9 thoughts on “Fanart: Epic Battle Fantasy

  1. alex

    i hoped someone reminded of the giant sword cat and Canti (giant sword cat was named meow meow or…i forgot)

  2. Spec7er

    Can we please get at least a cameo of Canti ? :wut:
    I know Meow Meow can’t be featured because the “Legs of the cats” lore caries over from EBF 4 . :meh:

  3. hi lolol

    I almost forgot about Canti xD I’m glad this reminded me of this character (I never forgot meow meow tho)
    I like how meow meow is just on the speaker

    1. Spec7er

      Or maybe because HE’S NOT FROM THE EBF DIMENSIONS !
      Context: EBF Dimension : There are currently 2 : EBF 1-4 and EBF 5 .

        1. Oxybulyx

          No, EBF5 happens in a different timeline than the other games.
          EBF3 is a direct sequel to EBF2 because SPOILER ALERT:
          Lance says he joins you after the final boss which leads directly into EBF3.


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