Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Hey guys, me and Ronja went on a short trip to Blackpool. It’s a magical place where seagulls are constantly trying to shit on you. Here’s a video of the theme park.

If you ever go, the top-tier rides are The Big One (tallest rollercoaster in Europe), Icon (very smooth and modern ride), and Valhalla (apparently the best water ride in the world). Surprisingly the airplane ride – Sky Force – was the most terrifying, as you have to control the wings and try to do a barrel roll. There’s also a lot of historical rides that are worth checking out, like the many wooden rollercoasters, the last-of-it’s-kind Steeplechase rollercoaster, and the Flying Machines – the oldest ride in Europe at 115 years.

One thought on “Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  1. Park Goer

    as an american, we have everything bigger. Including the roller-coasters.
    Cedar point, the closest park to where i live (congratulations, you now know i live in ohio) has 2 rides bigger than the big one:

    the top thrill dragster at 420′, which is the biggest in the world i think. I’ve never ridden it, though you cant blame me for chickening out on it as its the literal biggest in the world.
    the millennium force, standing at 312′, which i have ridden, and is surprisingly tame after the drop.
    allthough, i’m kinda scared of the steeple chase ride, as it’s got NO FRICKEN SAFTEY HARNESS HOLY FRICK
    other than that, nice trip!


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