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Hey guys, after using a Galaxy Note 2 for 6 whole years, I’ve just replaced the old dinosaur with a Note 8, and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. The specs are nice; internet browsing is fast, games run smoothly, and the camera looks good (see the photos below). But a lot of the hardware design decisions are really questionable! The main speaker is at the bottom of the phone, so when I’m playing games, it’s always covered by either my hand or my stomach. This wasn’t a problem with the Note 2, since the speaker was on the back of the phone. This seems like a major oversight to me!

I also feel scammed by the advertised 6.3 inch screen size. The Note 2 screen is 5.5 inches, so I’d figure it would be an upgrade, but it’s not! The Note 8 screen is just longer! Videos and games aren’t even designed for such a long screen! And some of the screen space is wasted on reflective curved edges. So if anything, the screen looks smaller than on my old phone! Questionable design indeed.

Annoying hardware aside, it’s nice to have a phone that doesn’t crash when I try to open basic apps like Google maps. I’m still happy I got a “flagship” phone, as it’s partly for market research. Speaking of which, I’m trying to play a lot of little indie games on it – the kind of stuff you’d see on Kongregate a few years ago. Looks like a lot of browser game devs have moved to mobile, and I’ve got some catching up to do. It’s a shame that the mobile market is poorly curated and saturated with garbage, so finding those gems will be tricky. Feel free to recommend some wholesome, non-exploitative games. So far I’m enjoying Super Dangerous Dungeons, Monument Valley, and Cat Bird. I was sceptical of on-screen keyboards, but they work okay if there’s only 3 buttons.

Also I’m really liking the EBF5 Foe Competition entries so far. I thought maybe the rules were too specific this time, but it looks like most people understand what I’m looking for.
garden legoAbove is me and Ronja doing a bit of gardening. We don’t actually have a dog, but I do indeed use a pickaxe to till the earth. Below is us crunching before the launch of EBF5. We forgot to change out of our outdoor clothes, apparently.
office lego

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  1. dc89

    If you want a JRPG you could play (Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space) the story for it was written by the same dude who wrote the story for Chrono Trigger and yea its free to pay but not really that is just if you are really impatient.

  2. Leyacer

    I’d recommend Postknight! It’s a really cute little RPG for mobile, and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing it the last few weeks! :yay:

  3. ANiceGuy

    Hey Matt, what’s up?

    I am a huge fan of your work, i finished almost all of your games. You see, i was just in my ordinary routine palying EBF4 for nostalgia( your games gave me so much fun and comfort in my early teenagehood) , when i realized EBF5 was out. Man, i freaked :stars: .the long awaited sequence of the story, thanks for making a public version on your site :smirk: !.
    Besides, since i was here i checked out some of the posts you made, it’s very nice to know a little bit more about you. However, i do must say that i’m sorry to hear that the browser and\or indie games are gradually losing space in the internet, but that’s good that those games are getting more space (lack of sinonyms) in the cellphones , since they are (specially for everyone in this community, including me =D) a possibility to create, interact, relate and to have fun, of course :smirk: .
    Anyway, i just wanted to say that the two first thing i am going to do when i get a job and some money are: 1st buy EBF5 and 2nd buy a plane ticket to UK so i can make you a visit, if that’s okay.
    Matt, i am one of many fans you managed to get by your incredible creations, keep up the great work, rest a little, do another projects, and, if possible, make EBF6

    PS: English is not my main language, there may be some grammar mistake here, sorry !
    PSS: I love the Rio joke, :yay:
    PSSS; What happened to Meow Meow in the space between EBF2 and EBF3?
    PSSSS: Last one, It’s very nice that the in-game Matt is you, It’s like, even being a full-grown adult you still have the courage to say that you like swords, i wanna be just like that. Thanks for everything !

  4. Oxybulyx

    For mobile games, I would recommend Strange Adventure, Normal Adventure and Easy adventure. They are easy to play, not too long, no in-apps purchases, are free, and the games are solidly made.

  5. TheGameGuy

    There is this really good indie game called “Bear’s Restaurant” it’s free on iOS. In this restaurant, the dead will have their last supper. Hamburgers, omelets, sushi, pudding, anything. It’s actually pretty sad, I preordered it around in 2018, I was very impressed, idk when it’ll come to to Android but when it does I highly recommend playing it, and if you’re wondering the main character is a cat!
    (Yes he has legs lol.) :love2:

  6. Aewo

    I personally recommend Drag’n Boom, Cosmobot, or anything from Ankama games. They’re pretty charming. :stars:


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