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EBF3 Testers Needed

Who has time over the next few days to test EBF3 on Steam?
I’m ready to give out some early keys.

Leave a comment and I’ll email you a key. (I’ve got a limited number though)

The game should be 100% ready for release, unless you guys find something that doesn’t work.

Make sure the achievements and Steam overlay work, play a while, check the links, comment on any of the new features you notice, etc.

EBF3 Greenlit!

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has been Greenlit on Steam!
This means I just have to add the Steam achievements, quickly fill in the store page,  test it a little more and it should be good to go.

Thanks for voting and sharing!

I didn’t realize this earlier, but September 1st will be EBF3’s 6th birthday!
So that’s when I’m going to publish the game on Steam – 9 days from now.

Here’s my Greenlight stats for anyone who might be interested. I didn’t do any promotion except for some blog posts on the first day.

EBF3 New Features!

At first I wasn’t going to tamper with the gameplay of EBF3, but I made the changes that were most requested:

• There’s a wave counter now!
• Scanned foes’ information can now be viewed at any time during your turn.
• Minigame achievements are noticeably easier.

You can also see the new options menu, which is available most of the time.
Oh, and it looks like I’ll be able to get Steam achievements working!
Still not sure about cloud saving though – but your saves shouldn’t be deleted anymore since the game is not in a browser now.

I should be able to start recording a new trailer for it soon, and then it’s time for Steam Greenlight.