Discord Server Update

Hey guys, I’m trying something new with the EBF Discord Server.
I’ve created a new channel, “ebf5_casual”, which is mainly for beginners who are just getting into the game. Experts who have beaten the game on the hardest difficulty are not allowed there. It’s also spoiler-free, while some of the other channels are not.

The aim is to give newer players a chance to chat about EBF5 without experts immediately telling them how to play properly.

I’m interested to see how it goes.
It’s hard to balance a chatroom.

9 thoughts on “Discord Server Update

  1. Az0rius G4m3r

    I understand if the “experts” aren’t allowed to post in this thread, but…is there truly any stopping us skilled players from BROWSING it as long as we don’t post? ;D :nolegs_cool:

  2. Dewayne Thomas

    There’s spoilers for this game? I didn’t think anyone would care about knowing boss names and stuff that they haven’t encountered yet but I suppose so. I stay away from chat servers and streams of things I love for a reason. Everyone and their grandma has access to the internet these days and it’s sad to watch for the most part. Maybe just add a channel called EBFguides or EBFhelp with stickied links to walkthroughs for the new players that want advice. I doubt locking people out of channels is going to help with the issue and the bureaucracy of keeping specific people out would be a pain I’m sure.

  3. Arcangelo

    Hello! I’m interested in joining the Discord server, but I’m wondering about how the server is moderated and how users can report issues (esp with mods), mainly because I’ve been in a few big servers that have had moderators abuse their power, or that have banned certain people for breaking a rule vs letting people friends with the moderators get away with breaking the same rule without even a warning/”oh that’s so-and-so for ya, don’t mind them”. Are there specific guidelines for how users can report bad behavior or general dickishness? Does it run on a “at least one mod online at all times” system? Or does it run on a “sometimes mods are offline but they’ll read stuff that happened when they were gone” system? Also, are there bots installed to help moderate?

    Also, what kind of bots are in the server? (Like PokeBot, that one Waifu bot (Mudae? I think it’s called that??), etc.)

    Sorry this is so long ;; I’m a little wary of joining bigger servers due to stuff like that happening in the past when I’ve joined.

    1. Ghost

      Hi, the discord server is pretty friendly. Mods chat with others pretty frequently and are fair with stuff. There are no bots as far as I know in the server. I highly recommend you to check the server and join, the rules should be pretty clear on their own channel, so you have goodd way to see how the server runs. Also don’t heitate to ask mods or other people there, if you got something to ask, they are willing to help you 🙂

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      We’ve got a community manager role called “Sage”. If you have any complaints about how the server is run, you can talk to them. Or you can also complain to me or Ronja.

  4. StuffyKnows

    I think this is a horrendous decision. Literally separating the skilled players from the newer ones isn’t going to prevent toxicity. It only encourages it. “Skill” takes form in a lot of ways, and currently the only notifier of an “expert” is simply beating the final boss on Epic. One could simply grind, beat the final boss when severely overleveled, then be marked off as an expert at the game. Or, one could lie. If someone with the EBF Expert role deems someone else with it not a “real” expert, that could start arguments. The problem isn’t that the toxic elitists and new players aren’t separated. It’s the fact that there’s a “we’re better than you and refuse to help you” mindset at all. Personally, I think it’s gotten way better over the months, so it feels especially unneeded, but you can dispute that. Literally segregating them encourages this “we’re smarter and cooler than you” mindset. The experts have no way to see how the new players think or act, so it’s harder to relate to them and give them advice. Lack of advice to give is especially a problem since most of the active users were forced into the spoiler channel even when some didn’t qualify for the Expert role. There’s likely a lack of advice givers and lack of quality of advice to give to newer players unless they venture in the spoiler channel and risk seeing something they don’t want to see, or getting ostracized because of their lack of cool role. Additionally, the new “no circlejerking” rule is too vague. Shouldn’t there simply be a no bullying or no elitism rule that’s strictly enforced? That’d do a lot better at curbing toxicity than forcing the rude people into one channel then not caring about their attitude until an arbitrary number of people is decided to be “ganging up” on someone.

    I like the idea of a spoiler-free channel and another EBF5 channel that you can only talk up to the end of mid-game, since it prevents people from annoyingly having to tag spoilers about late stuff as well as having a place to safely ask about Laurelin or whatever without intruding on spoilers. But this isn’t how you should go about it. I think you should remove the role, make ebf5_casual accessible to everyone, and moderate and punish asshole attitudes.

  5. Megaboom

    That’s nice of you giving a place to starters so they can talk about how they play to other starters


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