EBF5: New Foes Done

Hey guys. That’s all of the new foes programmed and tested a little bit. I don’t want to spoil them any more than I already have, so I won’t say much about them for now.

I’m now programming all of their summon effects. Since the most useful summons turned out to be those that buff and use rare effects, a lot of the new ones will be doing that sort of stuff – but usually at a fair SP cost. A few examples of new summon effects include:

Buff accuracy of all active allies by 50%.
Heal all allies, including those in backup.
Give haste to an ally. (Encore skill, basically)

There’s also a lot of silly effects that may or may not be useful, depending on the situation, and I’m interested to see what people will think of them.

7 thoughts on “EBF5: New Foes Done

  1. Megaboom

    Is that the very first slime enemies all the way back in EBF1 my god the memories oh ohhh no if they are he could be in it *Dramatic flash back to getting spirit bombed by zombie goku* NOOOOOOO :scared:

  2. Drake

    About summons(or even items). Any plans on making some which allows one or all party members freely change their equipment during battle once? I feel like this is sth which might be particularly useful. It’s like a cheaper haste which only allows equip changes but still saves the actual action. Maybe realizable without a new status effect, “Preparation” or sth like this and would allow the player to use food or change equip without using up their turn but the status effect.

    Just an idea to consider, not expecting this in the next major update.

  3. Robert

    Wow, I just came across EBF5 after rewatching Attack of the Black Mages 5 from back in the day. Next time I get a chance, I’m definitely interested. I still wish you’d make a follow up to AotBM5, but that’s just me. 😀


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