Livestreaming EBF5

Hey guys, here’s a reminder to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’ve started streaming a playthrough of EBF5 with some of the new challenge options enabled. If you catch the stream live, it’s a good chance to jump into the chat and ask me some questions about whatever.

I don’t have any sort of schedule, but it’s a very long game, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see the stream live, especially if you follow me on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Livestreaming EBF5

  1. Andre

    Is there a way to scan the main cast (no legs, natalie, anna, lance) after the first fight? I forgot to scan them and I hate the hole in my beastiary

    1. HackneyedTrope

      Create a seperate new game. It’ll take ~30-60 min of play, but the bestiary entries should transfer, just like achievements.

  2. BFPSandro121

    man, you’re taking all the credit, and the other little youtubers leave them without fans. examples? EBF preview epic, Mattily, Dragonite spam, etc. so stop!

    1. TCSA

      Of course Matt takes all the credit. He created the damn game. Tell me where those “little youtubers” would be if the EBF series didn’t exist.


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