9 thoughts on “Halloween Sale

  1. Derrill

    Hey Matt, I was wondering (if its not too much trouble) if you know of a way to fix the river rapids achievement. I can’t seem to get it despite playing the game through twice over. I think it was one of the achievements that exceeded the 100 limit back in 1.0. I have it in game but not on steam. Also does the final room in the art gallery use the in game achievements or steam achievements?

  2. meow

    I bought bullet heaven 2, a month ago, and now it’s on sale * sigh * ;w;
    It’s the fifth time that happens to me :,V
    happy halloween!!!

  3. GligaAlin28

    Hi Matt, i want to buy your game but i need an account for my STEAM and i don’t know how can i make an account but i want to buy your game.
    You can put on a CD and send to shops from Romanian to buy your game?

  4. RSC

    Playing on mac so still waiting for the Kongregate version. Has anyone with a mac bought the steam version and found a working way to play the windows only steam version ?

    1. Omega Sentinel

      Yes, you can play deluxe EBF5 on a Mac if you buy it on steam, but you won’t have access to steam features, just look for the README file.

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      Shoot me an email if you buy the game on Steam – Steam probably won’t let you download the game files on a Mac, but it will run, with some minor workarounds.


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