V2.0 Steam Beta!

Hi Folks,

The EBF5v2.0 Steam Beta is now live!

For a spoiler free summary of all the new content and features you can check out this Steam announcement and here’s the official v2 trailer (this one does contain some spoilers). You are more than welcome to stream and make videos of the v2.0 content, but please do not spoil anything in the titles, thumbnails or video descriptions until the beta is over!

To take part and gain access to the new updated content you need to own the game on Steam. From your Steam library list of games right click on Epic Battle Fantasy 5, select Properties, go to the Betas tab, and from the drop down menu select v2.0. You may need to update and/or restart Steam first. Once the update is downloaded and you start the game you’ll want to make sure you’re on the right version by checking that the main menu says “Deluxe version 2.0.3 (or higher) BETA BUILD”. Your old saves should be compatible with the update, but you should make sure to have backups in case there are any problems. At this time the update is in English only, and we’ll hopefully have the other languages ready in about a month or so.

To report any bugs you find please head on over to the EBF Discord channel and post them into #ebf5_bug_reports. Please include as much information as possible such as a description of what happened and screenshots. For the most part it should (fingers crossed) be quite stable since we’ve already done a round of testing and weeded out a bunch of bugs.

16 thoughts on “V2.0 Steam Beta!

  1. Hsiaoch'uan_Sun_DeuxCinqHuit

    Je ne te baiserai pas!
    What des trucs de merde have you updated?
    Did the balance of your game make ta mère Voler?
    Is that what un putain game writer should do?Take a good look at your game, toi idiot, how did you change the current combat system to meet the return of BOOS of previous generations?
    Ton père’m not here to spend money on a excréments de poulet ebf2 Corbeille reset version.
    Take a good look at the weapon attributes you are now setting. The first characteristic is se faire baiser par un chien?
    Do you review the first few works of EBF for Lao Tzu?
    You have a weapon characteristic of high ATK and low HF, which has become that the ATK is not high or low, and the HP is reduced and cut, so where are the characteristics of this weapon? Flew into les organes génitaux de votre mère?
    The cost of a summoned beast that has been increased by the fee is now multiplied by about 1.5 times. yes, I am talking about the Viking Monolith you might as well remove it, Tu es stupide Akua。
    Do you balance the game with une queue de cochon
    Espèce d’idiot ,think carefully, the state resistance of ebf5 is two or two groups, now these return to the state of boss is almost all immune, ton trou du cul est inséré par les organes génitaux de l’âne?
    Before the previous boss returns, you take it seriously to Lao Tzu, tu baise. Demande au cd de ta mère, to think clearly that you are now using all the negative states of ebf5 to fight the shit-like cd, especially the Lance, to fight the boss, that is immune to almost all states, as well as the boss skills under the previous generation mechanism. Think carefully about the debuff mechanism provided to players by the previous boss.
    Enchanted and invisible are just like a layer of paper. They break easily with a poke. Just remove them and return to ebf4. It’s useless to have these two things,NOW!!
    ou call this a test? , Vis toi grenouille pipi, comment es-tu putain de paresseux ???
    Afin de réduire la taille du jeu, vous simplifiez d’abord le code, d’accord? Ne laissez pas les autres voir que le code MP est toujours stocké dans le jeu.

    1. Matt Roszak

      I don’t understand what you’re saying, but it sounds like you’re mad that I nerfed overpowered strategies.

      1. Hsiaoch'uan_Sun_DeuxCinqHuit

        Do you really don’t understand or fake don’t understand?
        The reason why we are dissatisfied is that we see your carelessness.
        Why does the returning boss have such strong resistance, immune to almost all the new states of ebf5?
        Devourer is also a traditional monster of ebf, and his balance and resistance have been readjusted, or at least carefully designed.
        But now these boss, which are immune to the new features in ebf5 without thinking, are now immune to almost all resistance in the case of two or two groups of ebf5 characteristics.
        And the buff mechanism of ebf5 has also changed compared with ebf4, so the buff effect set entirely in ebf4 will be too powerful.
        This is completely unthinkable and is the easiest way.
        Players do not want to spend money to play with the previous reset version.
        Ebf series, starting from ebf1, the combat system is gradually improved, ebf4, can be said to be a very typical RPG.
        Ebf5 may be lacking in other aspects compared to ebf4, but the combat system has a very obvious breakthrough.
        The changes you made in V2 are not an innovation from ebf4 to ebf5, or even destroy the beauty of the ebf5 combat system.
        You are simply balancing for the sake of balance, destroying the original coordination.
        Not all players will pay for feelings.
        Your balance destroys the playability of the game.
        Weakening the game characters is the worst-case scenario, rather, why don’t you enhance the mainline boss?
        Honjo Masamune is used precisely because its atk180&-70hp, and even atk250&hp-90 still can be used.
        Beacause this is the feature of this weapon. It is modified to 150 atks. it is 50hp now, which makes the characteristics of this weapon dispensable.
        Why not choose Star Hammer? It is obvious that the latter’s returns are much higher.
        By the same token, Viking Monolith has weakened so much that 145cost can be worth more than this summoning beast that it can’t be used at all.

        Personal advice:
        Do not modify Enchanted and invisible, do not weaken the characteristics of those weapons, and do not modify Viking Monolith.
        You should consider carefully how the returning boss fits in with the ebf5 environment, insteading of letting the ebf5 environment fits in the boss.
        Just like evil player,the different design concepts between ebf4 and ebf5 are reflected in these boss.
        If you really want to balance,
        now in the case of the new equipment, the player is more powerful, not weakened Valhera in ebf5 beta, and Valkyrie who met for the first time in two weeks, isn’t it more challenging?
        Wouldn’t it be more challenging to add more special effects to boss?
        Yes, it may take more time, but at least the money spent by the players is worth it, and we can see your intentions, not what you’re doing right now.

        1. jie119168

          I really love Honjo Masamune and Viking Monolith! Which make a risky ,or a guaranteed strategy be possible.
          But now I need to reach the level of about 24 to summon Monolith, and to use Honjo Masamune like another Soul Eater, no way……
          As for enchanted and invisible, I think the original design is for 1+2=2*2, but in V2 it becomes 1+1+1=1*2+1, what a bad idea.

        2. Matt Roszak

          I might reduce the SP cost of Viking monolith slightly – the cost is higher because the player has more SP in V2, and it’s the most useful summon.
          Masamune and Enchanted/Invisible were too strong, and made many fights too easy. But I may still change my mind about Enchanted/Invisible.

          We’ll see.

          The returning bosses from previous games will not change – they are intended to play like the old games, so new status effects do not work on them.

          1. Hsiaoch'uan_Sun_DeuxCinqHuit

            For example, Sand Worm in ebf3 does not have the resistance of poison, and even has -100% in ebf4. Now, because it is immune to virus, a new resistant,in ebf5, so it is immune to poison and virus in ebf5.
            If you want to fight in ebf5 to be closer to the skills and attributes of ebf4, enemies, you must re-adjust your resistance instead of directly copying and pasting in this way.

    2. TheJazMaster

      Matt did a great job following the general balance advice. Sounds like you just don’t know how to play the game, or behave.

  2. Ragnamune

    Glad to be able to play more of this after a nice wait.

    The one thing I was secretly hoping would’ve been changed was the final door at the gallery.

    I slaved away at the Gauntlets and managed to reach 100 medals, the 30 Wave requirement still out of my grasp. But now with the new beta, I’m suddenly locked further away from getting into that room by having to get the additional 31 medals on top of that. Finishing off my minor gripe about it is this. It’s the only room in the ENTIRE GAME with a farmable Omega Dragon. I mean, I get it. Matt’s stupid strong, but this feels somewhat punishing since there exists enemies for every other stat item elsewhere, but Matt’s Bacon is the sole exception. I won’t lie, the medal hunting has burnt me out on multiple occasions.

    Gripes aside, I can’t wait to finally sift through all this new stuff.


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