EBF5: Japanese Translations

Hey, it looks like the Japanese translation of EBF5 might need to be cancelled. We’ve got a few people on the team, but we only have one native Japanese speaker, and it’s a bit too much responsibility for him alone to double-check everything. So unless I have one or two more native Japanese fans out there, we probably don’t have the manpower to do a good translation.

Get in contact with me at kupo707@hotmail.com if you can help.

13 thoughts on “EBF5: Japanese Translations

  1. Spec7er

    Here goes nothing … :bleh:
    Hey , Matt , what other languages do you plan on adding in future updates ? There might be some people that might help you with those languages that you didn’t mention yet ! :hurray:

  2. Curtis

    Update: We now have 5 native Japanese editors on the translation team and things are looking up for the Japanese translation. Thanks to everyone who responded to the calls for help via social media and Discord!

    @marcoatom re: doing a Japanese translation from a Chinese translation, the sentiment is appreciated but that’s frankly not a good idea and to be avoided if at all possible. I am fluent in both, and while they do share some vocabulary, they’re linguistically not closely related. More importantly, native Japanese editors are ideal since the target audience of the translation is primarily Japanese players. Anyway, the point is now moot as we have more than enough manpower. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. marcoatom

    Though I’m a layman….but I think,Japanese translation version could be based on Chinese version?
    There’re so many Chinese translation team doing works that is translating Japanese to Chinese.
    But I don’t know translate Chinese to Japanese could be how hard to them.Maybe they could cooperate with origin Japanese translation team.
    I think Chinese translation team may know more about this,try to discuss with them?

    1. salpepor

      Even if japanese is base off chinese (where it originate from) it doesn’t mean you can go on and translate chinese to japanese:

      1. some chinese word can mean a lot of different things depending on how you pronouncate them

      2. It’s a translation of the -english- version, so it would translating to another language something that already have been translated, and so have lost some of its original meaning.

      that’s what google traduction do, and we all know how “good” it is

      Not to be mean too, but this some of those ideas that sounds good on paper but in reality are not-so-good

      1. marcoatom

        Those reasons are obvious,but
        could it be a second best ?
        Some Games’ oringin language are Japanese , but their Chinese version are based on English version.
        Though most of them may make we feel bad,there are also a few of them are fluency——it’s up to embellishment level.
        To be honese,even if a game has a low-quality Chinese version,we are more happy than it don’t have.
        Be relative to canceling Japanese version,I think translate it by another language version is a better choice.
        by the way
        “ how you pronouncate them” are mostly limited in words.To be honest,I don’t think it could make big troubles to translation works——if we know the whole ‘meaning'(this word in Chinese may have a lot of meaning,but we can easily Distinguish them and find correct word in English)of sentence.In translation part of our exam,the most difficult problem to us is to translate Homegrown word and vulgarism.At this point,direct translation also has same difficult problem.
        (my meaning is not”let Japanese translate it by Chinese version”,it’s”let Chinese translation team which does Japanese to Chinese translation works translate it to Japanese version,and check,embellishment work are shared by Chinese and Japanese”.I think it may be misunderstood in a way.I don’t know if some team are willing to do this work,so I suggest refering to the idea of Chinese translation team of EBF5, maybe they have connections.)

  4. KoBeWi

    Well, I alone made a Polish translation for Secrets of Grindea, which is an action RPG game with amount of text comparable or greater than EBF5. If he is really willing to do that and you add the translation post-release (to not delay anything), it’s possible to accomplish it by one person.

  5. Pima

    I just hope the game will be released soon.Youtube is already filled to the brim with spoilers and they are not even hiding things..I saw the final boss once accidentally in my recommendations..And other bosses as well.I mean sure i can just not look at my recommended videos hahahaha.

    1. Dutczar

      I haven’t watched lot of EBF content and only watched Matt’s videos once each, so I’m safe ^^

  6. Taylor

    Well actually one is enough if you give him a little more time and add it to an upgrade version. I did most of my presonal tranlation within a summer vacation with a friend helping out. Japanese really match this game, so don’t leave any regrets.

  7. trortz

    EBF5 is anime game. Im not Japanese, Im actually russian, but it will be a big shame, if there will be no japanese translation! 🙁
    Make it happen! :shades: I believe in you! :shades:


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