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So yesterday I updated the EBF5 beta on Steam to v2.0.7… but there’s a couple of big bugs in it that I need to fix ASAP. I’ll try to update it again in the next day or two, so it might not be worth playing until then. It’s getting close to completion, but each update has unwanted side effects!

In other news, I found some more options for this website!
• I changed the site comments to appear in order of newest first, which seems to make more sense than oldest first.
• I’ve disabled the need to enter a name and email when you comment – but it’s still useful if you want to be notified of a response.
• When making a comment there’s also an option to subscribe to the site mailing list.
• You now have the option to like comments! Too bad there’s no dislike button…
• I’ve added infinite scrolling to the main page, so older blog posts load automatically when you reach the bottom.

Let me know what you think of these new features!
I haven’t tested them much.

Maybe it’s time for me to update that very old header image, and figure out how to get those NoLegs emojis working again…

21 thoughts on “Updated Comment System

  1. Somebody

    Thanks. I can comment freely now the rain has gone. Except it hasn’t because there is a hurricane going on rn.

  2. Jon

    Nice to see the progress bar filling up and the details of the process unfolding! Any thoughts on distributing EBF5 through a non-Steam platform? Happy to give you money, yet not so happy to deal with Steam. Thanks!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ll try to put it on GOG and Humble store later, but until then you can throw money at me on Patreon and ask me to email you the files.

  3. OnyxInc

    Having page #s at the top, in addition to infinite scrolling, would be a better option. Some of these tabs have hundreds, or even thousands of posts!

  4. Pyro

    Oh this is really cool. I like not having to put my email, though I might for some. Also I like that people can like comments, but not dislike them. Keeps things happy

  5. Omega Sentinel

    looking forward to being able to dislike (or downvote) comments, but at least some interesting stuff can happen with only 1 voting option

  6. Crash

    yey i can finally make comments! (I never wanted to go through the trouble of adding an email, and i never check it so its good i dont have to enter it) I noticed the update yesterday and wanted to know what it added! was it just bug fixes or would there be spoilers if you said anything?


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