Fanart: Anna

Here’s some cool fanart from atomicpengin-san!

I was thinking of commissioning cover art for EBF5, like I did with EBF4, but now I’m thinking I’ll give it a go myself, and try a more detailed version of my normal character art. A lot of people recognise my characters and art from previous games so maybe that’s for the best. But it’s been so long since I’ve drawn any people that this may lead to a rage-quit…

Either way I need to do the cover art to finish the Steam store page and trailer, which I’d like to do before the beta, so people can start adding it to their wishlists. The end is so close and yet so far.

14 thoughts on “Fanart: Anna

  1. Konstantin Kots

    This doesn’t look right (the fanart)… It’s like an upscaled version of in-game character sprite with really inconsistent lighting. It does however match the description of the style you’re going to go for, Matt.

  2. Darrenic427

    Been waiting so long for this game to release and now it’s literally just around the corner. Expected release in about a week or 2? Either way, it will be one of my favorites and I will buy it asap. Funny thing though, that Anna fanart is considered “mature content” on the deviantart page. Any reason why?

    1. SuperSupermario24

      I’m pretty sure it’ll take longer than a week or two, but I have a feeling we’re going to see it this year at least.


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