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Sketches: Items

Hay guys, I’m still sick but I’m slowly getting better!
My hands are just barely stable enough to draw things, so here’s a bunch of items that could show up in EBF5!

They are, in order: Water Cube, Ice Blob, Magma Ball, Nice Feather, Iron Plate, ??? Shards, Crab Shell, Ganja Leaf, Barbed Vine, A Brick, ???, Coral Reef, Big Horn, Solid Wood, Game Child, Yarn Ball, Mystic Rune, Dark Matter, Leather, Copper Pipe, Fallen Star, Talismans, 480MHz CPU, ??? Ore, ???, Fluffy Fur, Weird Apple, Vitamins, Mechanical Joint, Crystal Skull, Sharp Bone, Plastic Pellets, Long Claw, Slimy Tentacle and …a Kitten Eyeball.