Still not done with EBF5

Hey guys, as ya’ll should know, Epic Battle Fantasy 5 version 2 is finished and went live on Steam a few days ago, and the price of the game went up to $20. It seems stable, but there’s a few minor issues with the “Randomized Equips” mode that I’ll need to fix. So I guess you can expect a very small update sometime in the next week or two. Once that’s done I’ll quickly put EBF5 up for sale on, for anyone who doesn’t like using Steam.

And after that I’ll start working on the mobile version! I’m not promising anything, but it totally looks do-able.

I got my new PC btw. It’s not a *huge* improvement when it comes to my development tools, but it’s great for games, so I’m just playing the latest Tomb Raider for now. The Valve Index is out of stock apparently, so maybe I should try getting some more work done before I have a chance to purchase one.

14 thoughts on “Still not done with EBF5

  1. Jusgidonwifit

    So I’ve been playing the free version (v 1.54) in Armorgames and I’m planning on buying the game on steam. The question is: will my save file on a browser be compatible on the new version on steam? If I load a v1.54 save in v2 will there be some parts go missing?

  2. Lastmerlin

    I have been playing the free version on Linux so far. I really want to get this deluxe (alias full đŸ˜‰ ) version and you really deserve those bucks. But I also want to purchase something I can get running…
    As it does not support Linux officially (and probably never will), my questions are:
    Is there an established workaround?
    Does Steam play work?
    Is there an easy way to get the .swf out of Steam and if yes, does it work with open SWF players like gnash? Does it work with the Adobe projector?

    Thanks for any help!

      1. Lastmerlin

        Got it working with the help of Matt (many thanks). It’s rather simple in fact:
        You can install the game from Steam as usual. This will place the game data somewhere in the .steam directory. If you are lucky, it might work with Steam Play via Proton – for me it did not work. But you can easily run the game outside steam, by locating the Epic Battle Fantasy .swf and running it in a standalone FlashPlayer. What you need is the Flash Player projector that you can download here:

        Place the binary in your local bin directory for easy access. At the end, the command looks like this (define a nice alias, if you want):
        flashplayer ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Epic\ Battle\ Fantasy\ 5/Epic\ Battle\ Fantasy\ 5.swf
        Of course, and Steam features won’t work, but everything else does.

  3. Tiago André Pereira da Silva

    hey matt, have you thought of porting ebf5 to the nintendo switch? it seems welcoming to the indie dev community.

  4. Sticks

    This is very exciting! I’m currently replaying the game on Epic because of the V2 update, but may I ask where exactly the new dungeons are?


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