16 thoughts on “EBF5: The Sea

  1. Morphio

    You should put a duolingo bird in the water.Or some other dead meme creature,but I think duolingo bird might be easier on you to draw,compared to like a shrek or something.

  2. Catscarlet

    Reminds me of DQ3. You need to find a rock over the sea to continue the story and no guides tell you where and what it looks like. I wasted a lot time finding it until I found it. Just south from the first town and there is a rock. :neutral:

  3. Sticks

    Just a theory, I don’t remember EBF5 having any Squid boss or enemies, although I might be mistaken, maybe this could be like a Kraken secret boss?

  4. Sticks

    Ah, slipped my mind, i’m waiting until the update to do an Epic run of the game since I accidentally destroyed my NG+ file where I wanted to do the gauntlets. I was mainly reminiscing of when EBF3 and 4 had Squid Foes, although EBF3 had it as a boss.

  5. TyloThorn

    Hmmm… I don’t think those are rocks. Shaped suspiciously…
    This is either a huge rocky serpent sea monster, an even more enormous turtle that carries all these formations on its back or there is a giant squid lurking below…
    or perhaps the seagull is more than meets the eye… i don’t trust it’s face. Nothing here, but possibilities…
    … it’s really just the sea isn’t it? :neutral:

  6. Elly

    I feel like there would be a secret boss waiting there to ambush the players… I don’t trust the freaking seagull eiher. Maybe a giant sea creatures boss?? A sea dragon? Something along those lines? Or maybe it is just an area full of rocks and a seagull?


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