EBF5: Cover Art

Here’s the cover art for EBF5, to be used on the title screen and in promo images!
I’m very happy with the characters and text, but I don’t know if I like the sword in the background the way it is now. Guess I better finish off that Steam store page now.

What do you think?
EBF5 main cover
Here’s a version you can use as a wallpaper:

EBF5 main wallpaper

42 thoughts on “EBF5: Cover Art

  1. Petar435

    it is AMAZING I CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES!!!!also Greetings from Serbia. :stars: :yay:

  2. Scarboroughfair235

    Why is Lance locked up? As soon as I look at him, I just burst out laughing. What did he do this time? :yay:

    1. weatherly23

      If I have to guess, that’s probably how we meet him and add him to the team. He might be locked up inside the castle for reasons that are revealed when we play the game.
      Remember, in this game it’s likely that, at least for Lance and Anna, they and the other characters don’t know each other initially. So there has to at least be some reasonable excuses for partying up.

    2. Drake

      Idk , could have been sth. into this direction?
      Natz: Listen Anna: we don’t bring attention to my breasts. Ever. It makes the men act more retarded than usual, and that’s not good. Got it?

      But also it seems like he wasn’t allowed to shave his face this morning, haha.

  3. Kupofan

    It doesn’t feel like cover art, but I like it. :hurray:
    I actually love the sword in the background. I hope it stays.

  4. Fencer Derio

    Lance has a black eye, a stubble, his hands locked up, and is pissed off. I’m not even going to ask.

  5. Dewayne

    Maybe the background sword is jsut slightly too big. Looks god though, and ties in with the other games. One of the best swords.

  6. Darrenic427

    Lance… Stop being a perv and using slimes to peek up Nat’s dress… For that matter don’t use them to peek up Anna’s skirt! That one time was an accident, trying to recreate it is straight up wrong! : :bleh:

  7. BlackoutSampler

    Ahh, so much teasing! I can’t wait for the game to be released so I can finally get to really play it.

    As for the Title Screen, it’s pretty good. Although, it might help from like a Wood Board or ‘Frame’ Around the Written part of the Title so you don’t just have blue Letters hanging in a blue sky.

  8. RockOwlGamer

    I liked the red text, and for some very dumb reason I’m being O.C.D about the stray strands of hair on the girls (don’t ask me why)

    Stop teasing me and take my money already

    also I got a friend of mine to try out EBF 3 after he watched me do a playthrough series of it on youtube

  9. Konnor

    Ohhh, so maybe Lance is going to be forced in a group of weirdos? I’m just thinking that’s the case because of the dialogue I’ve seen in the demo, and how he looks in the picture.

    But anyways…


  10. Endless Life

    The characters look awesome and that sword is pretty much iconic for this franchise at this point so it’s not a bad idea to show it on the cover.

  11. Aaron

    Hi i’m very interested in EBF5′s story now.Oh… And I’m one of the few EBF fans from Hungary so hi! :yay: :hurray:

  12. TyloThorn

    This… is gonna be amazing.
    Ok, first of the cover is PURRFECT. :smirk:
    It really intrigues me about the story… like why Lance is cuffed for example, heh.
    No really i am confident even after surpassing the last past each time until now, you’re gonna do it again, and this time it’s gonna be an even bigger leap for sure.
    From what I’ve seen you needn’t worry bout a thing, this is gonna be a total BLAST!
    I have a cousin with whom I’ve played all the parts together, and even though we’re gonna do that again we both gonna buy it on steam anyway, just to support you.
    You’ve earned more than that, but i don’t anything yet. If I’m ever gonna go Patreon, you’re gonna be the reason.
    Ok, best of luck and success finishing all the stuff up, Peace out! :yay:

  13. Dark_Forces48

    matt and natz: let’s go fight foes! :yay:
    anna: lemme join you! :hurray: :hurray:
    lance: why am i even here? :bleh: :bleh:

    poor lance being locked up…. being a perv again or gonna try to escape the party? makes me wonder whats their story. i can’t wait fo the game!

    P.S: the cover art is really good. the sword is a little big, but that’s fine :smirk: :smirk:

  14. CosmisMonolithIsOp

    Lance: Hey, Matt…
    Matt: What?
    Lance: Would it be weird if I hit on that green-haired girl, since Natalie already hates my guts?!

    ended up being looked up

  15. Konstantin Kots

    I don’t think you should use sprites in cover art (except Heaven’s Gate), as much as it is painful to think that you drew all these new extra tiny details in vain.

  16. Ariel

    Is there any non-cleavage-showy picture available? I have a feeling I’ll just be editing the sfw part from the game’s no-cleavage option onto it


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