12 thoughts on “Fanart: Beer

  1. Dark_Forces48

    i like how he drew them, it will probably what you will expect from the characters
    Matt and Anna energetic as usual… i think, they already drunk too much beer
    Natalie will be tipsy of course… pls let her be safe from Lance
    Lance… well, you have to keep your posture even in drinking, but i got the feeling he is actually looking at Natalie

    btw, the first thing that came to my mind when i saw that mountain of beers is that they actually getting to fight a really strong boss, and they will need all of those buffs… just saying :yay: :yay:

    1. Metalslug27

      Yea it really does match their personalities.
      Matt is being the hard drinking fun loving goofball that he is. Natz is joining because she wants to have fun with Matt. Anna is obv. a lightweight having fun being drunk for the first time. And then Lance, being the straight-man of the group is nursing a single can trying to remain sober enough to (presumably) be prepared for the inevitable enemy attack that his paranoid brain expects at any moment.

    1. Dark_Forces48

      in ebf world, drinking beer is fine even if you are underage, as long as you are the protagonist of the game

  2. Sticks

    Heh, I never used the beer item but I like how they drew Lance drinking it, really cute detail. :yay:


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