EBF5: Custom Game

Here’s the Custom Game menu, with all of the final options that will be available. This is what you’re getting instead of more Newgame+ options.

If these options don’t satisfy you, I don’t know what to say.

18 thoughts on “EBF5: Custom Game

  1. Tex Rider

    This is promising.
    I just wanted to say that the game itself can have some more challenges. I mean the custom game option gives a complete new opening, but if it changed the game play in a ridiculous manner…

    But what if you make the game even more challenging, like EBF4 had god cats appearing and they are indestructible, but why EBF5 doesn’t have something like that?

    And… how about doing this? A little idea from me. Since in the custom game has a option where you can only use just one player, why not create an secret boss that can only be played when every single member of the party defeated them by their own?
    For example, when every single player defeats their counterparts on their own, without any help from the other members, activate a secret boss battle? For example Pyanna? (Did I spell that right?

    Well that’s a suggestion.

    1. CoffeeUser

      All Godcat does is knock out your party member twice. Which can be solved by throwing 2 coffees. (Or morale or even light/dark resist. But that actually requires prior knowledge.) There’s nothing “challenging” about it. Godcat appearances are good for storyline reasons not gameplay reasons.

  2. VolTorian

    I should make a series on a playthrough with every custom option on (except 2/3 player battles) at the same time once I finish my normal blind playthrough series…

  3. Anonymous A Nonny Moose

    Hi Matt! Long time fan! Wanted to tell you to keep it up and not to worry about what other people say or think. Don’t rush yourself. I’ve seen other amazing people forced to hate themselves and their work thanks to idiots who demand the next thing without even sparing a moment for the creator or their amazing work. You are an amazing person, and please do whatyou want to, not what you feel you need to.

  4. Dewayne Thomas

    Limiting players is going to be very interesting. Something I never really considered before. I wonder if lowering enemy stats will make AOE spells overpowered. Or simply necessary. Should be fun testing those out. In FF13-2 I did a -no monster run- and the game seems way more balanced and challenging without them. As if they balanced the game and than added the monsters as an afterthought. Maybe they considered giving the player temporary characters for each area like Snow in the the forest area. I’m mostly excited about the new equip stats though. I recall a post showcasing the more extremities of them and that will set them further apart.

    Quick question: Was replaying EBF4 cuz I forgot to get the last few badges near the end of the game. When I equip an accessory that adds doom for example to attacks, does that also get added to “between turns” attacks? And does that work the same way in EBF5 too? And are in between turn attacks effected by character stats they are equipped to? And also effected by current attack buffs? Sorry but my memory is shit and I don’t pay all that much attention when blowing through this game. Just noticed some weird things happening that I couldn’t explain after the fact 😀

  5. Drake

    “This is what you’re getting instead of more Newgame+ Options”

    So is Custom Game a feature for “New Game”(new file) only or will it also be an option after completing a playtrough for NG+? If it’s also a NG+ feature I doubt there will be anything important missing for a satisfying replayability experience. It just would mean, if every challenge mod is too much to play, grinding your way trough NG+ for steroids means you can do more challenges at the same time until you’re at a point of “maybe” being overpowered where you can run every imaginable challenge mod. Wether people like to restart a game from scratch or continue on from their current progress, I feel like it would make sense to enable this to each of those two groups.

    “Random Equips”, if it would be a NG+, should you have to re-find your equipment but without the need of upgrading them? Re-finding them might give a nice flavor.

    2 Player battles: Sounds interesting to play EBF5 in a way it was in your first part of your series where you only had Natalie and Matt fighting. You might greatly surprise us if there are battle dialogues for those 2 player battles, “Anna to NoLegs: Quite a weird companion I got, but I like every animal.” etc. Not like it would be necessary of course.

    So far it looks very promising for starting a new file.


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