EBF5: 7th Heaven 2

Here’s a new 7th Heaven animation, since you filthy animals complained about the other one.
Ronja’s away for a while so we only have 4 outfits for now, but there will be more eventually.
Also the beta should be back up in 2 or 3 days. I’ve fixed a lot of stuff.

44 thoughts on “EBF5: 7th Heaven 2

    1. HackneyedTrope

      It was a re-use of a very old piece of valentines-day art that Ronja gave to Matt. Btw, is there any way of getting the original Kyun animation for the “censored” mode? My little sister loves the “Game with Natalie”, but the current animation for it seems a little…mature. :scared:
      [1617PT 09/14/2018]

  1. Vigorswig

    Alright, so I was in the minority that liked the first one. So will there be an option for switching between the two or is this an full-on overhaul?

  2. Arkanishu

    WTF I liked the first one so much better. Who the fuck complained about that one? At least give us the option to choose :( :mad: :mad: :mad:

  3. Crash

    I’m of the opinion that we shouldn’t nitpick on artistic choices for art in general. It’ll be a lot better if we just let him do what he wants as he knows what he wants from the game far better than any of us do, unless he’s open to artistic critique or whatever.

  4. Joe Joeson

    What complaints were you addressing again? I think I like this one more than the other one (both are definitely good), but I don’t see much of a functional change here… It’s not really any more or less appropriate than it was before. Variations sounds good though.

  5. Gray

    The problem with this one is Natalie’s eyebrows are too thick. That’s what’s making it look so weird. If you made them thinner, it would probably look great.

  6. Ershiin

    I’m on team eyebrows too. The mix of being both thick and pitch black makes it really odd to look at.
    Other than that, looks fine. But so did the previous one…

    1. StatiZkyZ

      There’s an option in the options menu to turn off that sexy woman you hate so much,as if make her wear a proper shirt.
      If you really claim to be 12, you’ll understand soon.


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