EBF5: Equip Sets

Hey guys, I made a menu for saving and loading equipment sets.
This is a simple way of keeping track of your favourite sets, and it’s also very useful for comparing stats.

Any sets that you save are tied to your current saved game.

17 thoughts on “EBF5: Equip Sets

  1. Drake

    There came an idea to change equipment for background characters as they are on standby. How would it be allowing this? How it would work out, any of the 2 charas in backup changes gear and can’t be called in for the current round. If both use this opportunity you can’t switch characters from and into backup for this turn. No priority update however.

  2. queerman77

    I liked the concept of Battle Mountain in EBF4. So sad EBF5 instead had scattered dungeons and a Temple of Trials. Can we expect a Battle Mountain reboot in a hypothetical V3?
    If so, I’d like it to have a plot of its own, similar mechanics as EBF4 Battle Mountain (with portions of the map featuring an environment similar to a dungeon in the game proper), and a theme similar in vibe to Rim of Battle Mountain (giving the atmosphere that merely entering it is so great an honor and player feat).

  3. Adriano

    WOW, this will be so usefull, it will be a great add to the game for sure!!
    (I’m so hyped to the expansion!!!)

  4. Dewayne Thomas

    Nice. How does it handle trying to equip slots when another character has the equipment on? Does it just equip all but that equipment or gives an option to remove it from other character?

  5. Drake

    Yeehaa. Equipment loads. People requested it, people received it. Thank you!

    I’d be glad having 3 slots to save, but instead we get 6 of them! Will they also be available in battle? It would be good if they were choosable in combat aswell and in case another character uses a part of the set, get a warning(“!” as example) and allow us to manually change the item.

    1. Drake

      To add to this post, have you considered implementing a summon which allows the currently selected party to change their equipment without wasting a action(except the 1 action needed to summon)?

      If 3 people could change equipment during battle with 1 summon it could be quite fantastic for foe rushs or anything with several waves, requiring to adapt with equipment to the enemy.


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