Cat Mosaic

Here’s the last of the mosaics, and that’s me done with all of my arts classes for now.

I’ve finished preparing for the Play Expo. Spent a grand total of £80 on it, including cards, posters, and t-shirts. I made a very restricted version of the Battle Demo for people to play for 10 minutes. I’ll let you know later how that all goes – we’ll see if my cheapo stall ends up looking at all professional.

It’s been quite a chill week with very sunny weather and lots of relaxing.
Also, I own a house now! Me and Ronja are moving in tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Cat Mosaic

  1. Karvalics Szláva

    Hey Matt!,
    I am a huge fan of you, and I am really excited about EBF5.
    If possible, I could make a Hungarian translation for the game.
    I would be glad I’d be able to do that.
    If you see this, please contact me (
    Greetings from Hungary!

  2. redbaronace19

    so its glad to meat the creator of my favorite game series epic battle fantasy i rember in 2009 when i was in elementary school on the website good times they were and it all lead up to this when i played more of the series thanks for creating the game sereis
    :smirk: :stars: :shades: :coffee:

  3. mayhem162

    Hey sorry, its off topic but I saw that the last announcement on ebf4 on steam is a 50% thing. Perhaps make an announcement for 90 something percent to build up a little hype. :yay:

  4. Gman Shadow

    You ? Proffesional ? Sorry but , you’re more of an , how should I say it , uhh , unortodox ( I’m pretty sure that Undertale had a bigger team ) game developer . 😥

  5. Psycho

    by the way Matt, can you give us information about Chests? Will there be hidden chests? hiding in background is ok for me, but being literally hidden is really bad. I also hope we can see how many chests we opened/missed in a map. So the backtracking can be easier. I also heard some suggestions like pinning, so you won’t forget the places you can’t access yet. Also any specific release date or price?


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