Fanart: EBF Video

Hey guys, here’s a cool fan video from Lynore.

We’re feeling a lot better and are getting back into the swing of things. Stay tuned for more exciting EBF5 content!

6 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF Video

  1. Crimmy

    I’ve noticed throughout the games, but this animation just brings it to attention… Matt is absolutely adorable in this cute / dorky way :yay:

  2. Joseph Howard

    That’s incredibly cool, and I wish someone had translated it into English and stuff! :stars: :yay:

  3. alproy

    Im waiting for 3 things (or 2 tho)
    the super secret stuffs + 3 more dungeons (???)
    newgame+ fixing (incloding medals in story/dungeons)
    and if you rlly need more holiday quest… i though… we (the jews) have importent holiday at the start of the spring (the date is moving a bit beacuase the jew/christian chelender) but i though abute items! un-finished bread (or “Matza” *maby 40 for the quest*) and thats it… (cant find good rewards for this quest/ in the shop HELP)


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