EBF5: Balancing

Hey guys, I’ve done a ton of game balancing for EBF5. Here’s some of the notable changes:

• Most of Natalie’s spells are noticably stronger.
• Lance’s 2nd stage shot spells can now do focused damage.
• NoLegs is better at berserking.
• Many Limit Breaks’ buffs now affect backup party members.
• Many less viable equips have been improved, and a few overpowered ones have been nerfed.
• Some equips and upgrades have been moved slightly so you get them when they’re more useful.
• Some bosses have had some of their major weaknesses made less exploitable.
• Overall player stats have been reduced slightly, since most of the other changes make the game easier.

Big thanks to the regulars on the EBF Discord that helped with this stuff. They made the recommended list of changes (I didn’t implement all of them), and I’m sure they’ll tidy that list up and share it with the public at some point. (though I’m sure I’ll make even more changes by the time everything is 100% done)

See ya.

10 thoughts on “EBF5: Balancing

  1. Dewayne Thomas

    I remember using a nolegs berzerker weapon. It was pretty damn strong. I would have liked to see someone else get a bump for this, maybe lance, since Nolegs specials are so useful. My biggest concern for the balance was the equipment, there was never really enough to bother with equipping all 5 players. Or really even 4 for that matter. But I never really payed much attention to enemy attack patterns so maybe equipping for specific moves and swapping at the right time is a more viable strat than what I was doing. I’ll see when the update releases. I think I’m more hyped for this than I was for the original release 😀

  2. Intosis

    I look forward to the improvements to Natalie’s damage. So far, I’ve been running her primarily as a 50k health aggro sponge (probably not the intended use of her, but it gets me through epic mode fairly easily). Good work.

  3. Alexandrite

    Good changes, I’m glad for the boss changes especially since I felt most of them weren’t as hard as they should’ve been even on epic.

  4. alproy

    Matt, does in this EBF5 V2 the acidic boots (ya know, from that quest NPC that give you as well the black hole limit break) have a use?

  5. anonymous

    i’ve always played natalie cause though she didnt have the most dmg she was incredibly versatile as she can have at least 1 move of every attribute plus she can learn moves to dispel or get rid of status problems.

  6. StuffyKnows

    Despite all the constant complaining and arguments on the Discord, I think this is overall a massive stride in the right direction, even if not every suggestion got in. Thanks for listening to your fans, Matt.


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