EBF5: Ace Medals

Hey guys, I added some stars to your medals.

I made some changes to the EBF5 challenge modes, and the game should now be beatable with all of them on.
If the last 39 medals are acquired with all challenges, no cheats, and epic difficulty, then you’ll “Ace” the medal and get a star.

Apart from the extra condition of challenges, these are activated exactly the same as normal medals – you can cheat a bit by only turning on the challenges for boss fights, waiting until the boss rushes, and you can even grind for some of them. Beating the entire game on max difficulty is definitely not required, and would take you a very long time indeed.

But anyway, that’s just another thing you can keep yourself busy with. You don’t get anything other than a star, so don’t bother with this unless you like painful difficulty.

For anyone who’s already tried the challenge options, here’s some major changes I’ve made to them yesterday, coming soon in the next update:

• 1,2,3P modes: Mimic chest surprise attack disabled, all enemy status chances reduced
• 1,2P modes: foe HP reduced appropriately in bunker
• Limited foes to one counter-attack to player’s AOE – order of foes in battle can be exploited!
• Challenges that raise enemy stats don’t have full effect in the Battle Arena
• Changed Foes Attack First to not affect the first wave
• Death works normally with Combo Cap on
• Genesis now revives backup
• Less Player Resistance no longer affects status resistance
• Nerfed some Foe Remix arena battles
• Many damaging boss summons made slightly cheaper, many other summons improved somewhat
• Some overpowered foe counterattacks and stats nerfed

14 thoughts on “EBF5: Ace Medals

  1. Az0rius G4m3r

    Ace? More like Insane! (Descent reference btw)
    Also, I remember hearing in a stream that you believed Genesis to be balanced enough without the backup revival. Guess the fans proved you wrong or something? 😉

  2. TyloThorn

    I already got all medals, does that mean I’ll get all the aces immediately, since i couldn’t cheat, or are there more conditions? (“acquired with all challenges” could imply there are more conditions to meet now to get the star)

  3. Dewayne Thomas

    A very long time indeed ;D And I thought I couldn’t get more excited about this release. I’m a badge whore, and those stars mean an unhealthy amount to me 😀

    1. CoffeeUser

      If you can’t get them, don’t get them. It’s not like the all medals room requires you to get these as well.

  4. VigorSwig

    I like how this is “Oh it’s more playable” but also “Heh look at those perfectionists go” Lookin forward to this stuff.


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