come out in the game but that’s a lot to ask for so it’s okay to just see it :yay:

  134. Francisco Moreno Reguera

    Name: Sakura
    Description: She falls in love with Matt for his big sword and Lance, jealous try entice her say her that he´s had a big “gun” touching his pants, so Sakura kick that “gun” .

    Sakura (after that): She will always hit a Lance with her placard, say “how are you?” to the rest and pet to no less. The conversation will finish with Lance thinking : “as far as she doesn´t want Matt”

  135. TheMaleLilligant

    9,24,17,52,2,12,58,53,2,3,14,9 Her name is Zaldiya, an alien sent down to earth to study the local flora and fauna. However, she is very clumsy, and constantly startles the creatures, causing them to run away at best or brutally harm her at worst. That the stars for that auto recovery right? She’s pretty introverted on her own home planet, so it should be obvious how worse she fares interacting with other intelligent life forms.

  136. Uselessly Memeing (AKA That Guy)

    Merlowes is a gunner, don’t let his get up fool you. And yes he is a guy, he just gets a kick out of fooling people. He specializes in *ahem* “magic” bullets, which may or may not just be normal bullets. He has a crazy good poker face, so they might actually be magic, but not bullets. At least that’s what he wants people to believe, even though he couldn’t cast his way out of a paper sack. I imagine him having tow sets of interactions the first of which going like this:

    Lance: “Hey there, pretty thing. Do you know how to fire that rifle? ‘Cause I can teach you a thing or two.”
    Natalie: “Oh no, Lance is doing the thing again”
    Merlowes: “No thank you I’m fine. By the way, I don’t swing that way.”
    Anna: “Wait, does that mean you’re a girl who is lesbian, or a cross-dressing guy who isn’t gay?”
    Merlowes: *poker face*
    Anna: “Because a girl of your proportions would have a thinner waist line, and they also wouldn’t have a chest that big.”
    Merlowes: *poker face intensifies*

    The other dialogue would be something about Lance calling him out on his “magic” bullets.

  137. Francisco Moreno Reguera

    11,26, 5,52,2,2,6,21,2,13,50,7
    Name : Jack Description: He has a problem and needs help but he doesn´t think that you are inadequate stronge for that. He says that you must be in the level 50.

    Name: Jack (the same person after you got level 50) Description: He´s a undead that before wore a “costume” for don´t be atacked by others adventurous similar to you (they´re the dark players of Epic Battle Fantasy 4) who have a “terrible monster” like allied (the dark version of no legs) so you explain that you aren´t them. For be sure he will hide of them and you forever because he can´t resist be atacked everyday and he will hide underground. Before to go he gives to you a map with a tag when you will encounter the dark players to fight them.

  138. Francisco Moreno Reguera

    2, 3, 15, 32, 2,2,2,61, 2,8,22,2(before the spell) 11,3,15,2,2,2,62,61,2,8,22,2 (after the spell)
    Name: Melissa
    Backstory: She needs some bones, horns and dark essence for made a dark spell to revive her boyfriend. All her friends told her if she make a offering spell (her mind and some specific materials for create a new body for her dead boyfriend) but she ony wanna her boyfriend come back. When you give her the materials and you come back to place she had changed for her madness and a new npc is with her (made with the code 11,3,6,50,2,2,59,28,2,7,6,2 he was a thrill seeker that fought against a skeleton dragon but he didn´t know how defeat it so he died, him name is Cole).
    (the first code is for Melissa when you see her the first time, the second code is for Melissa after you leave the area after of you had given the materials what she need to her and the last code is for Cole, who appear after the Melissa´s quest)
    I wanna know what everyone think about all the characters who I have inveted in all my comments in this website, thanks.

  139. Unkn0wn

    Name: Chaos
    Save code: 11,12,18,53,2,9,45,50,2,20,.18,2
    Backstory: mother of Insanity and likes cursing people :skull: :skull: 👿 :skull: 👿 :skull: 😡 👿

  140. Unkn0wn

    Name: Anna Lily
    Save code: 11,21,19,52,2,11,48,52,11,20,52,2
    Backstory: another cursed girl who used to work for the Sugar Clan. but now she wonders the graveyard alone regretting getting defeated by Insanity. (F.Y.I. Insanity got her looks by her mother).

  141. Unkn0wn

    Save code: 11,4,3,17,2,2,29,17,7,7,8,8
    Name: Hunter
    Backstory: he is greedy and always angry. he wants 4 of everything. also he is probably related to Insanity. 😡 👿 :skull: 👿 :skull: 👿

  142. Unkn0wn

    Save code:
    Backstory: the first human fire sprite (my ideas are weird) that works for the Sugar Clan as a chef. when you see her she looking for food to feed her clan. 4 of each food in the game. she won’t fight and in return she gives you a water sprite, 6 jungle flowers and an air sprite

  143. Unkn0wn

    oh yeah 9,12,9,23,2,11,59,52,10,16,34,8 is a guy and 9,129,23,7,11,50,59,10,16,10,8 is him without his mask on and more suitable for battle.

  144. Unkn0wn

    Save code: 9,12,9,23,2,11,59,52,10,16,34,8
    Name: Cotton De Bakery
    Backstory: Ex-boyfriend of Candy La Sweetz who got dumped because of being too girly. Also he is pretending to be a lost traveler. After talking to him he yells “for Kiga Yoga Sweetz” and you fight him. After defeating which will be very hard he gives you a dragon as he last gift to Candy La Sweetz and you fight him again.
    (Also i’m the same person who did the other comments by Unkn0wn. I got the email wrong)

  145. Francisco Moreno Reguera

    5,0,2,2,2,2,10,29,2,3,,21,2 he´s a tribal sorcerer called kolmat and he need some cristals (2 for each element) for make a spell (he could resquet with a spell for natalie )

  146. Agentr9154

    This is King Wilson Kinsilberry Houston
    He is a avid writing (arrow is meant to be a pencil
    He is a king
    He is practically addicted to coffee,drinks at least 20 cups a day…

  147. Unkn0wn

    Save code: 3,15,15,8,2,10,45,46,2,2,2
    Name: Candy La Sweetz
    Backstory: a young naive shinobi heir of the Sugar Clan, who wonders the world robbing money from shopkeepers, give a third of the money to protesters and the rest of her clan. She asks to gets one of everything and even a dragon for a pet but before she sells you 10 bananas and super rare stuff. after you bought some of her stuff and went on a quest for her, you get more bananas and end up fighting her. if you defeat her she will teach you a powerful move (that has to do with cards), an adventure map and more bananas.

  148. Unkn0wn

    Save code: 6,8,12,8,8,7,9,11,11,18,11,10
    Name: Phys1s1ll1s C0d3
    Backstory: a little girl who got terribly ill, and her father made her a robotic body so she can live. she explored the world to find sick children to give them a robot treatment. but when you find her she’s out of steel, copper, microcontroller, and wool. (8 of each)

  149. Francisco Moreno Reguera

    I think that it would a good idea use this npc: 12,10,16,22,2,2,38,49,2,19,35,2 it´s based to frisk of undertale they can said something like: One day I literally fell in a hole, then make many friends. I studied medicine with a goat and now I job like nurse in this town. Sometimes I listen in my head a voice saying me: show everyone the true significance of the love; so, I have bought this knife for cook a chocolate cake. (Say to me what you think about this comment, I´ll be happy if you use this npc , if you do it, use any name for they.

    P.D. Can be Fran? (it´s a name as used on boys as on girls and have two word in common with frisk) I´m spanish and I don´t write too english in my daily life)

  150. MacnchezDude

    Doing one again since I got bored.
    Name: Jamen
    Race: Human
    A – Talking once
    B – Talking more than once
    Dialog 1a: 😐
    “It’s a bit depressing that Epic Battle Fantasy 5 isn’t coming out sooner or later…”
    Matt Dialog 1:
    “Yeah, if only someone could speed up the progress… *wink* *nudge*”
    Dialog 1b: 😐
    “You could try, but the only piece of technology I know is Flybots and Gunslingers!”
    Dialog 2a (If you somewhat do something in the area): :ooo:
    “Holy smokes! Is that an actual computer?!”
    Dialog 2b: :stars:
    “Did you do this for me? I don’t care, take my stuff!”
    Dialog 3 (sticks to this after Dialog2b): :yay:
    “Finally, I can make an RPG game that isn’t half-assed old-timey shit.”

  151. RazorPlays

    Name: Cresto
    (Razor’s younger brother, located at a before the final boss) 🙁

    Dialogue (Lance) :stars: :stars: :stars:
    Cresto: Hey, Lance! I need help!
    Lance: What is it?
    Cresto: This giant foe is very strong, even our troops can’t defeat it! We tried to fight with what we all had, but we can’t!
    Lance: Must be a disaster. We need more reinforcements!
    Matt: What a mess! It even destroyed almost everything in this area!
    Cresto: Even my brother, Razor can’t. I guess we have no chance.
    Anna: We can handle this. Just stay safe.
    Cresto. Thanks, and good luck fighting that monster.

    *Matt pls add ok?* :shades:

  152. Oz

    Good ol’ Catboy Mari
    NPC quest: Improved Cleaver (maybe/maybe not)
    Mari: Ya know, a lil more momentum and your sword swings might do some REAL damage!
    Matt: More damage you say.
    Mari: Yep, ya just gotta swing yourself with that sword.
    Matt: TEACH ME NOW!

    Objective: Defeat Mari
    Condition: Only Matt fights the opponent
    Opponent (Mari)

    Hp: Decent
    Atk: High
    M.Atk: Mid
    Def: Low
    M.Def: Low
    Accuracy: Mid
    Evade: High

    (Fighting style)
    Close Combat
    Weapons: Good Ol’ Fists

    Swift strike
    Flurry of Punches/Kicks
    Wind rider (Evasion stat up)
    Fury (Attack stat up)
    Critical tap (High chance to crit or miss)
    Surprising launcher (Upper cut)
    Straight through (Good Ol’ gut punch)
    9999 Strikes (Limit Break)
    Kaioken (I’m as unoriginal as Matt guys!)

    Phase 1
    100-50% Hp
    Regular fight with a few skills (No buffs or Crits, casually use limit break)

    Phase 2
    Serious Fight with all skills (Use Limit Break as soon as possible)

    Final Phase
    All stats times 2
    same as Phase 2
    Battle ends when Mari drops kaioken out of exhaustion

    After fight dialogue
    Mari: (Heavy Breathing) You’re pretty tough, ok a deals a deals
    Matt: Awesome!
    (Obtain Improved Cleaver)
    Matts: Thanks, and good fight man.
    Mari: Same to you

    Here’s to hoping
    Another fan of your work, Oz. :smirk:

  153. RazorPlays

    Name: Crystal (Razor’s best friend, located near him :stars: )

    Quest :yay:
    Find 5 batteries, and when finished, she will give you back the batteries, and gives you a skill.
    When quest is finished, this is the dialogue:

    Crystal: We need help!
    Lance: What’s going on!?
    Crystal: The troops on the north are getting trouble, and that thing’s making a disaster!
    Natz: We better get hurry, guys!
    Lance: The heck is that! (he sees a final boss)
    Crystal: Yeah, it’s dangerous, but if you fight it, you better be ready.
    Matt: What a massive foe! (he also sees it)
    Crystal: Yup. So we better get hurry, before it makes a big mess!
    Natz: We’re on it.
    Lance: We’ll defeat it, guys.
    Anna: We can handle this.
    Matt: And we will make this world in peace.
    Crystal: Thanks, guys. Good luck when you’ll fight it.

    (Matt Roszak if you read this, please add it, and thanks if you did. I’ll appreciate it! :shades: :shades: )

  154. RazorPlays

    Name is Razor
    (Matt if you read this plz add this on ur new game EBF5! xD :coffee: )

    Gives you a task where you need to collect bullets (if Matt adds it…) or if not, it would be 2 pizzas, 1 orange juice and 5 bacons.
    When task is finished, he will give you a gun on his back. (I hope it was called The Destroyer >u<)
    When Lance died, he will give another task, that you should find several lanky roots, 3 holy water, 1 soft wood, and an ice cream. When finished, he will give you several healing items that fully heals SP, Limit Break, MP, and HP.

    The dialogue when you upgraded one of Lance's gun to maximum:

    Razor: Your gun is cool.
    Lance: Uhh, yes…
    Razor: I will give you my old gun… It was old, but very powerful. (Receives a gun on what I call Blank Breaker [looks like shotgun, but textured in red and blue, has laser, and when used in a Limit Break, you'll be healed, and the damage you give is 4x stronger than an attack :stars: ])

    P.S. I saw Napstablook and Red and a Piggy from Angry Birds :ooo:

    Matt if you read this and add it to your game I would appreciate it! :yay: :yay:

  155. Agentr9154

    Please never delete this,even once Ebf5 is done,its great to come up with your own story ideas,like ones to post on wattpad,and to convey a character,please NEVER delete this!

  156. P.J Tolleson

    check my NPC 14,2,3,3,3,2,6,11,6,4,7,4, he’s a anoyminus warrior-for-hire, I kinda hope this makes EBF 5, that would be awesome! :smirk: :yay: :hurray:

  157. Guimbot

    This guy is a gemmologist making his way inside caves and tunnel in search of gem and crystals.


  158. Unkn0wn

    character name: Crazious
    backstory: after being defeated by Insanity, cursed to be undead (a ghost) she wonders the land trying to defeat Insanity so she could be human again.
    save code: 11, 12, 21, 8, 11, 36, 56, 11, 20, 22, 3

  159. Unkn0wn

    character name: Insanity
    backstory: raised to criticise people by their looks and actions
    save code: 3, 11, 18, 50, 2, 2, 44, 46, 2, 4, 18, 7
    oh after going on quest for 8 bottled darkness, 18 bug wings, 16 seashells; you end up fighting her with 10 different types of monsters.

  160. Lavin.rac

    Sayuri: I’M SOOOO HUNGGGRRRYY!!Either,would you help me get a food?
    Quest from Sayuri=Bring her some food.
    After quest Sayuri completed= Sayuri: WOHOO!!~Thanks guys!Here some reward!*give a weapon for Matt and new skill*
    Sayuri: Nyom nyom nyom nyom~~~*eat a food*

    Rei: I want to confess my love to Sayuri…but,She was hungry…
    After quest Sayuri is complete= Rei: Thank you to bring Sayuri a food,here a reward for you~*give a clothes for Matt and Lance and some item*
    Rei: Well,Should i confess now?*nervous*

    Tara: Hey,could you bring me a item from a enemy?I want it but the enemy so powerful…
    Quest from Tara= Bring her a item from enemy/
    After quest from Tara completed= Wow~You so more powerful from the enemy,Well…Here’s the reward*give a weapon for Lance and a clothes for Natalie and Anna*
    Tara: Well,i wear this item for create a Gun weapon…

    Hope you like it!

  161. Lavin.rac

    Sayuri : 11,0,17,22,2,2,45,46,2,3,11,2
    Rei: 11,3,5,34,2,10,2,2,2,4,24,2
    Tara: 11,4,17,37,2,10,2,36,9,15,25,2
    Hope you like it :love:

    Rei: Basically,I want to confess my love with Sayuri but she hungry…
    Tara: I was waiting my friend!~

  162. Lavin.rac

    Sayuri : 11,0,17,22,2,2,45,46,2,3,11,2
    Rei: 11,3,5,34,2,10,2,2,2,4,24,2
    Tara: 11,4,17,37,2,10,2,36,9,15,25,2
    Hope you like it :love:

  163. max matoi

    please let me be an NPC or main character of the game please

    Name: Max Matoi

    weapons: katana and two pistols

    skills: ink tale

    Number of the appearance: 2,0,7,28,9,2,2,2,7,8,25,8

  164. fireskyleaf

    An person angry at them for intruding in her house…while she’s COOKING!!! Maybe give her a knife too? She can assign them a quest to get cooking ingredients in return for her forgiveness and part of the final product (rare food item?).

  165. zombiebob1421

    the devils good son 10,7,6,6,2,2,2,11,7,4,15,9
    the devil 10,16,2,50,2,8,32,11,2,4,22,2
    the devils wife 2,0,18,20,2,2,51,36,11,11,21,2
    the devils dauter 2,3,19,51,2,2,48,46,4,13,15,9
    the devils brother 2,0,5,6,2,8,13,15,7,11,10,5
    the devils father dead x_x :skull:

  166. zombiebob1421

    4,0,3,2,2,4,13,15,7,11,10,2 copy and paste this.

    a wise old man forgets what he was he finds he has the legend sword woundering what was happening.

    try to get the the memory scroll so he can remember.

    rewards-the legend sword, skill summon the legend sword

    1. zombiebob1421

      :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :ooo: :tongue: :stars: :love2: 🙁 :meh: :bleh: 😥 😥 :sick: :scared: :shades: 😡 :wut: ❓ ❗ ❗ ➡ :skull: :phone: :phone: :phone2: :coffee: :bacon: :coffee: :phone2: :phone: ❗ :wut: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk: :love: :love:

  167. This Guy

    A simple and stupid person. Doesn’t actually know what his gun does. :wut:

  168. Disciple of the Doom Penguin

    His name is General Mayor-san.
    He is a nam vet who just really doesn’t like rice.
    He also isn’t a mayor or a general, and just really wants human NPCs to be allowed to fight player characters.
    Does believe player characters get too much credit.

  169. Azura

    It’s a fake stash, he doesn’t actually know how to play the lute/guitar. Nor is he a bard.
    His names Elidor Ligero, used to be an orphan but got adopted by a noble family. Now he just stands around feeding random kids on the street and tries to cheer them up with his non-existent musical skills.

  170. DJ

    13,5,7,40,3,2,2,6,6,7,12,2. Daelic was a great ax warrior once, but now he is content to live his life, foraging for materials by killing tough monsters and creating new weapons. if you approach him from the other side of his counter, he will ask for you to kill some deadlier monsters than he can, and he will reward them with a special weapon(an ax/sword splice preferably, but you decide, it’s your game after all,) and 1 pizza.

    You like? I think a retired warrior is kinda played out, but hey, it happens! Some people simply no longer feel the rush of battle, but will gladly allow another to experience it, or at least ensure they survive long enough to do so. Here’s hoping he’s in the game!
    p.s. I know the game takes time to make, and don’t rush it cause that’ll ruin the quality, but I can’t wait for it to be released! take your time Matt, we will all love you when it turns out as beautiful as its predecessors.

  171. Marzuei

    Marisa: 12,5,12,24,2,2,17,39,2,4,18,2
    She could probably give a quest to the player to get some mushrooms for her potions or something that would give the player a mini-hakkero replica.
    Yuuka: 2,17,13,12,2,2,2,40,2,15,57,2
    She could give a quest that rewards the players with a Master Spark-esque attack which might be a limit break.
    Alice: 12,5,16,5,2,2,2,37,2,12,18,2
    Could probably give a quest which has one of the rewards a powerful doll summon.
    Reimu: 2,3,17,15,2,2,2,43,2,4,18,2
    Could ask for paper tailsmans because her gohei got destroyed, her rewards might give some skills to increase evade.

  172. Dark_Forces48

    here goes natsu1 ( doesn’t resemble him much though )

    natsu: ugh, i tried to defeat the boss here, but it was too strong…… i guess i should have stayed with erza
    natalie: speaking of her… she’s looking for now.. you should go back to her
    natsu: oh? is that so? thanks

  173. Dark_Forces48

    tried erza scarlet here :hurray: :hurray:
    well anyway this is the code: 2,16,19,11,2,2,2,44,2,8,7,2
    down below is the story ( actually a dialouge )

    erza: have you seen natsu and gray?
    anna: ? who are those people?
    erza: oh nevermind……. this is my fault! i should have keep an eye on them! now they are probably trying to defeat the boss here! ( got depressed and bangs her head on a wall)
    matt: easy there, lady! we’ll help you find whoever you’re finding. just relax okay?
    erza: thank you!

    wait for the next one… there should be natsu and gray… ( if i can do it :yay: :yay: :yay: )

  174. Ian

    Name: Cyrus

    Story: Heard about a recent threat looming over the land and that a group of Main Characters were on a mission to stop it. He decided to grab his gear and go running to offer whatever help he could…. Only to get horribly lost and have no idea what he’s supposed to do now.

  175. Monkloco

    His name is Jake and he is a guard of a town
    Will give you a quest to obtain weapons from enemies.
    He is a Lazy guard who is bad at his job.

    Jake: “Hey you guys look like adventurers.”
    Lance: “Yea that’s because we are.”
    Jake: “Alright then can you do me a favor and go kill (insert monster here) and bring back (insert item).”
    Matt or Lance: “What’s in it for us?”
    Jake: “Um, Here I’ll give you this/a weapon in exchange.”
    Matt or Lance: “Alright.”

  176. Enkou

    2,16,16,39,2,10,46,46,7,3,11,2 – My Code

    Name: Enkou
    Her whole village was destroyed by Akron..She trained and Mastered the ninja arts wit the help of Master Minato (Wooow the name is so original..) and learns basic Knowledge in magic by learning through books…wields dual katanas and keeps some shurikens and kunais in her belt pouches..Sometimes pranks people when she felt like it but mostly travels…Sometimes doing jobs on towns where she’s staying at for a few days and helping people especially children..

  177. mich

    I just wanted to tell you that i decided to be an animation directress and that you inspired me to do it. thank you so much! That Npc it´s just me and my dog chilling in our house :smirk: :smirk:

  178. Dark_Forces48

    dont mind me, this is the only thing i can do to stop my boredom: but still chose one of my works tho

    alexis: happy halloween….
    matt: yo, man, halloween’s over
    alexis: oh is that so, sorry then. actually i didn’t even know what im doing here, i only got sent here by some fan without knowing anything
    matt: sounds sad
    alexis: not really, but yeah

    someone just put it in my brain for no reason really….. i guess i got the idea from the previous games, where one npc will tell you that he IS a npc

  179. Dark_Forces48

    Name: stalker girl ( goes anywhere where the main characters are )
    stalker girl: hi! you’re the main characters right?!
    natalie: um…. well.. yeah, we are. why?
    stalker girl: i idolized you! i heard a lot about you!
    matt: wow, i didn’t know that people know about us
    lance: i think we should go now, she seems suspicious

    next area:

    stalker girl: hi again!
    matt: woah! she’s here too?
    stalker girl: of course! i’ll be anywhere wherever you are 🙂
    anna: well, she didn’t got her name for nothing… i guess lance is right after all
    stalker girl: wow thank you! i never had been praised like that
    natalie: she didn’t mean it as a compliment….

    guess i made a bit too long dialouge, but anyway pls use her, because she really idolized them

  180. Dark_Forces48

    trying another one… well this one atleast got a story.
    Brooke: 4,7,7,22,2,4,3,5,2,9,12,2
    Brooke is a captain whom his ship got destroyed and washed up in the volcano…. he is the only, or maybe there’s a few more, survivor. when you talk to him he will say:
    ar, i and ma crew was lookin’ fer treasure, but a storm blew us away into this volcano.

    or maybe he could be matt,s father! maybe some of the main characters’ parents should show up :stars: :stars: :stars:

  181. alex

    2,5,19,24,2,2,3,2,2,4,6,2 for timeline matt. Timeline matt: Sometimes i ask myself: If I begin the game,I complete it half then I restart it and begin again…will i meet myself?
    What do you think? (need to put matt first in battle rounds)

  182. alex

    11,11,16,50,2,2,2,59,2,9,35,2 chara:Do you have chocolate?! 👿 I will give you this knife… (if you havent chose anyone for the knife or put it in any chest )

  183. alex

    4,11,16,33,2,2,2,3,2,4,2,2 for frisk.Undertale. Frisk: hey! S*ns is taking us at grillby. (snowdin town lol in background)
    Frisk:Hey napstablook (the snow ghost over there) Do you want to go to grillby?
    Napstablook:……(made of snow=cant talk)…….(do not seem so much of conversation)……

  184. alex

    11,3,10,18,2,2,59,17,2,2,2,2 for sasuke remember?… naruto:…Have you seen sasuke? I really want to find him! If you see him tell me!
    Sasuke:If naruto asks tell him Im not here! I dont want any second with that dumb after me! (of course they are in different places)
    (after some time)naruto: Did you found sasuke? Domo arigatou! I will go after him now. Take these items:(choose what items you want)

  185. alex

    2,5,8,19,2,2,2,22,2,6,2,2 for naruto (search another comment for sasuke it will have common…you know naruto searching for sasuke and things)

  186. Dark_Forces48

    this is cara, she needs some things to make some food, which she will share if completed. no idea what though, sorry


  187. mr.bugado

    5,3,6,11,2,2,11,16,2,9,25,8/name samuel
    samuel is a sniper who came from the desert city he tried to fight the area boss and lost now he is angry he will give you a mission: give 20 metals and 15 plastics as a reward he will give you his hat after he will say “thank you now I can finally defeat the boss “

  188. mr.bugado

    samuel is a sniper who came from the desert city he tried to fight the area boss and lost now he is angry he will give you a mission: give 20 metals and 15 plastics as a reward he will give you his hat after he will say “thank you now I can finally defeat the boss “

  189. Broken Halo

    Caldarisao. an outcast who has survived the in worst conditions she is an experienced warrioir will give her scythe bow and gun along with a sword to the travvelers if they bring back proof of killing lots of monsters who raided her village (doesnt have to be but this is my npc lol)
    will also help the travellers as an ultimate or summon allowing her to heal the entire team and revive those who are dead to 50% health and kill the second strongest enemy if there is a boss and debuff all enemys but only last for 2 turns
    i dont know but this is what came to my head im joking with the ultimate maybe a damages but heals and revives dead alliesalong with some kind of damage or debuff to the enemy but can only be used once per battle

  190. Maurice

    14,27,2,53,10,12,62,62,12,20,57,10 is a hidden character, they also are a glitch try to hid this one behind some thing!

    ps it says” WTF U FOUND MEH!”

    :shades: :shades:

  191. Maurice


    his name is Jack and he is in love with the girl next to him, but wont say anything bout it, and he says
    “don’t tell that girl over there that I like her” and “I beg u”

    :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

  192. Carl

    I wanted to make some sort f evil/demonic character and I generally went for dark colors.

  193. Mwarshy

    This is Sallie
    She may look harmless but don’t let her appearance deceive you, she can be very dangerious of she wants to.
    She uses a giant cannon to attack. The slime on her head is called Iris and It can attack too. (Her cannon is ice-cream themed)
    When the player interacts with her, she will say: “Hi, Do you like sweets?”
    If you say yes, she will say: “YAYY I LOVE SWEETS! I like you, you can call whenever you need me” and she’ll give a summon (The summon is her)
    If you say no, she will say: “REALLY?!?!?” And then she attacks you. If you defeat her, she will say: “I should really anger management. Here, sorry about that…..” then she heals you to full health and gives you her summon (It’s her again)
    When you use the summon, she will jump in and say: “Wow you guys are in big trouble, let me help~” Iris will attack all enemies, then she will take out here cannon and rapidly fires.

    Hope this gets in the game :smirk:

  194. ThunderBreaker36


    Somewhat related to Lance in the past. Once a friend of him but abandoned him after Lance try to take over the Earth. She may be the Valkyrie that Lance always mentioned about.

  195. Pop

    She’s Poppy. She´s just a very very normal girl that can talk with objects and do some dark magic and voodoo tricks. She’s very quiet and mysterious. She´s standing there waiting something to happen… :scared:

  196. Victor

    She´s Mik* the hologram singer, she liked so much this game that she entered using the power of the internet and tried to fight an evil demon dog with her guitar, but instead of that, she ended up adopting it. Her dream is to meet the heroes and help them with something. Also, she’s hiding from her fans. Rumor has it she used to have a crush on Lance (the technology links people).

  197. Joseph Howard

    Character Models (Pseudo-OCs as NPCs for EBF5 in NPC Editor on Kupo Games)
    1st Main Alpha Code: Pseudo- G’Rire = 9,7,6,12,3,10,41,6,12,6,12,6,11,5.
    Wields a longsword, shield, mace, grenades, and potentially gun. Normal appearance 12/14yo, reddish hair, green eyes, about 62in tall. “John Hills”. Forest Dragon in disguise, normally 90in long, glows red. Utilizes Fire, Bomb, Elec, Acid. Desires bomb components*, may teach multiple skills*. Birthday March 23rd. Knows Dwarvish, one-handed and varied ranged skill. Resonance with Lance. Wants grenades, plastic, rocks, fire crystals. Teaches Drain, M.O.A.B, Fire Spire, Fire Swirl. Offers Flame Sword/Gun, and Drain Blade/Gun. Skillset would include Fire Storm (all), Earth Boost (Def and HP up?), Grenades (all), Moderate Heal (Fire-elemental?), Flame slash, slash. Located in volcanic area, midgame. Will mention brother (G’Wing) and reward with some shurikens and ore if you helped with Guardian Wing’s pet quest in early forest. If you go back and talk to G’Wing in the forest later, Guardian Fire will move again towards the volcanic boss? Recruitment options? Has a younger sister who doesn’t appear in the game, and an older brother that was falsely accused and executed for a crime he didn’t commit. Capable of crafting things out of metal, and has some enchantment abilities and spells, but prefers to fight using physical weapons. Main weapon is a Flame Sword that he enchanted with his own fire, and only uses a Lit Mace+ Soul/Magic/Dragon’s Sword as secondary. Strict elemental specialization.
    3rd Main Alpha Code: Pseudo- G’Wing = 9,17,10,20,5,11,40,2,5,9,35.
    Wields a dagger, bow, staff, shield, and miscellaneous weapons, including eventual ball-and-chain, and an unusual form of Martial Arts. Normally 6/8yo, brown hair, green eyes, 42in tall. “Jake Hills”. Forest Dragon in disguise, 54in long in natural form, glows greenish white/blue. Utilizes Poison, Fire, Ice, Wind. Desires forest pets*, may teach various skills*. Birthday August 19th. Knows Elvish, magical and misc weapon skills. Anna Resonance. Wants multiple slimes and bushes, or other forest creatures, 1st area specifically. Teaches Poison Gas, Reserve Blast, Rasp, Blessed Arrow. Knows: Enchantment, Poison Breath, Ice shards, Fire storm, Mod Heal, Wind Boost. Asks how to feed pets, and if there are “normal animals” anywhere, like squirrels or deer. Moves toward middle of Forest after quest, appears near boss area after talking to his brother, G’Rire. Mentions G’Rire after accepting quest. May offer to guide the party, but such guidance would avoid monsters. Has a 2nd older sister that was killed cruelly when very young, and a younger brother who isn’t included as a game character. Almost had his namesake stolen from him by a witch, lost his parents and had his family scattered due to orders from a corrupt king. Capable of crafting things out of wood, has mod enchantment abilities and spells, prefers to use magic enhanced by his Elemental Bow or Soul/Magic/Dragon’s Sword. Also uses an Ice Dagger, which may do him great harm if careless or depressed, as the element conflicts with his nature. The Ice Dagger was a gift from a Frost Dragon, but is difficult to wield. This weapon helped him develop some Frost magic, as the Lit Mace from the same individual helped his brother develop Lightning abilities. His Fire Staff is weaker and safer to use, as it was made by his brother G’Rire. Mentions G’Ron the Griffin Mage after completing his quest, who is much older than he should be relative to my other characters.
    Although G’Wing is only 6 (and seems only 8), his experiences and draconic nature make him seem a teenager.
    G’Wing was raised by Wood Elves until they exiled him for having fire magic and requiring a fair amount of food (the elves were vegetarians living within a flammable forest). Then, he was attacked by a witch, who wanted his wings for a Flying Potion. Thankfully, his brother emerged to defend him, and took care of him while his wings healed. The 2 have gone on various adventures (unpublished) and made many friends, both monstrous and humanoid. G’Wing is the “true protagonist” and “hub” of “Their Story”, whatever that means.

    5th Main Alpha Code: Pseudo- G’Way = 8,22,17,24,7,12,37,27,11,14,32,10.
    Wields/plays a harp, violin, elemental energy/crystals, double-tipped splitting spear/blades, handaxes, shortswords. Learning piano and guitar, has significant charm/illusion magic. Normally 16/unborn years old, undefined general humanoid appearance (this rendition is where they aren’t hiding much as part of a crossover, so they have unrealistic hair/skin color). Light blue eyes, probably 68 in tall, skinny, attractive. Arctic Dragon Bard in disguise, “Wanda Polarin”. Affinity for Sea creatures, Resonance with Matt. Matt’s spirit kind of reminds her of Patrick and William, her boyfriend and brother respectively. Sadly unavailable, sorry Matt. Desires ingredients for writing music: Ink, Wood, Cheap Cola, Dragon Fruit. Teaches Icicles (may inflict Instant Death), Aqua Zone (wets and minorly harms all on screen), Absolute Zero, Great Flood. Concerned about resourcefulness of heroes, and that ink and wood likely came from actual creatures. Mentions her friend Donna Woodland, who isn’t present (neither are Patrick or William). Mentions G’Rire after quest accepted, mentions Lim after quest completed. Knows Ultra Icicles, Tsunami, Enchantment, Rasp, Ice Breath, Elec Blast. In Water/Ice area, 4/5 through game. Moves to new area after quest completed, in Ice after talking to Lim. As her birth parents were unknown, she was raised by G’Will (William) and his family. A random adventurer stole her egg and sold her to a alchemist named Morgan. Well before G’Way hatched, a young Forest Dragon named G’Wing, along with his friend Donna, were on their way to rescue their siblings. While there, Donna rescued G’Way from Morgan, who wished to study water breathing. Not knowing who to return G’Way to, they retrieved their siblings and put G’Way in the care of a Oasis Dragon that G’Wing was friends with, named G’Will. Later, G’Way hatched, and was cared for by those friends, primarily G’Will. Since G’Way was “stolen” from Morgan, Morgan’s friend Nathan went to retrieve her. To prevent this, G’Will agreed to help Morgan research Water Breathing, as he was also interested in it, and was concerned for G’Way, or some other water creature that might otherwise be harmed by her research. G’Way became a Bard to bring joy to others, repay G’Will for his kindness, help those in need, and discover news of her birth family. GWay is now officially the “future protagonist” and “driver” of my characters. My characters will shortly appear as DeviantArt, under ZorroWyrn375, please give credit if used. G’Way is not a “support” character, but a powerful Dragon Bard.
    7th Main Alpha Code: Pseudo- G’Ron = 3,6,5,30,5,8,16,18,8,5,20,3.
    Greater Griffin Mage in disguise, “Ronald Cliffs”. Desires to make spellbooks: Ink, Wood, Spike, Silk. Resonance with Natalie/NoLegs=Class/Race. Teaches: Sonic Wave, Spectrum, Holy Fire, Laser Sword. Knows: Mod Heal, Spark/Breath of Life, Lit Dance/Lit Bolt, Refresh, Reflex Breeze, Star Power, Temper. Desert/Mountain area/ 2/5 through game. Mentions Brim when quest accepted, mentions G’Way when quest completed. Moves to puzzle area later. Wields a staff, wand, rod, and shield. Normally 4yo (2 years younger than G’Wing), but is much older here, perhaps from Future timeline with G’Way. Younger brother to Griff and best friend of G’Wing, G’Ron developed unusual abilities for a Griffin at a very young age. Lesser Griffins can’t speak Human (Common) or use magic (low intelligence), while Greater Griffins can. In addition, Greater Griffins are stronger and less instinctive than their lesser counterparts. Oasis Dragons are part Forest Dragon and part (Fresh)Water Dragon. Polar/Tundra (Arctic) Dragons are part Water Dragon and part Frost/Ice Dragon. My scale and species are separate from EBF5, so this may be a crossover or cameo involving my distinct characters. From an early age, G’Ron was determined to be a Griffin Mage, rather than the mere magical steed of a great wizard. Now, he seems to have accomplished his goal. One rainy night, a younger and hungry Greater Griffin entered the cave of a Forest Dragon. This Forest Dragon noticed the Greater Griffin, and had a decision to make. Originally a creative idea to implement a moral decision system into a future unpublished game, the decision by this Forest Dragon to risk his life to ensure the warmth and safety of this Greater Griffin evolved into G’Wing encountering and befriending G’Ron. Later, after protecting G’Ron and his family from adventurers/bandits, they became close. They helped each other remain kind, train in magical abilities, and develop as characters. On another occasion, G’Wing and G’Rire found a nearly-frozen Water/Oasis Dragon on a mountain, and decided to help him. This Dragon was named G’Will, and they became friends long before G’Wing and G’Ron met. At another point in an ambiguous timeline, G’Wing and G’Rire encountered and befriended a Greater Basilisk named Brim/Lim. They helped him develop magic, particularly allowing him to reverse the effect of his petrifying gaze attack. You may yet find him, deep within the dark, waiting for adventurers to talk to, seemingly ageless. Lol, he is actually only about 16 years old.

    Lim/Brim the Basilisk* Helped (5th, M): 3,0,3,36,3,12,48,21,3,16,48,9.
    Greater Basilisk in disguise, “Lim/Brim”. Endgame, darkest area before the final boss. Found several rooms before the final boss, will move closer after quest is completed. His quest is such that he desires Antimatter, Cotton, Gemstones, and Spikes. Resonance with Natalie and NoLegs. Teaches Rupture, Black Hole, Stoneskin, and Diamondskin. Stoneskin protects against Physical attacks on 1 target for 4 rounds, and Buffs Def of all other allies by 40%, functions differently from DnD spell. Diamondskin protects against Magical attacks on 1 target for 4 rounds, and Buffs Magic Defense of all other allies by 40%, functions differently from DnD version, which isn’t present in normal DnD Handbooks, but was added as an improved version of Stoneskin at 7th level Mage. Magic Defense could be considered “Spirit”, and a DeBuff could be considered a “Nerf”. This character seems nice, but you get an odd feeling around him. In addition, his normal stare is unsettling. Mentions other 4 friends, mentions Andrea only if all 5 quests have been completed. Moves towards boss area after his quest has been completed. Mentions whatever secret boss or special content is included. There could be a statue in the room with him. If interacted with, he may say the following: “That guy tried to steal from me. Don’t look at me like that, I’ll fix him first thing tomorrow.” Lim probably shouldn’t have a humanoid form, but his Dragon and Griffin friends helped him with the polymorph spell. Reserve Energy would be a powerful attack that increases the cooldown of weapon-elemental skills by 1 round for all 3 active allies, while Rasp absorbs an opponent’s magic points/summon points and reduces move cooldown by one. Specifics unclear.
    Andrea the Hydra^ Living Timeline (6th, F, alt?): 3,17,9,34,2,11,45,30,3,11,57,6.
    Sorry, not much to say about her arsenal, as she shouldn’t have human form and isn’t expected to be featured as an NPC in EBF5. Very kind, potentially a Blue Mage. Although Hydras are rarely friendly, she manages to beat the odds. Normally, hydras specifically eat other dragons, especially young ones. They also eat humanoids whenever possible. However, Andrea was basically a “vegetarian” from birth, surprising even her mother. Being only 8 years old, she only has 1 head (thank goodness for her character model that this is so), and she was borne from her mother’s neck, rather than an additional head forming there. She and her mother live in the forest, and presumably have a cave somewhere. She befriended her natural prey on multiple occasions, but her mother didn’t understand. Her mother Anskin has 3 heads: the sensible leader, the bloodthirsty fighter, and the passive charmer. It particularly bothered Andrea that her mother’s lullaby for her was also used to lure other dragon children to their deaths, including some new friends. After her mother’s aggressive head ate her latest new friend, Andrea disappeared and was presumed to have been killed as revenge. Heartbroken, Anskin permanently gave up eating any sentient creatures. Later, G’Wing ran into Anskin. Despite considerable and warranted concern, G’Rire decided she could watch G’Wing. She told her story to him, and he felt so sad that he managed to find her daughter. Either through undisclosed plot manipulation or an alternate timeline, Andrea is now alive and well. Her friend left safely, and her mother still became a vegetarian monster. Now, Andrea is protected by Lim/Brim, a Greater Basilisk. Lim’s older sister, Krys, is a full adult, so she lives elsewhere. Lim still has his own dwelling near the mountains, though. Lim is always there to protect her when she isn’t home, though. In this game, she would be slightly offscreen from Lim/Brim, in an area that the players won’t be able to reach. Andrea and G’Ron may use bows and stunners.
    Lim’s real name is Brimstone, or Brim, but Limestone (pronounced Limb) has a more positive connotation. She would ask for tamed creatures, especially ones that resemble actual animals (10 for each pet quest), midgame.
    Question: Where I can find the game theme “Estavius”, or the general soundtrack? Where can I find info on alternate characters, such as Phyrnna? Thanks for responding to that email I sent about the EBF5 Battle Demo error screenshot. I really enjoy your series and all you have done. Very excited for EBF5, but I might try out EBF4 New Game+/bonus steam first.

  198. A wandering cupcake

    I thought it would be funny if there was this one girl just called, ‘The Shipper’ because she ships pretty much everyone with each other.
    She could come up with dumb responses if they ask why, like:
    The Shipper: Anna and Lance would be an amazing couple! Their two opposite personalities clash, and opposites attract! Lance, a man of technology and chaos! Even evil at times, but secretly has a soft spot for his friends!
    Anna, a girl of justice and high morale! She’s super cute and would go perfect with Lance’s cold look and demeanor! She’s a nature girl, opposite of technology!
    These reasoning’s are sound proof that the Anna x Lance ship must sail!
    Now onto Matt x Natalie!
    *By now I’m guessing the party just backs away slowly while the shipper foams at the mouth*
    I just thought this would be a funny thing to add in…Good work on the game so far! :yay:

  199. LazyFaze

    A group of explorers







  200. Max


    Why does she hide her face? Maybe it’s a Frances Clayton kind of situation

  201. Gosta


    He is a old warrior lost in the enemy´s land.
    He has lived there for several years and don´t really like other people.
    Maybay you can get the candle from him.

    He can be called Gregor.

  202. M.

    Nataniel the novice 12,8,4,3,2,10,2,31,2,8,21,2
    A talented newbie magician seeking for his older sister who is long missing after going on a adventure.
    Would be cool to see a side-quest of this.

  203. Vifast


    A poor boy that loves hunting.
    He have a big family that all are good hunters.
    His biggest dream is to hunt down and kill “the legendary gold horned buck” that the stories say live in the forest.

    Mabay you can have a side quest to give him golden horn that you get from “the gold horned buck”.
    You mabay can get a bow or some meat from him when completed it.

    His name can be like “Mandevilly” or something.

    //Love your games

  204. Agentr9154

    here is my character 2,7,14,9,9,2,11,43,3,4,14,3

    she is a archer, she wears her hair in the wrap on her head as to keep it out of the way

    she dyed her hair red

    her father is dead, mother a alcoholic who tries working and is on the run for stealing from banks,

    her name is cerveny vojak (Red soldier in Czech)

    in the reply is her mother

    1. Agentr9154


      she is a alcoholic,

      her most frequent speech is

      “go get me a beer!”

      she carries weapons to shoot anyone who ask her about bank robberies,

      before her love of her life husband died, she was a good person, she liked archery, just like her husband, back then her speech was more varied but consisted of mostly

      “I love you both my angels”,

      back then she rarely drank, apart from a party here and there, but who does not unwind a bit?.

      when her husband died hunting, (or so believed, his body was never found) she lost it, she went far far away to a town without her child, where she robbed a bunch of banks, got away, and used what she found to buy alcohol, her daughter took the bigger chunk, out of about 120,000,000,000,000 coins (she hid and made multiple trips, also sending her daughter to go get some on trips) she only got about 100,000, her daughter hid the rest underground, in boxes, where ever she knew her mother would not find it, she hid it, marking the spots on a map made with ink only able to be seen by UV light, without the UV light, it looked like a shopping list, her mother also smokes, her daughter intends to build a house far away, and to start digging pits and putting the boxes of money in them, that way she can live on her own

      even if the husband is alive, he would hate the state the mother is in

  205. poopy

    OMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFG!!!!!! Type 666 in and it is really scary :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: 👿 👿 👿 👿

  206. Astral

    Anna`s Stalker, a girl that likes Anna and wants to be like her, she follows the group around

  207. Nick

    Here my code: 3,1,4,6,3,3,29,2,11,2,2,2
    I made this characters base of my childhood show, owner name is Dave and dog is Soccer who spend his who life traveling to villages. In his past he was save by the Heroes but fails to thanks them. His aim to seek the Heroes who save his village.

  208. NecroXSombra

    a dark swordsman, that if iterations with the many times after resonder many times with points suspensibos asks for a mission and gives you his best katana for Matt :3 :stars:

  209. GradeSam


    lives in the pile of trash, going out everyday searching for food or anything that he could eat, live is hard, train himself with a katana and two guns for surviving, only sometimes get out, if he’s not lazy :bleh:

  210. Snow Queen

    10, 16, 21, 17, 2, 2, 41, 38, 4, 15, 14, 2

    A mage who’s boyfriend was an actual demon, but she never knew. Now she knows, and she’s hunting him down. I actually got the inspiration from listening to “Run, Devil, Run” on a 1-hour loop, so I just quickly threw this together. If you kill her target though, you’ll have and kill her. She won’t let you pass otherwise. Also, if you clear the area where her target is without killing him, he’ll be gone 👿 . She’ll tell you who he is though, so you won’t accidentally kill him unless you forget. Also, if you talk to her after the target has disappeared, she’ll be looking for love with Lance, and her expression will have changed to a flirty face.

  211. Snow Queen


    This is an ice fairy that has a crush and wants to bring him a present, but she’s scared to do so. If you talk to her, she’ll give you a quest to investigate Napstablook (for which she’ll give you an ice spell because there’s hidden items). Then, her crush (whoever you decide that to be) will need to have a quest for ice cream, so you have to go and talk to her again, and she’ll give you the ice cream. You give it to her crush, and tell him who it’s from as well. Then, talk to her again to tell her, and you’ll get an ice bow and an ice dress as thanks. Talk to her again, and she’ll give you an option to tell him she has a crush on him (accidentally, of course!). Tell her crush, and then talk to her. She’ll give you ice badge.

  212. uwu

    Give her some food and she will give u a skill :tongue:

  213. uwu

    Oh look, another one….
    Its Ketchup Man.
    If you don’t like ketchup, you better not mess with him. He has anger issues. :smirk:

  214. Connor


    A dark mage that loves the cold, video games, and knowledge and Hates stupid people, people, and flying bugs

    He is willing to trade you Dark magic items for electronics

  215. Phillip Parker

    Name: Albern
    NPC Code:2,3,10,10,2,2,36,3,7,10,2,2
    Story: He’s a guy that is from a bloodline of ancient warriors and is in town and wants some fries in exchange for a working replica of a sword from his ancestoreand after you complete his quest he gives Matt the Bezerker sword. Well this is my idea for a Npc Mr.Roszak I really hope you use my Npc. :stars:
    “Hey guys I am descended from a clan of ancient warriors I would give you a working replica of my clans sword but I’m feeling very hungry how about some fries!”

  216. Eurobanan

    a true friend Tolgi :yay:

    fake friend Tolgi :skull:

    Name: Michael Translator
    Student :phone2:

  217. Xander bakay

    Name: Bill
    He will ask you too bring him two swords that are max forge level and for Matt to be level 20. If this is done he will give you the ability to duel wield. This will make all abilities Matt uses strike double what they did but, this will give him 50% down on evade and defense as long as he has this skill and this also requires 5000 skill points to learn once you finish the quest. if you have the skill you don’t have to have duel wield equipped 100% of the time. :shades:

  218. Xander bakay

    Name: King of Ghosts
    He will ask you for a challenging opponent as a quest. If you accept he will tell you to go get prepared. When you come back he will ask if you are ready. If you say no he will tell you to go get ready but, if you say yes you enter a battle which his true form is revealed. If you die you go back to last save. If you win He will give you a new summon the ghost king.
    SP: 95
    Power 95
    Element: Dark 100% Statuses: Doom, curse, syphon, and dispel. Has 25% chance of doing each. :shades:

  219. Xander bakay

    Name: Xander
    This person would teach the team the sacred art of using the bow and sword. HE has mastered it but, you would have to master his test by slaying two random bosses he tells you to kill but, one boss would have to be slain by a normal sword attack and the other would have to be slain by a normal bow attack. To use this skill both Anna and Matt will have to be on the field. This wouldn’t take up two turns but, it would use up mp from both players even with a normal attack. Maybe it can be done with no legs and Anna if no legs uses a sword. :stars:

  220. Eurobanan

    Name: Tolga War

    Name: Bob War
    Father Tolga

    Name: Carolina War (scientist)
    Wife Tolga

    Mom’s tolgi died 2 years with an unknown illness 😥 😥 😥

  221. Ben Feldman


    Kirk Barkis
    Cute but incompetent dog trainer, and the reason you keep fighting dogs who can use magic, drink alcohol, and carry large amounts of loot.

  222. zja'dez

    3, 25, 14, 3, 2, 2, 2, 37, 2, 3, 21, 2
    Name: Sapphire
    only knows one water spell that she “teaches” to the party
    hope it gets in :yay:

  223. AckYi

    You should make duel npc sistem. you talk to npc, they ask you for fihgt, you accpet and you figth theyr crew. here is i guy whos ready to r3kt MAtt. Wish you see this 😀 :yay:

  224. A travelling cookie

    So this is what I came up with…
    Scott is a traveling novice bard who follows hero figures to get inspiration for songs and tales. He’s adorkable, (a dork and adorable if you didn’t know) and just want’s to get big in life…
    eh, that’s it…

    1. A travelling cookie

      I decided to expand slightly on the story thing because I kinda want Scott or someone like him in the story.
      He’s a young man traversing through various areas to seek fame and get inspiration from hero figures. While he is adorkable, no one really seems to like him. A reason being his annoying questions or stalker-ish methods to get what he needs, though he doesn’t mean any harm.
      So if you put him or someone like him in the game, then kinda make him appear in places and say stuff…or something.
      Anyways, good luck with the game!

  225. Favian


    Name; Zexxen (or if ye want to, if u include my character, Favster as a name)
    Story; Born against the world, he had to grow up and grow strong alone, fought all his life, both physically and emotionally. He’s willing to fight to protect all that is innocent, even when hated for it. He battles anything, not cause of wanting to, cause of the feeling of having to fight. Almost any type of weapon is used, but swords are the best, while staffs are not good, cause of being physical-focused. Cursed to be alone…but strives to prove he is good and not evil, despite the color that he bears (black n crimson), but deep down…all he needs is love for him to be able to show his shine.
    (i feel my character works best with the 5th backround. The one with the cannon balls, bombs and a sword on the right side)