Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is out!

The Steam version of EBF5 is out!

Compared to the free version (coming soon-ish), it adds 48 extra equips, 5 new dungeons, and 10 new bosses, including many of the hardest ones in the game. Other perks include HD graphics and audio, a choice of screen resolutions, and Steam features, like cards, achievements, and cloud saving!

Everyone who owns EBF4 on Steam will get a 20% discount coupon for EBF5. This needs to be launched by a human from Valve, so there might be some delay getting these out.

The coupons will be valid for a month, and after that I’ll release a Steam bundle of EBF4, EBF5, and Bullet Heaven 2. This bundle gives you 20% off if you “complete the set”. If you only own EBF4, for example, you can buy the other 2 games together for 20% off. This will be a permanent deal going forward, and it works in conjunction with other discounts.

I’ve prepared an EBF5 asset pack for YouTubers or reviewers, which includes different variations of the cover art, screenshots, game info, and in-game emoticons.

If you want to support Phyrnna directly, buying the EBF5 soundtrack on Bandcamp will give her a much bigger cut than she gets from Steam. It’s also available on most music platforms.

The EBF Discord is a good place to talk with other players, and to get help if you get stuck in the game. You can also report bugs and other problems there.

EBF5 officially only supports Windows, but Steam Play beta allows it to run normally on Linux (apparently), and the installation folder also includes the game’s Flash file and Flashplayers for different operating systems. So you can run it on a Mac or even on a mobile device with a bit of tinkering. (without Steam features though)

The free web version will be released once I’ve had a break from the Steam release. The beta will stay up on this website, but it’s already quite outdated and buggy compared to the Steam version. Saves between all versions will be compatible, and easily transferable with the save backup feature. Saves from the beta may have a few minor problems – such as permanently missing an equip or two if you save in the wrong place – so it’s better to start again.

92 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is out!

  1. m33m

    I’m on mac and just purchased on Steam and was hoping for a download folder but I can only seem to install through the steam app. I know you disclaimed there’s no support, but any instructions on how to just get the swf?

  2. Ronja

    If you’ve purchased the game and don’t know how to run it on your Mac, you can shoot Matt an email at kupo707 at hotmail dot com and he can send you the game files so you can play the game.

    Unfortunately, none of the Steam features will work (Steam achievements, cloud saving), but it’s still the same game.

  3. Kureyn

    It’s not letting me continue to reply in that chain, but it’s happening again. Deleting saves isn’t helping this time, and neither is running it as an administrator.

    1. Kureyn

      Oh, finally! I copied over my saves to the folder it creates when I run the swf folder byitself, and now I got the popup in the browser instead of the exe. It actually let me click Allow, and now the exe is working. Geez!

  4. Lord of Monies

    At a time where Darksiders 3 is infuriatingly troubled and I’m in the middle of whatever winter bug is going around (please patch, this bug is awful), this game is just the kind of relaxing nostalgic fun I needed. Thanks for the monumental amount of effort you put into this, wishing you all the more success for you in the future.

  5. Reemus

    Greetings, Matt, forgive me for leaving it here, but could you please tell me if it is possible to speed up animations in combat? Doing challenges is quite a lengthy endeavour and seeing how much I am repeating it, it takes quite a while to go through each battle. I understand there is no button to speed up/cancel animations yet, but could you please consider it? Or maybe you could tell me how to speed it up using the configurations of the game (if such is possible)?
    Best regards!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Is the game running slower than normal? Have you tried turning down the resolution and anti-aliasing?

      1. Reemus

        No, it is not about performance – I am talking about speeding animations up to enjoy the fight, but not the animations (or potentially cancel them completely). Like some games that have game speed up buttons 2x 3x 4x, something like that. Could you please implement them in the game, or tell me of a way to tweak some configuration files to make the animations go faster?

          1. RunawayPork

            Yesssss. Since I’m most likely planning to replay the game more than once, it would be nice to go through the battles faster 😀

  6. Rbstat

    Wait… why is the book of the religion of godcat called: “the book of cactus?” i mean if that’s shown in the game then don’t feel the need to spoil it, but like… wtf? :wut:

  7. Twisted Savant

    I only have 3 things to say:
    1. FINALLY!
    2. Even though I haven’t got 4 or 5 yet I thank you Matt for all the time, love, and dedication you’ve put into all your games.
    3. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all! 👿 :bacon:

  8. alfa95

    I found a bug with the resolutions. The 1080poption didn’t fit my screen, but the 720 did. Also, enabling fullscreen changed my computer’s resolution to 720, causing all my icons and such to be large. Restarting the computer didn’t help, I have to go into my computer settings and change it back to 1080p every time I enable fullscreen for EBF5. OS is Windows 10 BTW.

    Great game, loving every moment!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The resolution should be set back to normal when you exit EBF5. Seems that doesn’t work for some people, so I’ll have to work on it.

  9. LightPhoenix

    Congrats on the release!

    I ran into a bug with the cloud saving via Steam. I beat and captured the first boss on Epic difficulty on my desktop. When I played on my laptop, I got the save from the cloud via the button fine, but the medals did not transfer. I have the acheivements on Steam (same username), and still have the summon, so I assume it just misses checking those medals on download?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Ah, good point! That’s probably an oversight on my part. If you want to transfer the medals, you’ll probably have to use the backup save feature to do that.
      I’ll try to fix it soon.

      1. LightPhoenix

        It’s just the first boss, so it’s not too tedious to just do it again. Thanks!

  10. Kureyn

    I’ve also got that Flash data permission issue. It won’t let me click anything at all, including the mini window asking for permission to modify data. Fullscreen doesn’t help. It happens at the title screen 100% of the time, I can’t play at all. I’m 15 hours in and don’t want to lose my save! How can we fix this?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      This pop up usually appears after you’ve saved a few files and Flash needs permission to make more. Unfortunately the pop up is frozen for a few people. (I’m trying to find out why)

      Some workarounds people have found: You may have “Flash player” settings in your Windows control panel, where you can allow local files, and that could stop the pop up from appearing. Some people have also mentioned that the pop up is not frozen if they try a different screen mode (fullscreen, etc). A final workaround is just to just use less save slots, or use the backup save feature.

      Let me know how it goes. The good news is that once the pop up is cleared, it shouldn’t appear again.

      1. Kureyn

        It’s not working. Right-clicking and hitting Settings gives me a slightly different window that I still can’t click. Global Settings brings up a thing that shows it’s set to Allow Storage (but doesn’t do anything, and I’ve tried all variations of it). There’s no Flash settings in my Control Panel. It won’t let me make the window fullscreen once the popup appears, and it appears regardless of whether I make it fullscreen or not during language selection.

        1. Kureyn

          Also, I can’t make a backup save, because I can’t load any of the saves. I tried deleting some of the saves too, assuming the “file#.meow”are those, and it didn’t help. (I made backups first. :p)

          1. Kureyn

            I managed to find the .sol files in my appdata folder. Backed up all my saves into a new folder, deleted some of the older ones. Seems to be working now.

          2. Matt Roszak Post author

            Someone mentioned if you get the pop up, to make sure “Epic Battle Fantasy 5.exe” is set to always “run as admin”. That could possibly help.

  11. LionKing

    I’m writing here to thank you, Matt, for this game and for the the effort.
    I’ve been playing the series before EBF 4 was released and when I think about all the details and all things there are in the game, and that it’s done almost single-handedly, it makes me feel… really admiring. Thank you again, I’ll write steam review when i’m finished with normal difficulty and update it when i’ll Finish epic.
    I wish you good fortune in projects to come)
    (Sorry for my bad English btw)

  12. Medlin

    Sorry if it was asked before, but are you going to upload premium version to Kong’s Kartridge?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’m not sure. I might do it, but probably only after GoG and Humble Store.

  13. Carolfield

    Matt, will you make a walkthrough this time like you did for 3 and 4?
    There are so many hidden treasure chests, I am afraid I may not be able to spot them all.
    I am on epic difficulty now, bosses are hard as hell, tips are well needed.

      1. Redemption

        We made a walkthrough and nearing completion, not sure if we can post it here though.

  14. Marshall Francies

    Thanks for the coupon! I bought it for a friend who was interested since I already owned the gamehttp://kupogames.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_lol.gif

  15. Nights

    Hey, Matt: Quick bug report, nothing too bad.

    An enemy buffing itself to 100% of any stat will grant the player the achievement for buffing themselves to 100% of a stat, as seen on the Hardy Gloops’ enchant move.

    Game’s awesome so far, by the way!

    1. Nights

      Also, game seems to chug a bit during multi-hit moves, same as every other game in the series.

  16. estguy

    Don’t forget to add the cover of ebf5 to your website at the rightside so you can directly click on the game.

  17. Valeli

    Very excited, and thanks for the coupon!

    Just got game. Will leave a positive review to help the algorithm out in a bit. :love2:

  18. wendy

    hooray , it was a long journey to get there but we can finally play the game :stars:
    i may one day be nostalgic of all of this and it already sadden me 🙁 but for now its time to enjoy the hard work you’ve done~

  19. Joseph Howard

    Great! After my exams next week, I will probably buy a Steam card to securely put $20 on my account, and then use the coupon when it is added to my account! Looking forward to playing the extended version college winter break. May start working on taking to my friend about making Prodragonists of Drakerin as well. :stars: :yay:

  20. SadMan

    So I’m a dumb dumb. I own a mac. Saw how you said you can run the game on mac via installation folder, so I was like “oh cool” and bought the game. Now that I own the game, steam does not let me access, or even find said folder.

    What am I doing wrong?

      1. SomewhatLessSadMan

        Please do as I’m not the most computer literate. I mean I own a mac, so that should tell you I inherently like my computer to do things for me haha. Also I’m definitely not the only person suffering from this. Us mac users also played your games years ago! (via kongregate)

      2. D

        I agree here with SadMan. I love the game, and I’m dying to play the full game. I’ve bought it on Steam and now the wait until I can play it my Mac!

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          There’s no plans for an “official” Mac version. If you can’t download the files from Steam, shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you manually.

  21. Pedro Bernardos

    Hello !!

    I was wondering how I could get the 20% discount in EBF5 since I got EBF4 on Steam?

    Thank you a lot!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Valve is taking their time with those coupons… hopefully they will send them out soon.

        1. TyloThorn

          Automatically, you should already have it. Steam tells you instantly when you receive it.

  22. Brian Mao

    Hi Matt! I’ve just recently bought the steam version, but I’ve run into a major bug! After playing about 40 minutes, the game is asking me if I want to allow flash to store local information on the computer, allow or deny. However, the problem is that you can’t click either allow or deny, and its not letting me get back into the game, and whenever I try to reboot it, the flash notice pops up and I can’t select it! :sick:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Aw man, that’s not good. You should probably refund the game while I try to figure out why that happens to some people.
      Alternatively, you can go into the installation folder of EBF5, and just run the Flash version “Epic Battle Fantasy 5.swf” using “Flashplayer Windows.exe”. That might work okay for now, until I get this problem fixed.
      Sorry about that.

      1. Brian Mao

        I actually managed to fix the problem myself. Strangely enough, the fix happened when I went full screen, but with small and medium screen I had the problem. Thanks for the concern however, and you still might want to look into that anyhow.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          That’s really good to hear. I have no idea why it freezes up like that, but the good news is you’ll probably never see that pop up again.

  23. felix

    Big thanks Matt! Really your games is something unique 🙂 Played in EBF3 and 4. Still remember some parts of story of EBF3 despite i played in it maybe 5 years ago :stars:
    In EBF4 Story, humor, music and rpg part are wonderful. I think i can listen Crystalis Fantasia forever 🙂

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      You should see one in your Steam inventory, whenever Valve gets round to sending them.

    2. TyloThorn

      It automatically activates when buying as soon as you have it, you can however deactivate that manually during purchase.

  24. Floooooooooo

    Man im so pumped!! :stars: Im not sure how long i can wait till the coupon man sends the coupons tho,might buy it at full price just to give matt my money :yay: :yay:

  25. LebronXu

    Paid and downloading, feeling excited :stars:
    Hope it is worth the 4-year waiting :smirk:

  26. Hadriake

    I was so excited that I forgot I could get a discount for the game…
    Is it possible to give the coupon to a friend or does it requires to have EBF4 in your steam library to work?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’m not sure if the coupons are tradable. But you can always get a refund and buy it again with the coupon later.

      1. Hadriake

        That means I can’t play it more than 2 hours before getting the coupon…
        WHYYYYYY?! T.T
        (BTW, 40 minutes in and I’m already in heaven with it. Great job!)

  27. Ninjacob555

    pfft, coupons? I dont need no stinkin coupon! (im actually going to buy a copy for me without the coupon, and buy a copy using the coupon for a friend! hopefully get him hooked >:D)

    1. Manu

      I tried to use Playonmac to run the game but it doesn’t want to install it, someone can help me please

  28. TyloThorn

    I’d love to support Phyrnna more, however I don’t own any accounts or stuff like that on these music sites, plus would be very difficult for me to acquire… steam OST has to do 😥
    But gotta admit i have a bitch of an itch in my fingers to buy it now and listen the whole thing through… however since i played the beta only halfway i don’t wanna spoil myself the hype from new themes either… what to do what to do :tongue:
    I will probably have to wait to listen to it until I’m through the game 😐
    Anyway thank you very much Matt for all the work, you’ve done it now! Get some good rest! :yay:

  29. Chris

    Woo! Can’t wait to play it when I get home from work! I remember when 3 came out during the first week of my freshman year of college and I’ve been hooked since! I’m sure that it will be amazing, as all of the others have been!

    1. TyloThorn

      Ah yes, good times. I became a fan to Phyrnna first, randomly playing EBF 2 in the browser back in 2008…
      The music was too amazing. However after playing the 3rd part later i was completely convinced both her and Matt together gonna go far. Thus Fan to the whole series and following the progress for nearly ten years now. :love:

        1. TyloThorn

          Um… either you have it by now or you don’t own EBF 4. In either case don’t sweat it. :hurray:

    1. Alucardin

      The free web version will be released once I’ve had a break from the Steam release. The beta will stay up on this website, but it’s already quite outdated and buggy compared to the Steam version. Saves between all versions will be compatible, and easily transferable with the save backup feature. Saves from the beta may have a few minor problems – such as permanently missing an equip or two if you save in the wrong place – so it’s better to start again.

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