Fanart: EBF5

Here’s some excellent fanart from FishyListener!

I’m working on compressing EBF5 so that I can put it on my website without DDOSing myself.
The public beta should be up in the next few days.

Also I’m playing Roller Coaster Tycoon a lot.
ebf5fanart copy

31 thoughts on “Fanart: EBF5

  1. karolix

    i bought epic battle fantasy steam version last week and is awesome i complete all stages and i earned all medals! Im super happy when the public beta will by released soon :stars: This game are very important in my live I’ve played them since 2008 :love: When I start played your games i have only 4 years XD. You are a awesome guy thank you and bye :yay:

    1. Duck

      It’s going to be released on steam first for 15 dollars where you get a bit more content (such as a harder dungeon) and then after a few weeks it’ll be released on free sites such as kongregate!


    Hi KUPO,I am a Chinese fan of you.I think I have to apologize to you after I see the description about China(well,the pirate).But I want your understanding,too.This condition is decided by the social and historical reasons,most of Chinese don’t havecopyright awareness now,it’s still a long way to go.The only thing I can do is just to support legal copies.
    Love EBF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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