Lego Space Invaders

Had a hangover day yesterday, and watched Attack on Titan all day. It’s almost a very good show, but it still suffers from the usual anime budget problems, like padding out the episodes with boring talk scenes. Also the film Hereditary is masterpiece, one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly well made. I also went on a slug-killing crusade in the garden in my pyjamas. They come out for beer, and then it’s stabbing time.

Here’s some simple art I made for my office wall.

11 thoughts on “Lego Space Invaders

  1. Will Kenyon

    A great way to deal with slugs is to fill half an empty milk bottle (or whatever open container you have) with the cheapest beer you can find then dig a hole for the container so the slugs can get into it. Then they just crawl in and drown. Its brilliant! :smirk:

  2. CaseStripe

    The party enters a new area, Matt’s Garden.
    “Oh, a new foe. It must be a snail form space! Or it’s space alien!”
    “Maybe i can eat it as some French dish.”
    “Ewww, It’s so slimy.”
    “Shoot it in the head! Wait, did it’s feelers retract or it’s face disappear? Or it has no head at all?”
    “Meowww!!”(stab stab stab)
    After stabing some lower ranking slugs, the party encounters the area boss: Titan Slug!
    “Scaning…it’s weak against…stabs in the neck!”
    “but where on earth the neck?”
    “Let’s plan it better next time.”
    “Maybe we should build a wall or rather an iron fort with cannons, metal fish, bots, tanks and all the killing machines.”
    “But it’s weak against STABS, all the other things just won’t work.”

  3. Gray

    “Anime suffers too much from boring talk scenes”
    “Hereditary is a masterpiece”

    Matt, I love you, but did you somehow miss all those boring talk scenes in Hereditary? Because I didn’t. 😐

  4. GoofGoop

    Heck yeah hereditary was great! The second watch through just makes it better because you notice all the links to the ending, and so it really doesn’t feel like it came out of nowhere anymore.

  5. chris

    I wouldn’t call Hereditary as masterpiece. I was alright at the start but near the end it got really weird with the mum crawling in the air and the naked people.

  6. Metalslug27

    Matt! Finish the adventure you are working on before going out and having new ones! (I wish I could have slug stabbing adventures)

  7. Sta2000 - PL

    Attack on Titan is cool, but have you seen Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood? And about snails… I am willing to pay for a bio-weapon to kill these devil spawns.


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