Valentine’s Day

Hi Folks,

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day, and are taking full advantage of all the discount chocolates and flowers!

Here are the traditional silly EBF gang Valentines from Jay.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Anonymous

    i like how matt is the only ¨normal¨

    this remind me of a EBF theory

    where matt is actually hidding his true intelligence and strength in fear of others depending on him and in fear of destroying the planet

    the theory basically have as base the fact in the first game matt used atacks at the devourer level where he could cut a planet in half
    and about the intelligence is because in severals dialogues he seems sighlity smarter in a way it´s previus quotes contradict


    ¨i don´t care about status,i will just hit it and be what god want¨
    sundenly in a brink of second specifically when he is alone(battle arena of matt) he sundelly act very difenrent than usual,talking about things like strategys and gears and status effects

    that theory is VERY unlike to be true
    but i like how some few fans just thinked of it just because a few things in ebf5 and in ebf1


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