Brawl Royale is live on Android!

Hey guys, Brawl Royale is live on the Google Play Store!
Please buy it for $1 if you want me to port the rest of my old games – and please leave a nice review to get some marketing momentum going!

I do also plan on doing iOS versions, I just don’t have any Apple devices or experience with iOS yet, so that’ll have to wait a bit.

This is the updated version of Brawl Royale from the EBF Collection – so it has 4 difficulty settings, a new soundtrack by Phyrnna, reaction timers, and the copyrighted characters have been replaced.

2 thoughts on “Brawl Royale is live on Android!

  1. Anonymous

    Man, I still love that ‘pre-mage’ Nathalie from that game~

    Don’t blink, or you’ll be cut to pieces.


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