BH2: Works on Mobile

Hey guys, I wanted to see if a mobile port of Bullet Heaven 2 was feasible, so I spent some time today fiddling with the game.In just 3 hours I got the game to a playable state on my Galaxy Note 8. It works great with a stylus, and even detects my Xbox controller. The framerate is pretty high with the graphics settings turned down, even on Heavenly difficulty.

That’s the fun stuff done, the other 99% would be just polishing off the rough edges. The controls would need to be simplified for touch controls, the memory management would need to be improved to stop the occasional garbage-collector stutters, and I would have to consider adding a vertical aspect ratio as that may make more sense on mobile. Overall, it looks like less work than porting the EBF games.

Anyway, that’s not gonna happen until I finish the EBF5 port and the EBF Collection.

Also, don’t let anyone tell you Flash doesn’t run on mobile. Flash with Starling has incredibly fast performance!

4 thoughts on “BH2: Works on Mobile

  1. Anonymous

    Seeing this makes me wonder will these remade games be able to be played on the internet or will we need a way to download it even if they are only the exact same as the free versions of the games such what was done on kongregate with the flash versions of ebf4, ebf5 and bh2.


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