EBF5: Gallery Upgrade & Beta Info

The Grand Gallery area has been updated with 2 new rooms and tons of new art. The game now features a whopping 71 pieces of fanart, and 31 bits of concept art. If you follow my blogs closely, you’ll have already seen all of that art, but there’s also some new dialogue to go along with it.

Also, EBF5 version 2 is now 80% complete!
All that’s left to do is:
• Finish the Equip Remix mode.
• Misc Quality of Life improvements.
• Some (but not all) debugging and balancing.
• A quick playthrough or two of the game by me.
• Version 2 trailer.

After those it’ll be beta testing time, which should be by the end of November, in time for the anniversary of EBF5’s Steam launch. Patrons should get it a week or two earlier than that, and everyone else can opt-into the beta on Steam.

Beta testing will likely take a long time, since due to the nature of the update, players will have to play through the game several times with different options to try everything out. And there’s tons of new content to balance too. And finally, translations will also be happening at the same time – so the beta will be only in English at first. If you’re waiting for the 100% finished version, it’ll probably be soon after Christmas.

That’s all, folks!

25 thoughts on “EBF5: Gallery Upgrade & Beta Info

  1. Omega Sentinel

    That is exactly why testing exist , and Matt is already testing solo runs, he will notice if he can’t beat that boss.

  2. OreoKKat

    Will I be able to livestream the beta on youtube once it is available on steam? I’m thinking of replaying the game and i thought streaming it would be nice, but i totally understand if i’m not allowed to.

    thanks! :stars:

  3. TorresJesus

    Oh! This is super great! Uff, I’ll wait every moment for EBF5 2.0 to come to light! I can’t wait for the wait, it looks so fabulous, as I love it! A long time ago I drew a Fan Art for Lance of EBF and I don’t know if my Drawing appeared in the Gallery, inside the Game, I hope it will be that way because I really would make the day as you can not imagine it! Thank you very much Matt for creating this game ^^

    1. alproy

      i wish he will do it, its rlly annoying that you forced to not enjow newgame+ as all foes lvl will be restart and not scaled with +30 in the newgame+ and additional +10 lvls on the newgame ++

      1. Drake

        It’s no issue if this custom game setting is activated also on starting the already existing NG+. The “foe scaling” in the custom setting fixes this already. I don’t think theres much extra work to make Custom Game work for NG+. It just will cap at lv 50 someday. Just the “Random Equips” might need a special condition added when it’s a NG+ instead of new game, like let’s say, in NG+ you have to refind your already modded weapons from those treasure chests.

  4. Megaboom

    So if you were to guess a date of release when do you think version 2 will be out because i want to buy the game before 2.0 so i get it for 15 dollars and not 20 :wut:

  5. Remus Lupine

    Ahhh, this is great. Can’t wait to try it out. Keep up the good work! :hurray:

    Btw, will single-character battles completely make coffee/espresso useless? Or will you be able to use them on backup characters? If they are useless, can you make a quick tweak and allow KO’d allies still gain EXP after a battle in that mode?

          1. Remus Lupine

            Ok, I see now. I misinterpreted the options as being one character on the front lines at a time as opposed to 1 player in the battle at all, however will this make the Glitch impossible to beat with single characters? I know enemies are being nerfed for it, but even with the Morale, Regen, and Auto-Revive, the gimmicky battle could spell near impossibility. I’m going to assume the mini-glitches are gonna be gone, but this could make it a battle of pure luck (having to rely on either weather changes or gear effects).

          2. Omega Sentinel

            couldn’t keep replying forever, so, this is for Remus Lupine:
            That is exactly why testing exist , and Matt is already testing solo runs, he will notice if he can’t beat that boss.

  6. Drake

    Thinking about the next version. I think there is only one thing which might cause a super hype after all those changes, a coop-game feature. With the 1-2 player game modes implemented not that much unrealistic. Of course it depends on budget and your income, it should feel worthwhile obviously. Wishing the best for your sales, Matt.

  7. Damian

    Are the new rooms of the gallery already on the game or they will be released on version 2? Because I played a moment ago and the rooms aren’t available yet.
    Great news about the progress of the game, I’m very hyped to play the new version.

  8. JPx0999

    OH!my save is inside the final room of the grand gallery…
    if i use my save in of the 1.5 in 2.0 i will be stuck inside the room?
    because i have new achieviments to unlock!

  9. Drake

    It might be a nice birthday surprise if it would be ready for beta-testers in 3 weeks, though it might not be very realistic. But for Christmas it’s nice too. For translations, if it’s English only first I can’t really help finding errors for German language until a translation update is given out. However, looking at the custom game feature I believe 3 playtroughs or even more are done anyway and there might still be reasons left to start a new one once the 100% version is out. Also I’m kinda curious how much extra playtime the new features will offers, usually my mostly clear runs end up being 24-30 hours(if I do not tab out to listen the background music, lol).


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