7 thoughts on “Fanart: NoLegs

  1. HamFantasy

    Looks great :D
    Still feels odd that NoLegs has Xs where his legs should be instead of just a lack of legs, but eh.

  2. HamFantasy

    Okay, so. *mild spoilers ahead*
    I’ve played through EBF5, and it is easily your best work so far. The characters feel realistic, the cooldowns don’t detract much from gameplay, good elemental diversity, lots of curious foes to fight, and all in all it is an enjoyable story. The ending doubling as a hint that the team could fight virtually any threat in the future, simply not one on a universal scale, was a nice touch. The final boss is a bit “Giant Space Flea from Nowhere”, but given how well we know the Cosmic Monoliths it makes more sense as you think about it. Practically perfect in virtually every way.
    However, there are a few issues that should be fixed.
    The first one is minor, its just maybe put signs with medal counts on the entrances to the Grand Gallery areas leading outside? More of a personal issue than an actual one.
    The second one is…much greater. Its Lance.
    While it is common for people to prefer a certain setup, there’s almost no reason to use Lance in this game.
    *All of his non-shared elemental (read:useful) skills have cooldowns, making him either have to juggle elements or only fight every other turn, which seriously hampers his viability. Oftentimes its better to not use him at all than perform a convoluted strategy.
    *Maybe have Lance have access to a “lesser” version of his attacks, which only hits one target and has less power. These can be used every turn, while the AoE ones are every turn. Perhaps “Heat Pellet”, “Plasma Pellet”, “Shadow Pellet” and/or “Blast Pellet” for the names? I get that each character is supposed to have 14 skills including their normal attack, but Lance needs fixing.
    Outside of Lance, all the players are versatile and viable. No one else is left in the dark, and it would be pretty easy to make Lance viable too, even keeping in line with his current “class” (high damage, high cooldowns). He just needs something else to do with his elements between turns.

  3. Alexandru Alin Gliga

    I like fan art with NoLegs

    Matt will solve the problem with hackers’s licking and Matt please until Friday make BETA if you can ok?


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