Future Plans for EBF5

Hey guys, with EBF5 launched, here’s a little road-map of what I plan to do next.

• Sometime this month I’ll release version 1.5 on Steam, which will include some minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks, and the Chinese New Year quest.

• I’m not in a hurry to publish the game on Newgrounds and Kongregate, as I’d like to rest for a while, and it doesn’t need the extra publicity at the moment. I’ll update the free version on my website though, so please yell at me if I haven’t done that by next month.

• I have a lot of new content planned for EBF5, which I’ll release in… I dunno, half a year or more? This includes 3 more optional dungeons and other secret stuff.

• I’ll probably pause my Patreon, as I don’t have anything to post there at the moment. But sometime later I’d like to add more perks, such as a section in EBF5’s Grand Gallery that lists long-time patrons.

• Once ALL of that is out of the way, I’d like to attempt a mobile port of EBF5. Running the game on mobile is no problem, it’s just a question of improving the performance and changing the user interface. I don’t know how it will turn out.

But anyway, I’ll be taking it easy this month and maybe next month too. The only work I’ll be doing is minor game updates, replying to user problems, and legal/accounting paperwork (woo, fun) such as officially hiring Ronja.

17 thoughts on “Future Plans for EBF5

  1. Britten

    Dont know if this have ever been asked/addressed, but any plans for console? I know thats a serious undertaking.

  2. Will

    Your art is excellent, your humor is great, your battle system is solid, but there is nothing compared to how you provide the ultimate part of any game. The challenge. I love how you force the player to adapt to the game, I love how sometimes you have to requip in the middle of the battle to survive, trying to go on the full offensive doesn’t work at times, and instakills and effects aplenty make the player on their toes. You have made a genius RPG game! I am glad you are breathing new life into this awesome work of art! :stars: In fact, I think the biggest thing about your success is you take your time!

  3. TyloThorn

    That sounds like entirely good news to me. Glad things are going so smoothly. I’d sure like more content, no matter when. :stars:

  4. Sicarius

    Mobile is a really good idea. I’d totally pay again just to play it on my phone whenever I wanted. It worked pretty well for Crystal Story 2. Plus the “expansion pass” payment works really well for mobile, as you can put the game up for free, which is a big deal for that market.

  5. Akron - fartgarfunker

    I’d pay a lot to have all the epic battle fantasies in one pack for mobile devices :shades:

  6. Belyayev's Fox

    Perhaps you could remasters of Adventure Story and Bullet Heaven 1 and put them up for free on Steam. They could work as free advertising for your other games and draw new customers in.

  7. alproy

    hello agian matt. can you buff the giga drill? since its first appearens it was allways kind of weak even if the foe had the max defence as possible…
    beacause of that it seems that it more easy to just disable the foe and then attack him normal beacause: A) giga drill is earth-element and B) as I said. its weak even when it deal the max dmg possible
    im happy to hear that what we have now is just the peak of the iceberg (3 new dungeons? SWEET!) :yay: :yay: :yay:

    and I know its take YEARS but… are you going to keep this awsome thing with bullet heaven III (AKA ebf 5.5) or/+ ebf6?

    also… im jew and would be nice if u do a jew holiday quest? (NOTE: those holidays are in the jew celender and not the christian one– meaning that the holiday can be at diffrent days in difftent years)

    1. Florrie

      Re BH3/EBF6: Don’t count on EBF6…take a look ’round a particular graveyard! 🙂 I haven’t heard anything about plans for BH3 coming or not though.

    2. Minger

      If he buffed the giga drill it would be too OP.Like i did 4.5 million damage to god with it and on epic was literally 3 quarters of his hp.

  8. alproy

    can i ask something? can you please fix already the newgame+ thingy so foes in the story will be scale like in the newgame story and also… all story/DLC medels in newgame+ doesnt work at all… (i discoverd it at the hard way after beating foe rush on newgame+ on epic and i didng got the medel *or the steam achivment*)

    i heard some ppl said that you did it by purpose but why..? in ebf4 the newgame+ was just like the normal game… and now its just boring…
    soooo… neither fix or disable the newgame+

    and also i just realised! in EBF3 steam in the newgame+ options there is “no lvl limit” but it doesnt work


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