5 thoughts on “Fanart: Pixel Guns

  1. Joseph Howard

    Nice! I hope there is artwork of all the weapons and equipment that have been replaced as the series progresses.

  2. alproy

    somehow in the 1.2 beta steam, newgame+ is completly broken: you finish with spare posidon orb? GREAT YOU KEEP IT
    and it doesnt help that in every end game you finish with spare: chocolate, bandan, holy water , cookie and so much more
    and the main problem is that when i finish the finale boss, the newgame+ is you (lvl 36 on av.) vs foes that scale to you ONLY IN NEWGAME (lvl 2-34)
    meaning 80% of the game (even on epic) is a JOKE (+ it make the bosses extrimly easy) :mad:


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