EBF5: Trading Cards

Working on some Steam assets today, so here’s a preview of the trading card stuff.
Steam has some very specific requirements for these, but luckily I had suitable images for them all.
• Emoticons are tiny pixel art, so it just had to be those foes I did earlier.
• Badges are small squares, so slimes fit in there perfectly.
• Cards have to look good in thumbnail form and also stretch to wallpaper size, so the cutscene art works there.

I was thinking about using fanart for the cards, but after trying some out, there was very few that actually fit the requirements. And consistency is nice too. I’ll use some fanart for the profile wallpapers though!

I never fail to be surprised by how many different types of images the Steam store actually requires…
steam assets

24 thoughts on “EBF5: Trading Cards

  1. Jennifer

    I noticed in the battle demo the text was really small. Hopefully there’s an enlarge feature in the finished game. Really excited to see this coming soon. :stars:

  2. wendy

    Oof , already working on steams stuff , the day of release seems so close , after all that time ebf5 is finally coming to us
    i’m very exited to see all the stuff about it , and thanks matt to keep working on it with passion after all thoses years.
    you’re the best :yay:

  3. NandoDinho

    I have a question, will EBF5 have a translation into Brazilian Portuguese ? :wut:
    The EBF talks are very good, especially when it is translated into your language, because some jokes and speeches I will not be able to capitate right .

  4. Tex Rider

    Hey Matt I love your idea so I like to give you a helping hand. Like you I also create trading cards so if and ONLY IF…
    I can help you to make them…
    I have some sample cards I made to my friends so how can I send them to you?

  5. Stefan

    i can’t waaaaaaaaaait anymoooooooore please , can someone tell me what is more to be done , like minor bugs , or quests

  6. Ovnidemon

    Will the game be available to buy in next few days? (I plan to buy it day 1, but I also plan a shopping spree for the summer sales).

  7. Madis

    wanna get some tickets to yhe hype train ➡ :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  8. Oxybulyx

    I can not convey how cute everything is!! :stars:
    But then Dark bush is still ugly. 😡
    Why Matt? Dark Bush in EBF3 was so cute! and it was great (one of my favourite foes ever)! But then it became probably my least favourite enemy in the series! 😥


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