EBF5 Launch Update!

Hey guys, the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 launch has been an overwhelming success. And I mean it’s been really overwhelming. I’m stuck at the computer non-stop doing tech support and trying to make sure almost everyone can run the game correctly. There’s a lot of problems with my hacky implementation of Fullscreen, for example. Hopefully this will start calming down soon, and I’ll have more time to work on bug and translation fixes, and even some quality-of-life improvements.

Sales have been incredibly high so far. The discount coupons really helped remind everyone that I’m still alive and making games. Sure there’s a lot of problems, but only because a lot of people are playing. People love the game overall, but the occasional person is having tech issues. It looks like EBF5 will earn back it’s development costs pretty quickly, and I’m happy to start working on more content for the game once I’ve sorted out the launch issues, and had some time to rest. I’ve got a lot of fun ideas planned.

Thanks, everyone!
You’ve made this project worth doing.

I should also mention that EBF5 won’t be discounted in the Winter sale, in case you’re waiting for that. Also, here’s some launch fanart by Lost-Pyromaniac.

42 thoughts on “EBF5 Launch Update!

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  2. TyloThorn

    That’s amazing news. Glad it worked out well. Also more content? Me Gusta!

    Though, overwhelming success? Heh, I dunno why you actually went and said it’s probably not gonna beat EBF4’s success. I was positive from the start it’s gonna do that easily, even if that is not quite settled yet, I’m rooting for exactly that! :stars:
    Any case it’s probably good not to expect as much as me in your situation… that way you can only be positively surprised :yay:

  3. 1hardyparty

    Nice, bought the game to have something to do before smash, so far loving it. The fullscreen almost stopped me from playing entirely and i was freaking out but somehow i fixed it.

  4. voidmoon

    Loving the game so far! Just having a really annoying plaguing me so far, the game hovers around 20-30 fps and gets even worse during combat. Is there any suggestions to fix this?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Best you can do is turn off anti-aliasing and idle animations, and use a lower resolution.

  5. BillyBibler

    heya kupo i have a idea for future projects,
    if you could do an alternative story in which one plays with the evil players would be great, I know you’re tired and I do not want to give you a lot of work, but it’s just a recommendation, anyway thank you very much.

    1. TyloThorn

      If it was just a “Skins” kinda thing i guess that would be rather easy to do… however if you want spells and such to be completely overhauled for that i think that’s way too much effort. :tongue:

  6. great,ddude

    congratzzz :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  7. Shraderc.inc

    I have been playing on epic difficulty from the start and honestly i’m glad I did. It might be a bit hard but as long as i stratigies and top up my items it always feels fair. and the puzzles, OH BOY THE PUZZLES holy crap they are such a step up. as opposed to previous games, i have to sit and think about what im doing for a couple of minutes when doing these puzzles and honestly i am so happy. Thank you so much man

  8. Matt P

    Just had to say that if anyone deserves my money its devs like yourself. Ill have spent countless hours on EBF1-4 and Bullet Heaven and was all too happy to buy this game instantly with no fear that it would be lacking in quality or content. Congratulations on your success on Steam and I look forward to any extra DLC or future titles.

  9. Random Gamer

    First extra boss(es) killed my backups with full health on the same turn on epic. Good times.

    Bought the game on release and didn’t regret it.

      1. Random Gamer

        If this was directed at me, I not only won that battle, but I also caught both bosses, with my backups still dead at the end (actually tried to revive them but they died again :bleh:)

        Now if only I can get this…. dark cat nest thing to stay in the bal.. I mean shipping container…

  10. Sicarius

    Congrats! The game’s amazing to play. Its totally worth the extra $12, even if just for the secret final boss being about as fun and challenging as some of Toby Fox’s secret bosses. Its one of the only times where losing doesn’t feel bad, and I don’t dread a boring grind to get back to where I was before, because its just fun to see how far I can go the next time.

    And it might be a good idea to be in the winter sale somewhat; a 5% discount just to have your game appear green to anyone looking to purchase probably won’t look too badly; I’ve seen other devs give very minor discounts when launching before a sale. Just so long as it doesn’t work with the coupon, people who bought the game won’t feel like they should’ve waited. Unless they forgot to use the coupon, but those people probably felt all the regret within 24 hours.

  11. Remus Lupine

    It’s great to see all your hard work paying off. You deserve every bit you get. Been playing since I ran across EBF3 on AG so many years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. Now all I need is an EBF game in the style of FFT and my life will be complete! :stars: I’d make a ROM hack, but I have no talent in anything whatsoever. :bleh:

  12. Beryllia

    I love this game, don’t get me wrong. But a small little bug that may just be my pc being dumb: Sometimes, when I load the game up, I would try to put it in fullscreen and change the resolution size and whatnot in the visual settings, but nothing would work. This is fixed by reloading it, but I just wanted to let you know that. Also, random thing, limit breaks seem much less OP in this game

  13. Pokemonpie

    Hey Matt i was about to start playing terraria mere moments ago and while it was loading I decided to look at terraria achievements i had. Then i noticed i and a new notification which was a new item. That item was a 20% off coupon for EBF5 I was surprised when I saw this as i was unaware EBF5 was out yet. I used the coupon bought EBF5 just finished installing it and i am now gonna play it. I assumed you sent me that coupon if so i thank you and if not well i will enjoy EBF5 anyway. :stars:

  14. Waoren

    Matt, you gave us the option to make the game “family-friendly?”

    Dude, you are literally better than Square at this point

    1. TyloThorn

      Easily. Like what even is final fantasy. Has been hyped so much, and my brother bought one of the older ones and it sucked sooo much xD
      No, I’m positive Matt beat them single handedly, even if he might disagree (I think he is quite modest, which is a great trait) not just with all the options and ideas, but also with overall quality of the whole think, like enjoyability. In Germany one says “Too many cooks spoil the mash” basically means too many ppl on one project ruin the whole thing. I think Matt’s games are so amazing cause nobody sticks their nose in his work. Single focused mind works are best after all, companies making amazing games is almost unthinkable nowadays… da graphics are great but the feeling still kinda sucks most of the time.

      1. TyloThorn

        Not to mention the humor is something special indeed. Can’t say me and my relatives enjoyed ourselves so much with any other game… not at the very least cause we usually don’t play a game together on one PC… 😐

  15. Fencer_Derio

    I forgot to put EBF5 on my wishlist to get the coupon because I’m a dingus, but that’s OK. This game deserves to be paid full price.

  16. The Local Noob

    It’s probably too late now, but in the future, could you buff Lance a bit? He’s kind of lacking already with how little elemental skills he has, and the lack of specials available to him isn’t helping. He’s also pretty weak overall, dealing around half the damage of matt, despite me giving him full magic attack. Plus, cooldowns.

    Also, I think it would be hilarious if Hellfire Shotgun’s description was something like “Useful for getting those darned kids off your l
    awn” (disabled in SFW settings, obviously)

  17. Joseph Howard

    That’s great! I will buy and start playing the steam version before the week is out! Thank you so much! :yay: :stars:

  18. Belyayev's Fox

    Glad to see that the fruits of your labor are ripe and prosperous. I eagerly await whatever plans you have in store for post-release content. Will we get to see more crossovers from other Newgrounds franchises, like fighting the Auditor from Madness Combat as a boss battle?

  19. physxman

    I am incredibly happy to hear that EBF5 is doing so well. It is by far your best work, in all aspects, from the gameplay to the writing. The amount of polish it has compared to previous games makes it feel like it is truly a professional work, and I look forward to whatever you have planned both for it and any other projects you have in the works.

  20. Scarrien

    Only thing I’ve found is less of a glitch than an oversight – if No Legs is leading the party, he has feet on the map screens (probably because he shares the body models with Matt and Lance).

  21. Vuther

    Aw, couldn’t be the overwhelming success where you’re shocked to find it’s been a week and you’re saying to yourself “There are barely any bug reports, is it really working that well?”

    Glad to hear it’s financially working out well though!

  22. Nights

    You have no idea how glad I am that EBF5 is doing well, Matt. I can only guess how grueling of a journey the development must have been, haha.

  23. Tipicni balkanac

    Hey Matt, when will EBF5 appear on Kongregate platform? I still can`t believe that it`s finally finished!
    Simply fell in love with your games

    1. MedFood

      I think that matt said it would be put up on armor games and kongregate a few months after the steam release. In the meantime, you can just buy it on steam for the extra content and to support Matt :hurray:

      1. TyloThorn

        Yes, I think he mentioned multiple times that he was gonna take a rest now and get around that free web version in January/February or so.

  24. Joe Joeson

    I found a bug where, when you reload the game, the outfits (or at least the army outfit you can get early in the game when Matt is wearing it) don’t have the right color until you change your equipment… I didn’t test it out very much though.

    Overall, I quite like the game so far.


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