EBF5: Mobile Gallery

Hey guys, here’s some new art thumbnails for the Grand Gallery in EBF5.
Version 2 art didn’t need low-res assets until now.

Android’s app size limit is 150MB, so I’ve had to reduce the resolution on some bitmaps, and compress the music a bit, much like in the web version. I decided that that was preferable to cutting out a few tracks and images. It shouldn’t be too noticeable though, if at all. I’ve heard that iOS has a limit of 200MB, so I guess that version can have slightly less compression. The PC version is around 300MB, for comparison. If Android ever increases the limit, I’ll likely update the game to use less compression.

It’s possible to download more content for an app after installing it, but I’m not going with that approach because:
A) The game isn’t designed to load in extra assets like that.
B) It sucks for the user, since this is an offline game.
C) I was barely over the size limit anyway.
D) Almost no one will bother uninstalling the game if it’s only 150MB.

3 thoughts on “EBF5: Mobile Gallery

  1. Panos chronopoulos

    Hi matt can i ask you a question after EBF5 will we have EBF1,EBF2,EBF3 and EBF4 on Android too?

      1. Panos chronopoulos

        Ok thanks i played these games years ago when i had a laptop before it crushed and now im waiting for these games to come on Android btw after EBF5 which EBF game you have plans for Android?


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